Aluminum Vodka Bottle

Aluminum vodka bottle is used to pack vodka. Aluminum bottles are durable, lightweight, food safe for vodka, they are very modern, clean look, premium and luxury packing for vodka.

Aluminium looks cold, which is ideal for vodka,  it’s possible to put the bottle in the freezer to chill the vodka without any damage to the bottle. The same as the wine bottle, the aluminum vodka bottle also gives a cool feeling when drinking.

FLY bottle is aluminium vodka bottle supplier and manufacturer in China. We offer aluminum vodka bottle one-stop bulk and wholesale from China to worldwide. We are the original manufacturers of empty aluminum vodka bottles, we also accept custom aluminum vodka bottles according to our client’s requirements. As manufacturers in China, we can personalize the sizes and print on the aluminum vodka bottles, customers can make their own brand bottles for sales. If you are looking for high-quality aluminum vodka bottles, please feel free to contact us.

Aluminum vodka bottle details

Below we will introduce more details of our aluminum vodka bottle, we also list the prices list in range, please notice our MOQ requirement.


  • Material: 99.7% aluminum
  • Cap: PP pilfer proof cap with aluminum cover
  • Capacity(ml): 100-1500
  • Diameter(mm): 59,66,73,80
  • Height(mm): 110-260
  • Thickness(mm): 0.5-0.8
  • Surface finish: Polishing, Color painting, Screen printing, Heat transfer printing
  • MOQ: 3000 PCS
  • Usage: vodka, spirit, whisky, brandy, rum, liquor, wine, champagne, alcohol

Specification and prices

ItemCapacity(ml)Capacity(oz)Size(mm)MOQPrice range
AVB-150150ml5 oz45x145mm10,000$0.6-$1.2
AVB-180180ml6 oz 50x150mm10,000$0.7-$1.2
AVB-200200ml6.7 oz60x120mm or 50x160mm5,000$0.7-$1.3
AVB-250250ml8 oz50x174mm or
AVB-300300ml10 oz50x190mm or 60x160mm5,000$0.7-$1.4
AVB-350350ml12 oz66x155mm5,000$0.7-$1.4
AVB-400400ml13 oz66x160mm3,000$0.8-$1.4
AVB-500500ml17 oz66x190mm3,000$1-$1.6
AVB-600600ml20 oz66X205mm or
AVB-750750ml25 oz73X220mm 2,000$1.1-$2
AVB-10001000ml34 oz80x260mm2,000$1.3-$2.1
AVB-12001200ml40 oz88x260mm2,000$1.4-$2.2

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  • 99.7% Pure aluminum.
  • FDA/LFGB pass inner coating: Food grade epoxy resin with good chemical stability FDA approved epoxy phenoic.
  • Rolling edge: safe for drinking directly.
  • Pilfer proof cap: good sealing and safety.
  • 9 colors printing available.


Yes, you can put alcohol in a lined or inner coating aluminum bottle. The inner coating will protect the alcohol to be reacted with the aluminum bottle. Our aluminum vodka bottles are safe to put vodka or alcohol inside, such as danzka aluminum vodka bottles.

Yes, all our aluminum vodka bottles are recyclable. For more details, please check here.

Yes, our aluminum vodka bottle is safe for drinking.

If you are looking for aluminum vodka bottles manufacturer or factory, please feel free to contact us.

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