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A small tea tin is a compact, specially designed container used for storing loose leave tea or tea bags. It is typically made from high-quality, food-safe materials like tin, stainless steel, or aluminum. These containers are designed to preserve the freshness, aroma, and flavor of the tea. It protects teas from external factors such as air, humidity, and light.

The small size of a tea tin makes it convenient for storage and transport. It is easily fitting into kitchen cupboards, and countertops, or even taking it with you while traveling. They are always taken as travel tea tins. They can be a functional storage solution, as well as an attractive addition to your home decor or tea collection.

Small tea tins are an essential accessory for tea enthusiasts who want to keep their tea leaves or tea bags fresh and flavorful. Our small tea tins are also good to be as small coffee tins, small candy tins, small mint tins, and so on. FLYTINBOTTLE provides types of tea tins bulk and wholesale in China. We have types of tea tins for your choice.

Small Tea Tin Benefits

Small tea tins offer many benefits that make them an essential accessory for tea enthusiasts. Here are some key advantages of using a small tea tin:

  • Preserves freshness and flavor: A small tea tin with an airtight seal protects your tea leaves or tea bags from exposure to air, humidity, and light. This helps maintain the tea’s freshness, flavor, and aroma, ensuring an enjoyable tea-drinking experience.
  • Compact and space-saving: The small size of tea tins makes them ideal for storing in kitchen cupboards, countertops, or even on display shelves. Their compact design allows for easy organization and saves valuable storage space in your home.
  • Portable and travel-friendly: Due to their compact size, small tea tins can be conveniently carried while traveling or commuting. This enables you to enjoy your favorite tea blends wherever you go.
  • Versatile storage solution: Small tea tins are suitable for storing various types of tea, including black, green, white, oolong, and herbal teas. They can also be used for storing other dry goods, such as coffee, spices, or dried herbs.
  • Stylish and decorative: Tea tins are available in a wide range of designs, colors, and patterns. They can be both functional storage solutions and attractive additions to your home decor, reflecting your personal style and love for tea.
  • Durable and long-lasting: High-quality tea tins are made from food-grade materials like tin, stainless steel, or aluminum, which are built to withstand daily use and last for years.
  • Eco-friendly alternative: Using a reusable tea tin helps reduce waste generated from single-use packaging. Normally most of the small tea tins are easy to recycle.
  • Ideal for gifting: Small tea tins make thoughtful and practical gifts for tea lovers, whether as a standalone item or paired with a selection of tea blends.

Types of small tea tins

ALB11011 aluminum tea tins

ALB11011 aluminum tea tins are small tea tins made of aluminum alloy material. With their small, slim, and nice looking, these tea tins are easy and good to store teas. They are good to be taken as travel tea tins, especially good for business trips, journeys, campings, and so on.

These small tea tins have 3 sizes, small, medium, and large capacity, they can be customized into any color. For the basic colors, we always have them in stock.

SizeMaterialWeight Color optionPacking
MOQ quantity:EXW factory price range (pcs)
ALB11011S2 oz 60 mlD45xH66mmAluminum alloy58 gBlack, Gold, Blue, Red, Grey, Silver, purple, rose gold, Custom Pantone color30-50g200pcsUSD$0.75-$0.95
ALB11011M4 oz120 mlD45xH118mmAluminum alloy77 gBlack, Gold, Blue, Red, Grey, Silver, purple, rose gold, Custom Pantone color50-60g200pcsUSD$1.6-$2.5
ALB11011B4.5 oz140mlD55XH92mmAluminum alloy90 gBlack, Gold, Blue, Red, Grey, Silver, purple, rose gold, Custom Pantone color60-70g200pcsUSD$1.6-$2.5
ALB11011L8 oz230mlD60XH120mmAluminum alloy115gBlack, Gold, Blue, Red, Grey, Silver, purple, rose gold, Custom Pantone color100g200pcsUSD$2.5-$3.5

TA067 tea tins

Our TA067 series are made of durable tinplate raw materials. It has a diameter of 67mm, so we called it the 67 series. Actually, it’s a 67 series tea tins set, because it has two different heights with smaller and larger capacities. The tins come in 6 different colors in stock, it can pack teas from 30g to 120g. The lid is easy to open and close but keep tight enough.

