Tin containers bulk and wholesale

Metal containers are ideal for home, office, and business use. Whether you want a tin that’s designed for long-term storage, organization, retail displays, or special occasions, you can rely on the durability and versatility of our tin containers. In today’s world, tin boxes are one of the most popular packaging used thanks to the fact that they are affordable, durable, and sustainable.

At FLYTINBOTTLE Packaging, you can find a wide selection of empty tin containers for sale. All metal tins are produced in China and we are the manufacturer in China with more than 10 years, we have different molds in different shapes and sizes, we know our customers’ requirements and targets. We know the technology to design and produce the tins.

At FLYTINBOTTLE Packaging, you will be able to find hundreds of metal jars and small metal containers for sale in all shapes and sizes. All our tin containers come with rolled edges for safe usage. The empty cans that can be found in our assortment are of the highest quality. They are 100% food-safe and free of BPA. They furthermore feature a smooth and beautiful seamless finish which gives them a premium touch. If you’re looking for affordable yet high-end wrapping for your goods, our metal tin containers are a perfect choice.

What are Tin Containers?

spice tin containers

A tin container is a compact tin box designed for the storage and distribution of goods. This tin can is crafted out of a thin metal that can be anything ranging from iron to aluminum. In some cultures, these boxes or cans are referred to as “tin boxes” or sometimes even “tins”. Many “tin boxes” have hinged or removable lids or covers. Some people collect tin boxes as a hobby.

The small tin boxes can be found in any form, size, and color. These metal tin jars are mostly applied in the food, cosmetics industry and also used for personal storage purposes. They are often used to package breath mints, throat lozenges, instant coffee, biscuits and holiday treats. Still today, decorated tin boxes are being sold during the holiday season. These beautiful small tin containers with lids are a popular gift as they are often filled with candy, biscuits, chocolate or cookies.

Some people collect tin boxes as a hobby. Especially the vintage tins that have a nostalgic value can often be found in people’s living rooms or kitchens where they function as decoration.

What Are Tin Containers Made Of?

Traditionally,tin containers were originally made of tin or tin-plated steel. Tinplate is the primary material for food-grade cans. You will most probably see pure tin used as tinfoil in scientific projects or used to wrap other objects. Tin is a metal that can be flattened to a thin sheet, therefore, a small amount of it goes a long way. In fact, just one pound of tin can make up to 130 square feet of tinfoil. The metal neither interacts with oxygen nor lose its molecular structure. Therefore, tin does not rust; it is resistant to corrosion and does not tarnish.

Nowadays, these cans are often crafted out of different substances such as aluminum. Since the 1960s, aluminum has by far been the number one choice for producing small tin cans. The reason behind this is that it is cheaper and easier to form. 

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Steel tin containers

For those of you who wish to buy traditional tin cans, we offer a large selection of steel tin plated metal cans for sale.All these empty cans have been crafted out of high-end iron that has been finished off with a thin tin plating. Thanks to this, the can has a tough and durable design. At the same time, they won’t suffer from rusting. Each container is 100% food-safe. They can be used for storing dry and wet foods alike. Generally speaking, traditional cans are heavier in weight compared to other cans.  Added to that, they are also more costly. Despite this, traditional cans are popular in certain industries thanks to their strength.Howevery most classical tin containers are not seamless tins.

gold screw lid tins

Aluminum Tins

Aluminum tins crafted out of lightweight aluminum plate rather than tin plate steel. The popularity of these affordable lightweight tin boxes rose especially thanks to the fact that they are less costly to produce. At the same time, they offer the same resistance to corrosion while being easier to form. Tin boxes made out of aluminum material are affordable, lightweight, and do not rust. Besides that, they bring along another great advantage. Because they are easy to form and shape, they offer great customization possibilities and all the aluminum tins are seamless tins. Thanks to this, people are able to fully design their own personalized tins. 

What are metal tin containers used for?

Tin containers offer plenty of innovative packaging solutions. These tin cans are corrosion resistant and do not rust, so they are popular among companies and homes. Not like plastic tins, metal tins are recyclable, they are green packaging for the future. In today’s life, people cared more and more about healthy, and environmental protection, and many countries have plastic bans.

Additionally, metal tins are 100% food safe and won’t affect the look, taste, or quality of their content.  Thanks to this, tin cans have grown out to become the number one choice of packaging throughout the world. This can especially be noticed in the beverage and makeup industry. Nowadays, however, their popularity is also rapidly increasing across different industries.

