decorative rectangular tins

Rectangle and Square tins are also widely used and see in our daily life. Besides our standard round tins, we also have a selection of square tin containers and rectangular tin boxes available. Our small square and rectangular tins have been made of high-end aluminum or metal tin plate. Both versions are 100% BPA-free and food-safe. As such, you can safely use them to store any type of product including cookies, candies, spices, and more.

At FLYTINBOTTLE, you can find a wide range of rectangular and square tins for sale that come in many sizes. We are a professional manufacturer in China with more than 10 years. We know the requirements of our customers and know how to design and meet our customer’s demands. What’s more, with our improved technical process and good control, we save cost and reward good prices to our customers. Thanks to our low MOQ, the rectangular and square tin containers are attractive to small and large companies alike.

We offer rectangle and square tin containers wholesale and bulk sales. We support lower MOQ. If you want to buy these small or large round tins, please contact us.

Rectangular tins and Square tins with lids bulk and wholesale

Both square and rectangular tins can have different lids and caps. It depends on the usage of different people. FLYTINBOTTLE provides types of rectangular and square tins with lids bulk and wholesale in China for more than 10 years. Below, you can find an overview of the most commonly used lid types for square and rectangular tin containers.

Hinged square tins

We have several sizes of these hinged square tins in bulk and wholesale. Generally, we have these hinged square tins in stock and can accept small quantities in bulk and wholesale. Normally we only have silver or black tins in stock. These square tins are good for new business starters or those who own small businesses online and offline. We can also accept custom logo print or embossing logos on the tins. Please check if the tin sizes are okay for your products before purchasing.

We can also accept custom hinged tins with new molds and MOQ 10,000pcs. If you want Custom hinged square tins, please also feel free to contact us.

Notice: the sizes we mentioned below are the outer sizes.

ItemSize(mm)Size(inch)Color optionsMaterial MOQEXW factory
price range
HST-60471560x47x15mm2.4×1.9×0.6″Black,silverMetal tin plate500usd$0.27-$0.4
HST-88601688x60x16mm3.5×2.4×0.6″Black, silverMetal tin plate600usd$0.32-$0.45
HST-95602095x60x20mm3.7×2.4×0.8″Black, silverMetal tin plate600usd$0.32-$0.45
HST-95702595x70x25mm3.7×2.8×1″Black, silverMetal tin plate600usd$0.39-$0.50
HST-1158010115x80x10mm4.5×3.1×0.4″Black, silverMetal tin plate660usd$0.43-$0.60
HST-1158522115x85x22mm4.5×3.3×0.9″Black, silverMetal tin plate400usd$0.43-$0.60
HST-1285520128x55x20mm5.0×2.2×0.8″Black, silverMetal tin plate400usd$0.43-$0.60
HST-1105825110x58x25mm4.3×2.3×1″Black, silverMetal tin plate400usd$0.43-$0.60
HST-1108819110x88x19mm4.3×3.5×0.7″Black, silverMetal tin plate500usd$0.4-$0.55

Slip lid square tins

These slip lid square tins come with a slip lid that you can easily open and close by opening the lid. These lids simply slide over the top of your container without needing to make any twists or turns. These tins are good for small product packaging because they form a tight seal and are extremely simple to use.

They come in small sizes and are convenient for traveling. You can put these small tins in your pocket, luggage, hangtags, bags, and so on. They are convenient for your life when you are traveling or meeting with friends.

Notice: the sizes we mentioned below are the outer sizes.

ItemSize(mm)Size(inch)Color optionsMaterial MOQEXW factory
price range
SST-60471560x47x15mm2.4×1.9×0.6″SilverMetal tin plate500usd$0.25-$0.4
SST-88601688x60x16mm3.5×2.4×0.6″SilverMetal tin plate600usd$0.25-$0.4
SST-95702595x70x25mm3.7×2.8×1″Silver,black,white,goldMetal tin plate600usd$0.3-$0.45
SST-1007022100x70x22mm3.9×2.8×0.9″Silver, blackMetal tin plate600usd$0.33-$0.5
SST-1077325107x73x25mm4.2×2.9×1″SilverMetal tin plate600usd$0.33-$0.5
SST-1077330107x73x30mm4.2×2.9×1.2″SilverMetal tin plate600usd$0.4-$0.55
SST-1158522115x85x22mm4.5×3.3×0.9″SilverMetal tin plate400usd$0.4-$0.55
SST-1509024150x90x24mm5.9×3.5×1″Silver, blackMetal tin plate400usd$0.43-$0.60
SST-1509030150x90x30mm5.9×3.5×1.2″SilverMetal tin plate400usd$0.5-$0.7
SST-15510522155x105x22mm6.1×4.1×0.9″SilverMetal tin plate400usd$0.55-$0.7
SST-1006533100x65x33mm3.9×2.6×1.3″Black, silverMetal tin plate400usd$0.43-$0.60
SST-13010538130x105x38mm4.3×2.3×1″SilverMetal tin plate400usd$0.62-$0.80
RAL-6061X45X22mm2.4″x.1.8″x0.87″Silver, black, gold, white or othersAluminum5000usd$0.35-$0.60
RAL-8072X53X24mm2.8″x2.1″x0.95″Silver, black, gold, white or othersAluminum5000usd$0.35-$0.60
RAL-9070x70x26mm2.76″x2.76″x1″Silver, black, gold, white or othersAluminum5000usd$0.35-$0.60
RAL-10083x62x27mm3.27″x2.44″x1″Silver, black, gold, white or othersAluminum5000usd$0.40-$0.60
RAL-15096X70X28mm3.8″x2.8″x1.1″Silver, black, gold, white or othersAluminum5000usd$0.45-$0.65

