Custom tins

Custom tins or custom tin boxes are perfect for your brand product sales. They offer a great way to let your products stand out from the crowd. With a set of custom tins, you’ll be able to do different products with your competitors. These tin containers treat you to a cheap, attractive, and unique way to promote your brand and products. At FLYTINBOTTLE, We offer a wide range of different printing and customization techniques to create a custom tin that will fully represent your brand.

Custom printed tins are a great way to package products for fundraisers and for promotional and corporate gifts. Our personalized tins add true value and appeal to any product that you package and will help your product stand above the rest. Custom decorative tins are a great way to stand out in the marketplace. Custom specialty metal packaging has a look and feel that is not only pleasing but adds perceived value. 

FLYTINBOTTLE offers types of custom tins wholesale in China for years. If you are looking for custom tins supplier in China, please feel free to contact us.

Custom metal tins advantage

Advantage Custom metal Tins is the ultimate solution for your marketing needs. Our custom metal tins are expertly designed to leave a lasting impression on your target audience. With Advantage metal Tins, you have the advantage of showcasing your brand in a stylish and eye-catching manner. Our custom tins are tailor-made to suit your specific requirements, ensuring that your brand stands out from the competition. Whether you need promotional tins or gift packaging, Advantage Custom Tins has got you covered. With our exceptional quality and attention to detail, you can trust us to deliver results that exceed your expectations. Elevate your brand with Advantage Custom Tins today!

  • Recyclable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Rustless
  • Good to be as promotional tins or gift tins.
custom cookie tins wholesale
custom cookie tins wholesale

Custom cookie tin

Cookie tins are easy to be customized in shapes, sizes, and printing. Custom or personalized cookie tins can meet our customer’s requirements. It is proven that custom cookie tins are good for sales. People don’t like boring cookie tins, they like lovely cookie tins or biscuit tins. The cookie tins with vibrant graphics, reflectivity, or embossing are hard to pass by. The custom cookie tins are also good for your brand sales.

You can design your personalized cookie tin and send us your artwork or drawing. Or we can help you to design your own custom cookie tin. 

Custom mint tins

We have many different styles and sizes of promotional mint tins. We accept personalized or custom mint tins. Not only in shapes and sizes but also in colors and patterns. Personalized or custom mint tins are good for your brand mints promotion. Your brand will get noticed by anyone who uses its Custom Mint Tin when you have your logo printed on it!

Personalized or custom mint tins are a great giveaway for weddings, event shows, and birthday parties. It’s also a good time to send mint tins as a gift also. People also like custom mint tins with patterns on them, especially for the kids who will be attracted by these lovely mint tins.

Slide top mint tins
Slide top mint tins

Custom popcorn tin

Custom popcorn tins are good-looking, and they always attract people to buy them. So obviously, custom popcorn tins with decorative surfaces are always good for your brand popcorn sales. Custom popcorn tins can be in different sizes, colors, and patterns, they are good to be used in parties, celebrations, gatherings, and cinemas. Custom tins with popcorn are both welcomed by kids and adults.

Custom candy or sweet tins

Our candy tins and sweet tins come in various sizes. We also accept custom or personalized candy and sweet tins, not only in shapes but also in sizes. Custom candy tins always come in different printing. We have one-color silk screen printing and also multiple colors offset printing. We can also deboss or emboss your sweety’s name or company logo on the tins. Tell us your idea of candy tins or sweet tins, we can turn your thoughts to be real tins.

Custom candy and sweet tins are good for your candy and sweet sales. Both kids and adults like colorful and lovely candy tins. However, custom empty candy or sweet tins always requires a minimum quantity.

hard candy tins

Custom tin step 1 : Designing your own tins

The first step in creating your own custom tins is naturally going to be the design process. When designing your own tin containers, you’ll be able to choose from different shapes, sizes, lids, and printing techniques. Simply let us know what you have in mind, and we will turn your idea into a beautiful custom-made tin container. Please keep in mind that, with custom made tins, we do have to apply a minimum order quantity (MOQ) starting from 1000 – 15,000pcs depending on the printing technique you wish to use. Naturally, you will receive a sample piece by mail to inspect before starting the production of the entire order.

aluminium tins wholesale
decorative tins

Custom tin step 2: Choose shapes and sizes

All our tins have been crafted out of a high-quality aluminum alloy or tinplate. The benefit of this material is that it is very easy to shape. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to create your custom tins in literally any shape imaginable. Added to that, you can also pick any size and volume of your liking. Whether you are looking for small custom candle tins, candy tins, spice tins, or larger sized cookie jars and tea tins – everything is possible by designing your custom tins. No matter how crazy the idea, we’ll be able to turn it into a beautiful container.

