Aluminum Beer Cup

Aluminum beer cups are used for beer drinking. They are lightweight, food safe, recyclable and cool feeling. They are easy to be taken everywhere. Aluminum beer cups are totally recyclable and environmentally friendly. That’s also the reason why aluminum cups are on hot sale.

Aluminum cups are good for beer drinking, especially in summer. The metal feeling of the aluminum beer cups will keep your beer in a cool or cold feeling. It makes the beer tastes good and cool. Paper cups or plastic cups will not have this feeling for sure.

We are an aluminum beer cup manufacturer in China for more than 10 years. We offer one-stop custom aluminum beer cups bulk and wholesale door-to-door service. If you are looking for aluminum beer cups, please feel free to contact us.

Types of aluminum beer cup

We have types of aluminum beer cups of different shapes and sizes. Below we would like to introduce more.

Solo aluminum beer cup

The solo aluminum beer cup is in a normal solo cup shape. It’s more durable than the red solo cups and can be reused multiple times. The solo aluminum cups are good for beer drinking, when put ice in the beer cups, the aluminum feels so cool when drinking. It’s totally safe for beer drinking and it’s good for your brand promotion when the beer cups are custom with your logo.

Our solo aluminum beer cups can also go to the dishwasher, you don’t need to worry about it because they are dishwasher safe. The solo aluminum beer cups are good for celebrations, parties, events, BBQs, picnics, and so on.


Capacity(oz) Capacity(ml) Weight(g)Height(cm)Top diameter (cm)Bottom diameter (cm)Supply Ability(Mon)MOQEXW Price
8 oz230 ml15.$0.5-$0.9
10 oz300 ml20.2 8.428.065.321M2000$0.6-$0.9
12 oz355 ml23.39.338.345.481M2000$0.6-$1.0
14 oz 425 ml26.412.58.55.51M2000 $0.6-$1.0
16 oz473 ml29.511.15 8.95.81M2000$0.7-$1.1
18 oz532 ml3312.59.261M2000$0.7-$1.1
20 oz591 ml36.114.29.261M2000$0.8-$1.2
22 oz651 ml39.213.99.766.321M2000$0.8-$1.2

Wine aluminum cups

The aluminum wine cup comes in a glass wine shape, it’s good for wine or beer drinking. Compare with glass, it’s a metal feel, lightweight, and is not breakable. The wine aluminum cups are safe for beer drinking, the top of the mouth is smooth, and the bottom of the cup is stable to put on the desk. We have several sizes and volumes for you to choose depending on your requirements.


Capacity (oz) Capacity (ml) Weight(g)Height(cm)Top diameter (cm)Thickness (mm)MOQPrice
12 oz350 ml589.66.21.02000$0.9-$1.3
16 oz450 ml6010.07.51.02000$1.0-$1.4
20 oz600 ml7011.681.02000$1.1-$1.5


The side straight aluminum beer cup is not actually straight, but the side surface is flat or with dots. The top of the mouth is smooth, so when you drink beer or water, it is totally safe. The top is larger than the bottom, so it is easy to hold. It looks much more like a regular cup. The cup can be customized in colors and brand logos, so it is good for your brand promotion.


Capacity (oz) Capacity (ml) Weight(g)Height(cm)Top diameter (cm)Bottom diameterThickness (mm)MOQPrice
12 oz350 ml6011.$0.6-$1.1
16 oz450 ml7313.$0.7-$1.2
20 oz620 ml8215.$0.8-$1.3

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