Window lid square tins

The rectangular tin with a clear top has a window lid on top of the lid. Some of the tins are with slip lids and some of the tins are with hinged lids. There are transparent durable plastic plate inserts with the top lids. People can see through the inside from the clear top.

Because window tins come with a see-through top, these tin cans are great for displaying goods. This particular type of metal tins is often found in the food or cosmetics industries where they are filled up with colorful treats, herbs, or makeup. They can be used for household and kitchen products, or even good to be as tobacco or cigar tins.

Below we listed some of our rectangular tin with clear top wholesale items. For more details, please view our website window tins here.

ItemSize(mm)Size(inch)MaterialColor optionMOQ(minimum quantity)EXW factory unit price
RWH-88601688x60x16mm3.5″x2.4″x0.6″Metal tin plateSilver600usd$0.27-$0.37
RW-88601688x60x16mm3.5″x2.4″x0.6″Metal tin plateSilver600usd$0.28-$0.38
RWH-95702595x70x25mm3.7″x2.8″x1″Metal tin plateSilver400usd$0.32-$0.42
RW-1077325107x73x25mm4.2″x2.9″x1″Metal tin plateSilver/black400usd$0.38-$0.48
RW-1077330107x73x30mm4.2″x2.9″x1.2″Metal tin plateSilver/black400usd$0.43-$0.53
RWH-1158522115x85x22mm4.5″x3.4″x0.9″Metal tin plateSilver/black400usd$0.38-$0.48

Usage of Rectangular Tin Containers

Rectangular tins

Rectangular tins are commonly used for different usage, just like any other type of metal tins. Because of their flat, long and convenient design and shape, they are good to store candy, chocolates, sample pots, herbs, or jewelry.

In the past, rectangular tin boxes were also popular among premium cigar or cigarette brands. These small tins were flat in size which made them easy to slide inside of your pocket or bag. At the same time, they feature a durable and tough design that protects the products inside of the tin. This makes them perfect for holding small everyday items that are often carried around in your pocket such as cigarettes but also mints and gum.

All our rectangular tins are made by aluminum or tinplate, they are not only food safe, but also BPA free. Thanks to their durable design and premium look, they are often used as a high-end packaging material. We also support customized rectangular tin canisters with your brand logo or patterns, it’s good to promote and sell your own brand products.

Usage of Square Tin Containers

Square tin containers come with similar usage as rectangular tins. Due to their flat and square shape, these small square tin boxes are easy to carry around and store away. It makes them perfect for holding everyday consumer goods such as mints, candy, beads, pills, and jewelry.

Our medium-sized square tins are furthermore often used as stylish candle tins.

And large square tins are always used for food packaging. These square tins are topped off with a hinged lid or slip lid and are often filled up with goods such as tea, coffee, or spices. In some cases, the cans feature a transparent window lid that allows you to perfectly display your goods.

Similar to round tin containers, square tin containers can be fully customized upon request.

Rectangular and square tin containers bulk and wholesale

FLYTINBOTTLE has been the top rectangular and square tin container bulk and wholesaler in China for more than 10 years, we have manufacturers in China with advantages in raw material, quality, and prices, and we can share these with all our customers and give them our best services. For more details on our square tin and rectangular tin boxes, please check below.

rectangular tin containers wholesale


  • mintsMade of high-quality durable tinplate or aluminum material.
  • All kinds of sizes and capacity.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Lightweightunbreakable.
  • Food safe and BPA free.
  • Customized colors, logos and designs are available
  • Types of hinged lid, slip cover and window lid.
  • The round edges are smooth without burs and are seamless, protect your hands from damage & eliminate any risk of leakage during travel.
  • Good to store various tiny things, such as lip balms, cigarettes, mini candles, cosmetics, sample pots, herbs, mints etc.