Custom tin step3: Choose lids and closing mechanisms

After choosing the shape and volume of your custom tins, it is time to think about the closing mechanism you would like to use. On request, all the tops can be equipped with an EPE liner that helps you seal off your small tin boxes more tightly. For more details, please check below.

black and gold screw lid tins

Screw lid

Screw top lids are the most common and widely used lids for aluminium tins. These round tin boxes are easy to use for storing a wide range of different goods. With their screw lids, these small containers allow you to seal them off tightly.  Thanks to these twist tops, these tins can be tightly sealed off. The lid makes them easy to re-use for multiple times as these tin boxes can be opened and closed as many times as you wish. 

Screw top aluminium canisters come in many different volumes. Depending on the volume, these tins are used for different purposes. The purpose of their usage furthermore depends on whether the containers have been equipped with a regular cap or a clear-top cap.

Slip lid

Slipcover aluminum tins come with a slip lid, compared with a screw top lid, it is quite easy to open and close the lid by simply lifting them up, even kids can open it easily. This makes them convenient to use and reuse numerous times, thanks to the fact that these aluminum canisters can be opened and closed as many times as you please.

As a result, slipcover aluminum containers are commonly used to store cosmetics such as cremes, lotions, or waxes. Additionally, they can also be found in the food industry where they are applied for instance biscuit jars and spice containers. Slipcover aluminum tins are available with both regular caps and clear-top lids. They furthermore come in all forms and volumes ranging from round to rectangular. The tin boxes are crafted out of recyclable materials which makes them highly sustainable wrapping. They furthermore come with rolled edges and a seamless finish for safe usage. Along with their cheap price, slipcover tin containers are among the most commonly used tin boxes around the globe.

slipcover tins
slipcover tins

Clear lid

Like its name, the clear lid aluminum tin comes with a transparent window lid that people can see through it from the outside. Clear lid aluminum containers are also called window lid tins. The lid is always made of clear plastic PVC, pet, or acrylic, some lids with the aluminum cover but plastic in the middle.

Thanks to their beautiful see-through caps, clear lid aluminum tins treat you to a great way to display your goods. Clear top aluminum jars can often be found in the food or makeup industries. Here they are being filled up with colorful goods ranging from sweets and herbs to makeup. These aluminium canisters are furthermore often used as home decorative tins when they are being filled up with wax lights. 

aluminum clear lid tins
click lid tins


Click lid aluminium tins may not be so commonly used, but they do have special requirements by some customers. Click lid has three or four teeth on the lid and tin body. When you close the lid, need to press on it, and then it has the sound “puff”, which means the lid closes tightly.

It has a good feeling when you close the lid. The click lid small aluminum tins can also have an EPE liner inside. It’s good to store small things, such as mint, coins, candy, mini candles, needles, and so on. Some rectangular hinged aluminum canisters also come with a click lid on the front side.

Hinged lid

Hinged lids are always used for square and rectangular aluminum tins. It is good for the lid to connect with the tin body. These lids are special as they do not feature the regular lift-up design. Instead, they come with small hinges attached which allow the lid to be opened like a door. Square and rectangular hinged aluminum containers are less popular in the food industry. Instead, they are more often used to store everyday items ranging from small toys to jewelry and more. Hinged aluminum canisters can be used for storing virtually any type of product. They feature a strong and tight seal, are easy to use, and look truly unique. This makes them perfect for brands and companies who wish to let their product stand out from the crowd.

Slide lid

Slide lid is always used for small rectangular tins, the slide lid is easy to push on and off. Slide lid tins are always small tins that you can put in your suitcase, pocket, bag, luggage and so on, they are so convenient to be taken anywhere.