Nowadays, tins are much more than simple packaging. These beautifully designed tin cans can feature any form, size, and color imaginable. Because of this, they have become a way for companies to promote their brand. Think for example about those beautiful biscuit tins and butter cookies tins. Or imagine those detailed and beautifully painted holiday tins. Companies use these unique tin cans to attract customers, and it is working!

Small tin cans are often kept by consumers for decoration purposes or to store personal items. Others use them for handicrafts or other DIY crafts such as turning them into toys for their children. Some people even go as far as collecting tin cans and have turned it into their habit.

Below we list some common usage of tin containers.

smal cosmetic tin containers

Cosmetic and Makeup tins

Metal containers are often used in the cosmetics industry where they function as makeup containers or cosmetic containers. Especially the smaller sized tins can be often found in this particular industry. They are commonly being filled up with cremes, lotions, or wax. Additionally, they can be used as so-called lip gloss containers.

Smaller sized window tins are popular to be used as lip balm containers. The larger sized tin boxes are more commonly used to store hand cremes, body lotion, or hair gel. With their screw caps and EPE liner, small tin containers are easy to seal off and can be carried around in your purse without needing to worry about leakage.

The makeup industry always needs beautiful designs. Our small tins are easy to be beautifully decorated and packed. We accept customized decorative tin containers.

Spice tins

Small tins or big tin containers are often found in the home kitchens as spice tins, salt tins, or herb tins. Tin boxes are highly popular in the food and beverage industry where they are used to hold a wide range of goods. Their most common purpose in this industry is to function as spice tins. When used for spice storage, these tins can be filled up with fresh herbs and dried spices alike. With their EPE liners in place, tin containers make sure your herbs stay fresh for a longer period of time.

Thanks to their re-closable top, these tin boxes can be easily re-used or re-filled once they have run out of their original content. Especially window tins are popular spice jars as their see-through lids are great for display their colorful content. Our magnetic spice tins have holes beside the lids that can be twisted on and off easily, the bottom is magnetic and can stick to the spice rank firmly. Our tin containers are also good to store other dried foods, such as beans, coffee, or nuts. The tins can make your kitchen clean and healthy.

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candy tin containers
candy tin containers

Candy and mint tins

Tin boxes are a common container that can be used as so called candy tins or mint tins. These metal tins are often filled up with sweets, chocolate, mints, or candies. To make them more attractive to the eye, the tin cans are often decorated with a simple yet colorful sticker or a full multi-colour print. Decorative candy or mint tins are welcomed by kids and adults. It’s good to be sent as gifts.

As a tin maker and manufacturer in China, we accept candy tins, mint tins, or jars bulk and wholesale all over the world. You can order either normal items or customized items. For more details, please check below.

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Candle tins

Candle tins are small tin boxes or jars that have been directly filled up with wax. As a result, you’ll get a beautiful wax light that can be closed off with its lid when not in use. These metal tin jars are most commonly used to store scented variants of these wax lights. The main reason behind this lies in the fact that the lid helps you conceal the smell when it’s not burning.

Candle tins are not expensive, and they always come with types of lids, such as slip lid, window lid, and screw lid. Lots of candle makers use them as travel tins since they are so rugged. FLYTINBOTTLE tins offer sizes of candle tins bulk and wholesale. 

tea tins
tea tins


FLYTINBOTTLE tea tins are food grade and made of high-quality tinplated steel or aluminum. Our small tea tins which capacity from 1 oz to 10oz, are good for loose-leaf tea, such as green tea, red tea, or black tea, the small tea tins are portable for you to put in the pocket or suitcase. Our small canisters are all seamless tins, they are crafted out from one complete aluminum plate or tin plate. With their EPE liners or rubber seal in place, the small tin containers make sure your teas stay fresh for a longer period of time. Thanks to their re-closable top, these tin boxes can be easily re-used or re-filled once they have run out of their original content. Especially window tins are popular for colorful teas as their see-through lids are great for display.

Our large tea tin containers are good for bagged teas. These big tea cans are always made by tinplate. The shape can be either round, square or rectangular. With its big capacity, it’s easy to store the bagged teas inside. Some items also come with rubber sealed window lid which is good to keep the teas fresh and prevent external air and moisture from entering your can.