ItemSize(LxWxH)mmSize(LxWxH)inchCapaity (ml)Capacity (oz)Lid TypeMaterialTin shapeMOQ(pcs)
RAL-12090x62x25mm3.54″x2.44″x1″120ml4.1 ozPush pull lidAluminumRectangle 5000
RAL-12594X64X24mm3.7″x2.52″x0.95″125ml4.23 ozHinged lidAluminumRectangle 5000
RT-12095x60x21mm3.7″x2.4″x0.87″120ml4.1 ozHinged lidTinplateRectangle 5000
RT-80106x66x13mm0.42″x0.26″x0.5″80ml2.7 ozHinged lidTinplateRectangle 5000
RT-1560x34x11mm2.4″x1.34″x0.43″15ml0.5 ozPush pull lidTinplateRectangle 5000
RT-30-170x42x14mm2.75″x1.65″x0.55″30ml1 ozPush pull lidTinplateRectangle 5000
RT-90-190x60x20mm3.54″x2.4″x0.87″90ml3 ozPush pull lidTinplateRectangle 5000
RT-30-258x45x15mm2.3″x1.8″x0.6″30ml1 ozHinged lidTinplateRectangle 5000
ST-90-270x70x23mm2.75″x2.75″x0.9″90ml3 ozHinged lidTinplateRectangle 5000
RT-1000215x135x38mm8.5″x5.3″x0.15″1L39.4 ozHinged lidTinplateRectangle 5000
RT-1600187x135x70mm7.4″x5.3″x2.76″1.6L63 ozHinged lidTinplateRectangle 5000
RT-900187x135x40mm7.4″x5.3″x1.6″900ml30.4 ozHinged lidTinplateRectangle 5000
RT-250180x120x15mm7.1″x4.7″x0.6″250ml8.5 ozHinged lidTinplateRectangle 5000
RT-300-1160x85x25mm6.3″x3.3″x1″300ml10 ozHinged lidTinplateRectangle 5000
RT-300-2126x95x30mm5″x3.7″x1.2″300ml10 ozHinged lidTinplateRectangle 5000
ST-010035x35x251.38″x1.38″x1″30ml1 ozClear top lid or slip lidTinplate Square 5000
ST-020050x50x262″x2″x1″60ml2 ozClear top lid or slip lidTinplateSquare 5000
ST-040062x62x362.45″x2.45″x1.4″120ml4 ozClear top lid or slip lidTinplateSquare 5000
ST-080076x76x503″x3″x2″250ml8 ozClear top lid or slip lidTinplateSquare 5000
ST-120089x89x543.5″x3.5″x2″360ml12 ozClear top lid or slip lidTinplateSquare 5000
ST-1600102x102x574″x4″x2.25″500ml16 ozClear top lid or slip lidTinplateSquare 5000

Notice: Above only show parts of our products, for more products or customized products, please check our catalogue or contact us.

Please notice: because shipping costs by sea increased quite a lot since the epidemic, so we require MOQ: 2000pcs and suggest shipping by sea door to door from China to destination.

Application or usage


Food safe means that a food-grade material is also suitable for its intended use and will not create a food-safety hazard.  All the tins in our company are made of aluminum or tinplate raw material which is food safe and recyclable. It is also coated in a food safe lacquer which makes it suitable packaging for confectionery and other food items.



BPA stands for bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has said that BPA is safe at the very low levels that occur in some foods. This assessment is based on the review of hundreds of studies. The FDA continues to monitor the research. All FLY tins are BPA FREE.


 Germany LFGB certificate does not contain harmful to the body of toxic substances that can, in Germany and other European and American markets. On the European market, and fork logo products can enhance customer confidence, and the desire to buy is a powerful marketing tool that significantly increased product competitiveness in the market. All FLY tins meet the LFGB standard.

Large rectangular and square tin containers

Large rectangular and square tin containers are more commonly used as cookie jars, food containers, powder tins, or for holding tea or coffee, they have many different uses. They always come with a hinged lid, so that it is easy to open and close.

All our large rectangular and square tin containers are made of food-grade aluminum or tin plate material which is food-safe and BPA free. They are totally recyclable.If you are looking for a recyclable packaing, then please contact us.

Related products:

Customized rectangular and square tin containers


Square and rectangular tin boxes bring along plenty of possibilities when it comes to customizing your wrapping. Either in sizes or shapes, it is perfect for differentiating your products from those of competitors in a unique and innovative way. This allows you to promote your goods and to create brand awareness like no other type of packaging possibly could. When it comes to customized packaging materials, tin containers certainly are the best way to go.

Color and Logo customization

Our square and rectangular tin containers can be finished in any color imaginable. Whether you’re looking for a single color print or multi-color design, nothing is impossible with our tin cans. We offer a wide range of different printing, these include paper stickers, laser engraving, embossing, silk screen printing, offset, and full-color print. We also accept surface painting, UV coating, powder coating, PVD, and oxidation treatment. We furthermore allow you to choose any type of lid to finish off your custom tins including slipcover lids, window lids, and hinged caps.

Custom tins offer the perfect way to differentiate your goods and to create brand awareness in today’s competitive market. It’s good to sell and promote your own brand products. They are cheap to make and, once finish, feature a highly attractive and premium look. Please use the contact form to contact us if you want more detailed information.

Tell us which item do you need?
If our listed items not suitable, tell us the size and capacity you need.
Tell us which color or printing do you need?
Please notice we quire MOQ 2000pcs each item
Tell us the delivery address, so that we can calculate the shipping cost
Tell us more about your need.

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