Tins with slide lids are good for lip balm. These small rectangular slid top tins are good to store small capacities like 0.25 oz, 0.5 oz, and 1 oz lip balm inside. Slide back the lid of this slider tin to find the delicious scent housed inside. You can use our empty lip balm slide tins to fill different lip balms inside the tin.

Sliding candy tins in colors

Custom tin box step 4: Choose the colors

The basic colors of our tins are plain aluminum or silver color. Normally we have these basic colors tins in stock. Black or matte black tins are always used also, normally we also have black material in stock. But based on a small MOQ of 3000pcs, we also accept gold, rose gold, green, white, blue, red, or yellow these common colors. Any customized Pantone color is acceptable based on an MOQ of 5000pcs or 10000pcs. Actually, the colors are printed on plain aluminum or tinplate

screw top tins

Custom tin step 5: Printing Techniques

Now that you have chosen the design, size, shape, and lids of your custom tin, it’s time to move on to the most important step: choosing the printing technique. Below you can check more details.

ADHESIVE STICKERS AND paper etiquette – (Starting from 1,000pcs)

By far the cheapest way to customize your tin is by adding an adhesive sticker or paper etiquette. These labels are easy to produce and apply to any type of tin container. Although they are extremely cheap to apply, they give your custom tins a beautiful and premium finish.

beard balm decorative tin

SILK-SCREEN PRINTING – (Starting from 1,000pcs)

Silkscreened custom tins are a great and affordable way for companies who wish to bring a new product onto the market in a decorative tin. With a silkscreened tin, you’ll be able to differentiate your product from its competition by adding a colorful logo. This technique can be applied to small metal containers and large tin cans alike. Normally silk screen printing only accepts colors less than 3 which means it will be simply printed on the tins only, they can not allow complicated printing on the tins with multiple colors.

Silkscreened custom tins are great for introducing a limited edition or promotional item into the market. They are good for new items or new products which just start at the beginning.

FULL-COLOR & offset printing- (Starting from 15,000pcs)

The difference between full-color printed and silk-screened tins can be found back in the quality of the printing job. Full-color offset printed tins feature the highest quality and most complicated, normally they can accept a max 9 color printing. Whereas silk screen printing simply only accepts 1-3 colors of logo printing which only allows simple logos. Our full-color printing technique is more often applied to premium gift and holiday tins as well as limited editions.

  • Colors: full-color offset printing can be done with 1-9 multiple colors printing. Silk screen printing allows 1-3 simple color printing.
  • Printing area: full-color offset printing allows a large printing area but silk screen printing only allows a small printing area.
  • Minimum quantity: full-color offset printing MOQ is 10000-15000pcs while silk screen MOQ is 1500pcs.
  • Start fee: full-color heat transfer printing requires a much higher start fee approx USD $300-$500 for the printing plate while silkscreen printing only charges approx usd$50-$100 for the printing plate.
Colorful christmas chocolate biscuit tins
Embossing or debossing tins

EMBOSSING and debossing – (Starting from 5,000pcs)

Embossed or debossed tins truly let your product stand out among others. By choosing embossing or debossing for your custom tins, you’ll be able to add a 3D touch and look to your metal tins. Embossed or debossed tins are guaranteed to turn your plain metal container into a true piece of art. They will help you to differentiate yourself by giving your empty cans an extra ‘’pop’’ or “sink”. Although plain metallic embossed or debossed tins already look like a masterpiece, you’ll also be able to take it a step further by combining this technique with a full-color print.

LASER ENGRAVING – (Starting from 1,000pcs)

If you’re looking for a way to insert a personal message into your tin box, laser engraving is the way to go. By choosing laser engraving, you’ll be able to engrave your company logo or an entire message to your custom tin gifts for cheap. The possibilities with laser engraving are literally endless. Simply send us your logo, a picture, or text – and we’ll make sure it gets smoothly engraved into your custom-made tins.

Hollow – (Starting from 5,000pcs)

Hollow tins are punched in empty with a custom pattern. The hollow tins look regular but good-looking. The hollow lid tins are always taken as air freshener dispenser tin, the perfume or air freshener can spread through these hollow holes.

The base hollow tins are always used to be as soap tins. These tins because of their rustless feature, are good to be taken as soap tins.

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aluminium tins wholesale
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