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Storage TINS

Storage tins are versatile, durable, and stylish containers. They offer a practical and convenient solution for organizing and storing various items in homes, offices, and commercial spaces. With a wide range of sizes, shapes, and designs, storage tins provide an effective storage solution for small items. Such as tea, coffee, spices, and stationery, as well as larger items like cookies, biscuits, and sewing supplies.

Storage tin containers are typically made from high-quality materials, such as tinplate, stainless steel, or aluminum. Storage tins are durable and protect from moisture, light, and air. This makes them an ideal choice for preserving the freshness and quality of food items. They are also good for types of teas, beans and so on.

Metal tin containers with lids

When you are looking for the tins that you need. You may concern about what kind of lid to use. There are too many lids to choose from, you will be confused about it. Tin boxes come in all sorts and volumes and can furthermore be equipped with a different lid. We are going to introduce some common lids for you as below details.

black and gold screw lid tins

Screw top lid

Screw top lids are the most common and widely used lids for metal tins. These round tin boxes are easy to use for storing a wide range of different goods. With their screw top, these small containers allow you to seal them off tightly.  Thanks to these twist top, these tins can be tightly sealed off. The lid makes them easy to re-use for multiple times as these tin boxes can be opened and closed as many times as you wish. 

Screw top metal tins come in many different volumes. Depending on the volume, these tins are used for different purposes. The purpose of their usage furthermore depends on whether the containers have been equipped with a regular cap or a clear-top cap.

The smaller sized screw top metal tins are highly popular in the foods, makeup, and medical industries. Here, the storage tins hold sweets, herbs, lotions, cremes, and pills. Our larger tins, on the other hand, are more commonly used as cookie jars or for holding tea or coffee.

Slip Cover

Slipcover tins come with a slip lid, compared with a screw top lid, it is quite easy to open and close the lid by simply lifting them up, even kids can open it easily. This makes them convenient to use and reuse numerous times, thanks to the fact that these tin boxes can be opened and closed as many times as you please.

As a result, slipcover tin containers are commonly used to store cosmetics such as cremes, lotions, or waxes. Additionally, they can also be found in the food industry where they are applied on for instance biscuit jars and spice containers. Slipcover tins are available with both regular caps and clear-top lids. They furthermore come in all forms and volumes ranging from round to rectangular. The tin boxes are crafted out of recyclable materials which makes them highly sustainable wrapping. They furthermore come with rolled edges and a seamless finish for safe usage. Along with their cheap price, slipcover tins are among the most commonly used tin boxes around the globe.

slip lid tins
slip lid tins

Window lid

Like its name, the window lid comes with a transparent lid that people can see through it from outside. Window lid tins are also called clear lid tins. The lid is always made of clear plastic PVC, pet, or acrylic, some lids with the aluminum cover but plastic in the middle.

Thanks to their beautiful see-through caps, windowed tins treat you to a great way to display your goods. Clear top tins can often be found in the food or makeup industries. Here they are being filled up with colorful goods ranging from sweets and herbs to makeup. These tin containers are furthermore often used as home decorative tins when they are being filled up with wax lights. 

click lid tins


Click lid tins may not so commonly used, but they do have special requirements by some customers. Click lid has three or four teeth on the lid and tin body. When you close the lid, need to press on it, and then it has the sound “puff”, which means the lid closes tightly.

It has a good feeling when you close the lid. The click lid small tins can also have an EPE liner inside. It’s good to store small things, such as mint, coins, candy, mini candles, needles, and so on. Some rectangular hinged tin boxes also come with a click lid on the front side.

Hinged lid

Hinged lids always used for square and rectangular tins. It is good for the lid to connect with the tin body. These lids are special as they do not feature the regular lift-up design. Instead, they come with small hinges attached which allow the lid to be opened like a door. Square and rectangular hinged tin containers are less popular in the food industry. Instead, they are more often used to store everyday items ranging from small toys to jewelry and more. Hinged metal tins can be used for storing virtually any type of product. They feature a strong and tight seal, are easy to use, and look truly unique. This makes them perfect for brands and companies who wish to let their product stand out from the crowd.

Customized Tin Containers

decorative tins

FLYTINBOTTLE also accept customized tin containers, not only in dimensions, shapes, we also customize decorative printing on the tins. In addition to custom graphics, embossment, and even perforation, we offer specialty finishes. Embossed Tins get attention. Gloss, matte, textured, and satin varnishes top off high definition graphics with added flair. Spot varnish can draw attention to selected areas of a logo or design, giving it an upscale look. Custom graphics can be used to accent single or multi-level embossing.

