Aluminum Beer Bottles

As its name, aluminum beer bottles are used to pack beer. Because of its lightweight, cool metal feeling, people like beer packs in aluminum bottles. There are many big brands that are already using the aluminum bottles, such as Heineken, Koozie, Bud Light, Budweiser, Busch Light, Michelob ultra, and so on. The beer in aluminum bottles is also feedback tastes good.

Aluminum beer bottles are safe for beer drinking. Compare with glass beer bottles or plastic beer bottles, aluminum beer bottles are odor resistant, lightweight, durable, eco-friendly, and recyclable. Decorated with logo printing, the aluminum beer bottles are also good for your beer brand sales and promotion.

FLY bottle is alumininum bottles manufacturer in China for more than 10 years. We offer aluminum beer bottles bulk and wholesale, we can accept small MOQ with 3000pcs. We know our customers’ needs and requirements. We have sizes of aluminum bottles for customers to choose. We can also accept customized or personalized aluminum beer bottles. If you are looking for aluminum beer bottle suppliers, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Aluminum beer bottles wholesale

We offer different capacities of aluminium beer bottles bulk and wholesale, the most used are 16 oz aluminum beer bottles. For more details, please check below.

tYPE A 1 L aluminum beer bottle

1 L aluminum beer bottle comes with a big capacity of 34 oz. If you like more beer drinking, then it’s a good choice for you.
It’s easy to be opened with a pull-off lid. The bottle can be decorated with colors and your logo brand, it’s good for the marketing sales.

This is one of our most popular aluminum beer bottles for sale. Not only 1L capacity, but we also have 350ml, 500ml, and 750ml capacities. These bottles are produced by half-automatic machines, so it requires a small minimum quantity of 5,000pcs. It also has a sealed tight pull cap.


ItemSize(mm)Capacity(ml)Capacity(oz)Mouth diameterMOQPrices
ALB-100083x240mm1000ml33 oz38/41mm5,000$1-$1.5
ALB-35066X155mm350ml12 oz38mm5,000$0.6-$0.9
ALB-50066X190mm500ml16 oz38mm5,000$0.7-$1.1
ALB-75072X220mm750ml25 oz38mm5,000$0.8-$1.2

Type B16 oz aluminum BEER bottle

16 oz aluminum beer bottle comes with a capacity of 480ml or 500ml. It’s a normal standard beer bottle as glass beer bottles, the shape also comes the same. But it’s lightweight and metal feeling will let people feel more comfortable when drinking beer. The bottle can be also customized decorated with any logo and pattern printing. Beer in the aluminum bottle can stay fresh for a long time, the bottle can be put in fridges to keep cool also.

  • FDA/LFGB passed inner coating, safety for drinking beer.
  • Standard 26.6mm opening mouth.
  • Rooling edge safe for drinking directly.
  • Pry-off or pull-off lids.


BB140259×21545016 oz 30000 US$0.5-0.8
BB130159×23848016 oz 30000 US$0.5-0.8
BB140359×238 480 16 oz 30000 US$0.5-0.8

Type B 12 oz aluminum beer bottle

12 oz aluminum beer bottle is smaller than 16 oz, they are good to hold, not only man but also good for women. They are also nice for juice. The cool metal feeling makes people feel cool especially in summer. The aluminum beer bottles are good for bars, KTV, shopping mall,s and so on.

We also accept customized 12 oz aluminum beer bottles, you can either print or stick a label on it. The aluminum beer bottle is safe for drinking. They are also recyclable and lightweight. If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us.


BB140453x230mm330ml11 oz30000pcs$0.6-1
BB150453x220mm330ml11 oz30000pcs $0.6-1
BB130159x185mm300ml10 oz30000pcs $0.6-1
BB1301 59x192mm 330ml 11 oz 30000pcs $0.6-1
BB140359x185mm300ml10 oz30000pcs $0.6-1
BB1403 59x192mm 330ml 11 oz 30000pcs $0.6-1

Aluminum beer bottle manufacturers

We are an aluminum bottle manufacturer in China for more than 10 years, we offer aluminum beer bottles one-stop wholesale. These types of aluminum beer bottles normally are produced by a fully automatic machine which starts from the raw material to finally printed aluminum beer bottle. So we always require a minimum quantity of at least 20,000pcs. For details, you can check the production video on the right.

If customers are looking for a small minimum quantity, please check and consider our “ALB series” with a pull-of cap.

Aluminum beer bottle price and price list

The aluminum beer bottle is not expensive, if you are looking for a cheap and high quality aluminum beer bottle. However, the price depends on the quantity and printing you require.

Our type B aluminum beer bottle requires a high minimum quantity of 30,000pcs, but at a cheaper price because they are produced by a fully automatic machine. Our type A aluminum beer bottle requires a lower minimum quantity, but prices are a little more expensive.

(minimum quantity)
Price Printing
BB1402B59×215450ml/15 oz30000US$0.5-0.81-9 colors
BB1403B59×238 480ml/16 oz30000US$0.5-0.81-9 colors
BB1403B59×185300ml/10 oz30000US$0.5-0.81-9 colors
BB1403B59×192 330ml/11 oz30000US$0.5-0.81-9 colors
BB1404B53×230330ml/11 oz30000US$0.5-0.81-9 colors
BB1504B53×220330ml/11 oz30000US$0.5-0.81-9 colors
BB1301B59×238480ml/16 oz30000US$0.5-0.81-9 colors
BB1301B59×185300ml/10 oz30000US$0.5-0.81-9 colors
BB1301B59×192330ml/11 oz30000US$0.5-0.81-9 colors
ALB-350A66X155350ml/12 oz5000$0.6-$0.91-9 colors
ALB-500A66X190500ml/16 oz5000$0.7-$1.11-9 colors
ALB-750A72X220750ml/25 oz5000$0.8-$1.21-9 colors
ALB-1000A83X2401000ml/33 oz5,000$1-$1.51-9 colors
Type A
Type B


Aluminum bottles can pack types of beer and soda. Such as Pale Lager and Pilsner, Pale Ale, Dark Lager, Wheat Beer, German Bock, Brown Ale, and so on.

You can buy aluminum beer bottles here from our website by contacting us.

There are many brands like Heineken, Koozie, Bud Light, Budweiser, Busch Light, Michelob ultra, miller lite, coca cola that sell aluminum beer bottles.

As below photo, the aluminum beer bottles are made by below steps from aluminum plate: punching, extruding, trimming, washing, interior varnishing, drying, base coating, printing, drying, necking, quality inspection, and then packing.

big tin containers production flow

The aluminum beer bottles always come with a capacity of 12 oz, 16 oz, and 34 oz. You can also customize the capacity of the aluminum beer bottles.

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