Aluminum Wine Bottle

It is proven that wine is good to be packed in aluminum bottles. The classic wine packing is always glass bottles, but they are heavy and easy to break compared with aluminum bottles. The aluminum wine bottle is the lightest compared with other materials and it brings the cheaper transport fee also. Aluminum wine bottle will not break for sure, even if it is dropped from a high place, it may dent at worst.

Aluminum wine bottle keeps the wine cool, it holds to the longest shelf life at 2 years on average, the ability to be cooled 5x faster than other materials, the availability of a wide range of shapes and sizes, and no U/V damage to the product.

Aluminum wine bottle is infinitely recyclable. 75% of all aluminum ever produced remains in circulation today. Due to its slim shape, it is also good for travel, it can slip easily into any mesh pocket on a backpack. Some of our customers also feedback the wine in aluminum bottles tastes good than in glass bottles.

Aluminum is becoming more and more popular in wine packaging. If you are interested in our aluminum wine bottles, please feel free to contact us.

Aluminum wine bottle details

Below we will introduce our aluminum wine bottles in detail:

Basic information

  • Material: 99.7% aluminum
  • Cap: Aluminum pilfer proof cap or screw cap
  • Capacity(ml): 150-1200
  • Diameter(mm): 50, 53, 59, 66, 73, 80, 88
  • Height(mm): 140-295
  • Thickness(mm): 0.5-0.6
  • Surface finish: Polishing, Color painting, Screen printing, Heat transfer printing
  • Usage: Vodka, Spirit, Whisky, Brandy, Rum, Liquor, Wine, Champagne, Alcohol


ItemDiameter(mm)Height (mm)Capacity (ml) Capacity (oz) MOQ(pcs)Price range
ALW50XXX50140-220150-3005 oz to 10 oz10000$0.6-$1
ALW53XXX53140-225160-3505 oz to 12 oz10000$0.6-$1
ALW60XXX60150-250200-5006 oz to 16 oz10000$0.6-$1.2
ALW66XXX66150-295300-8001o oz to 27 oz10000$0.7-$1.4
ALW73XXX73180-295450-90015 oz to 30 oz10000$0.8-$1.5
ALW80XXX80200-295600-100020 oz to 35 oz5000 $0.8-$1.5
ALW88XXX88220-295700-120023 oz to 40 oz5000$0.9-$1.6

Remark:XXX means height.

Aluminum wine bottle cap

Normally there are two types of aluminum wine bottle cap, one is the screw cap and one is Pilfer Proof Cap. Below you can see the details:

Aluminum Pilfer Proof Cap

  • Strengths: easy operation manually, no special Capping machine needed; Flexible big quantity order. Cap thread applied by bottle thread, cap will fit bottle 100% & Will be in same tightness.
  • Weakness: need capping machine to work;  need big quantity
  • Sealed way: mechanically. 

Aluminum screw cap

  • Strengths: easy operation manually, no special Capping machine needed; Flexible for small Order quantity.
  • Weakness: Simple close and open, no extra protection to avoid pilfer;  Risky for loose;
  • Sealed way: manually

Contact us

Please tell us the item number, height and capacity that you need.
Please tell us the item number, height and capacity that you need.
Aluminum screw cap or pilfer proof cap
Please notice the MOQ we require
Any colors or printing need? The basic color is aluminum glossy color.
Tell us more information, you can also send us the product photo you need.

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