Metal tins offer a unique and innovative way to sell and promote your brand products. Tin packaging with vibrant graphics, reflectivity, or embossing is hard to pass by. The collectability helps to sell the product inside and provides a lasting advertisement. We offer the possibility to design your own unique tins. Throughout this process, you’ll enjoy the free help of our industry professionals. When creating your custom made metal tins, you will be able to choose from different shapes and sizes. Additionally, you can select the construction method and lid of your liking. Hereby you can, for instance, think about hinged lids, screw caps, slipcovers, or see-through lids.

We furthermore offer different printing methods to personalize your tin box. Whether you are looking for a full-print lacquered design or a simple paper etiquette, everything is possible. Share with us what you have in mind, and together we’ll co-create a unique container that perfectly suits your product.

Tin container packaging

Metal tin container packaging is more and more used in food, cosmetics, beauty, storage, tea, and candles packaging industries. This is because metal tin containers have many benefits. From its durability and versatility to its sustainability and aesthetic appeal, tin packaging provides a range of advantages that cater to both businesses and consumers.

  • Durability: Metal tin containers are sturdy and durable. It provides excellent protection for the products they hold. Whether it’s food, cosmetics, or other goods, tin packaging ensures that the contents remain safe and secure during storage and transportation. This durability also enhances the shelf life of perishable items. It makes tin packaging an ideal choice for items that require long-term preservation.
  • Versatile usage: The ability to customize the shape, size, and design of metal tin containers makes them suitable for a wide range of products. From small tins for lip balm or mints to larger containers for tea or coffee, tin packaging can be tailored to fit the specific needs of various items. This flexibility allows businesses to create unique, eye-catching packaging that stands out on the shelves.
  • Sustainable: Metal tin containers are fully recyclable. They are eco-conscious choices for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact. By using tin packaging, companies can align with consumer demands for sustainable packaging solutions while also contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Tin packaging also offers aesthetic appeal. The smooth, sleek surface of metal tin containers provides a premium look and feel, enhancing the overall presentation of the product. This visual appeal can elevate the perceived value of the item and attract consumers seeking high-quality goods.

Tin packaging stands out as a durable, versatile, sustainable, and visually appealing choice for a wide range of products. Currently, there are more and more customers or consumers are changing their minds from using plastic containers to metal tin containers. Because of plastic white pollution to the earth, they are looking for a sustainable metal tin packaging solution.


BPA is a chemical substance that is used to produce certain types of plastics and resins. As of today, Bisphenol A is one of the most produced chemicals in the world that can mainly be found in plastic bottles, jars, and jugs. 

In FLYTINBOTTLE, we can guarantee that all our tin containers are 100% food-safe and free of Bisphenol A. The raw material we use to make the tins, the protective oil that we used on the tins, and surface treatment are all BPA free.

Two of the most favored materials for the packaging of chocolates, biscuits, and confectionery are aluminum and tinplate. These materials are efficient and safe forms of packaging that meet international safety standards.

Both tinplate and aluminum can pose health risks when used in their pure forms but are perfectly safe for food packaging when processed with other protective materials. FLYTINBOTTLE use its own FDA and EU approved transparent food varnish for tinplate and aluminum packaging. Additionally, all food ingredients are tested to ensure they don’t react with metal packaging.

All metal cans are infinitely recyclable. It doesn’t matter if they are aluminum drink cans or tin, steel, or bi-metal food cans. Go ahead and throw them into your recycling bin.

Metal tin cans, steel tins, aluminum tins can be all recyclable. The raw material comes from Nautural and can be returned to natural or reused after processing. This is also why we can metal tin containers are green packaging for the future.

Old cookie or tea tins or other tins can be reused to put your home small things, such as pills, coins, pins, and so on. They can also be decorated with paint, fabrics & trims or paper. Nice for keepsake boxes, gift sewing kits, and special gift containers. You can also paint them to make cute kitchen accessories, who needs store bought canisters when you can design your own with recycled tins!

  1. Tinplate is almost the same price as aluminum, but aluminum is replacing tin.
  2. Aluminum is stronger and used for industrial purposes and for other industries, such as aerospace or automobiles.
  3. Tinplate is most commonly used for plating steel sheets.
  4. Aluminum is more abundant in nature when compared to tin.
  5. Tin is weaker compared to aluminum, which is much stronger and more lightweight than tin.

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