Custom and personalized cookie tin

Custom cookie tin is also called personalized cookie tin, custom biscuit tin, and so on. Cookie tins are easy to be customized in shapes, sizes, and printing. Custom or personalized cookie tins can meet our customer’s requirements.

It is proven that custom cookie tins are good for sales. People don’t like boring cookie tins, they like lovely cookie tins or biscuit tins. The cookie tins with vibrant graphics, reflectivity, or embossing are hard to pass by. The custom cookie tins are also good for your brand sales.

You can design your personalized cookie tin and send us your artwork or drawing. Or we can help you to design your own custom cookie tin. You can even send us a photo that requires printing on the cookie tins. If you are looking for custom cookie tins, please feel free to contact us.

Custom printed cookie tins

Custom printed cookie tin is cookie tin with printed patterns, photos, images or logos,s and so on. Custom printed cookie tins look more beautiful and better than plain cookie tins. Custom printed cookie tin attracts people’s attention and brings people to focus on your cookie tins. Custom printed cookie tins are also good to be sent as gifts.

Custom printed cookie tins are also recyclable and reusable. These beautiful custom-printed cookie tins can be reused to store your household products.

Custom cookie tins wholesale

FLYTINBOTTLE offers sizes of custom cookie tins bulk and wholesale in China. We are a manufacturer in China making custom cookie tins for more than 10 years, we have different molds in different shapes and sizes, and we know our customers’ requirements and targets.

We provide plain cookie tins wholesale in a quite small quantity if we have stock. For a custom print or custom size cookie tin, we always require a large quantity.

If you are looking for cheap custom cookie tins bulk and wholesale, you can feel free to contact us.


We have large and small cookie tins which come in various sizes. The large cookie tin in large diameter while the small tin comes with smaller diameter. Normally they are always in a pack or set with small, middle, and large sizes. We also have mini cookie tins which are portable for traveling. The capacity or sizes can be personalized design.


ItemSize(DxH)ThicknessLid TypeTin shapeMaterialMOQ(pcs)
T-245S230x72mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate 3000
T-245L265x75mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate 3000
T-453190x50mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate 3000
T-2267S167x46mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate 3000
T-2267M178x60mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate 3000
T-2267L190x75mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate 3000
T-2257-2168x55mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate 3000
T-156189x46mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate 3000
T-152152x60mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate3000
T-165165x70mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate3000
T-180180x80mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate3000
T-197197x85mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate3000
T-123123x60mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate3000
T-170170x68mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate3000
T-220-1220x37mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate3000
T-220-2220x68mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate3000
T-220-3220X95mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate3000
T-222222x100mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate3000
T-260260x55mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate3000
TR-190190x110x30mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRectangularTinplate3000
TRW-180180x130x45mm0.23-0.28mmSlip Window lidRectangularTinplate3000
TR-180180x130x88mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRectangularTinplate3000
TR-280-1280x220x80mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRectangularTinplate3000
TR-280-2280x195x83mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRectangularTinplate3000
TS-135135x135x115mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidSquareTinplate3000
TS-158158x158x65mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidSquareTinplate3000
TS-175175x175x60mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidSquareTinplate3000
TS-180180x180x65mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidSquareTinplate3000
TS-198198x198x64mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidSquareTinplate3000
TE-120120x120x180mm0.23mmSlip lidEgg shapeTinplate3000
TE-6060x60x90mm0.23mmSlip lidEgg shapeTinplate3000
AL-330-1S108x45mm0.4mmSlip lidRoundAluminum3000
AL-350-3137x38mm0.6mmSlip lidRoundAluminum3000
AL-650-1135x56mm0.5mmScrew lidRoundAluminum3000
AL-1000-3200x41mm0.5mmSlip lidRoundAluminum3000

Please notice: the above lists are only parts of our cookie tins, for more detailed specifications, please contact us.

Please notice: because shipping costs by sea increased quite a lot since the epidemic, so we require MOQ: 3000pcs and suggest shipping by sea door to door from China to destination.


We have many shapes of cookie tins, such as round, rectangular, square these common cookie tins. We also have heart and oval shapes tins. Custom shapes are also acceptable.


The round cookie tins are good for round butter cookies or biscuits. As the most common shape, it’s good for design and storage. We have many sizes for your selection. The decorative cookie tins are good for holidays promotion.


As classical cookie tins, the rectangular ones are often seen either in stores or homes. It’s good for cookies or biscuits packing, large cookie tins have enough capacity to holds enough cookies. We also support personalized design cookie tins for your brand promotion.


Square cookie tins come in a square shape. You can even have an inner plate or dividers inside to separate the cookies. It’s good for display on the shelf in the stores. You can have a good design to decorate your cookie tins to attract people.

Custom cookie tin steps

  • Choose shapes and sizes: the first step is that you need to choose which shape cookie tins and sizes you need.
  • Choose lids: After choosing the shape and sizes of your custom cookie tins, it is time to think about the closing cap you would like to use. 
  • Designing your own tins: it is important to design your own tins after you have chosen everything. I mean you need to design what image or pattern you want to put in the cookie tin, and how and where to put it on the tins. You can send us your artwork or files for checking. We can also help to deal with your printing artwork or files. Please also notice that custom-printed cookie tins always require a minimum quantity of 5000pcs to 10000pcs.

Contact us

Tell us which item do you need?
Round, square or rectangular?
If our listed items not suitable, tell us the size and capacity you need.
Require MOQ
Please notice we quire MOQ 1000pcs each item
Tell us more about your need.

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