ItemCapacity(oz)Capacity(ml)SizeMateialColor optionPacking
MOQ quantity:EXW factory price range (pcs)
TA067S7 oz 210 mlD67xH70mmTinplateWhite, red, gold,
black, blue, green
TA067L13 oz390 mlD67xH125mmTinplateWhite, red, gold,
black, blue, green

TA067 tea tins

Our TA067 series are indeed small tea tins that come with a diameter of 67mm. They are mini tea tins that can be put in a pocket. Good for travel and transport. Although they are small, still enough to put 20-50g teas inside. The TA067 tea tins come in 5 colors in stock. We can also accept custom logos or labels on the tins.

ItemCapacity(oz)Capacity(ml)SizeColor optionMaterialPacking
MOQ quantity:EXW factory price range (pcs)
TA0472 oz 50 mlD47xH65mmWhite, red, gold,
black, green

Y003 tea tins

Y003 tea tins are small tea tins that come in round and square shapes, it has four colors to choose from. They are smart enough to be put everywhere. It can pack 10-25g teas that are convenient to take when traveling. These smart tea tins are good for tea packaging, the lid is tight and easy to open and close.

ItemSizeColor optionMaterialPacking
MOQ quantity:EXW factory price range (pcs)
Y003RD54xH40mmRed, black, gold, and orangeTinplate10-25g792pcsUSD$0.25-$0.4
Y003SL55XW55XH45mmRed, black, gold, and orangeTinplate10-25g720pcsUSD$0.25-$0.4

Y007 tea tins

Y007 tea tins come in two sizes, the diameter is 85mm, and two heights one is 120mm and one is 158mm. Compare with the others, the size is a little bit larger than small tea tins. But they are still smart enough to put the teas inside. It always has four colors in stock, gold, green, red, and black.

ItemCapacity(oz)Capacity(ml)SizeColor optionPacking
MOQ quantity:EXW factory price range (pcs)
Y007-12017 oz 510 mlD85xH120mmRed, black, gold, green50-100g200pcsUSD$0.5-$0.65
Y007-15827 oz810 mlD85xH158mmRed, black, gold, green80-150g150pcsUSD$0.58-$0.75

Y088 small tea tins

Y088 small tea tins have three sizes, it have multiple colors in stock. Y088S is a mini tea tin with the size of D45mmxH67mm, it can pack teas from 5-15g. Y088M and Y088L are a bit higher and can pack teas from 10-30g.

Y088 tea tins have insert lids that are easy to open and close. These small tea tins are good gifts to your customers, friends, and so on.

ItemSize(mm)Size(inch)Color optionMaterialPacking
MOQ quantity:EXW factory price range (pcs)
Y088SD45xH67mm1.8″x2.6″Red, Matt gold, Rose gold, Green, Light Green, Matt Silver, Star blackTinplate5-10g720pcsUSD$0.3-$0.4
Y088MD45xH93mm1.8″x3.7″Red, Green, Matt gold, Matt SilverTinplate10-20g600pcsUSD$0.35-$0.45
Y088LD45xH116mm1.8″x4.6″Red, Green, Matt gold, Matt Silver, Star blackTinplate15-25g480pcsUSD$0.40-$0.50
Y066D50xH90mm2.0″x3.5″Red, Green, Matt gold, Gold, Matt Silver, Star blackTinplate25-30g400pcsUSD$0.40-$0.50

Our AL series aluminum tea tins come in sizes and capacities from 1 oz to 20 oz. It has a screw top which is easy to open and close. These convenient screw lids allow you to tightly close your metal tins with a simple twist of your wrist. With an EPE liner in place, our screw-top tins prevent external air and moisture from entering your can. As a result, teas stored in your tins will stay fresh and of high quality for a significantly longer period of time.

All our screw-top tea tins have been crafted out of 100% food-grade and BPA-free materials. Thanks to this, you can safely use them to store any type of tea.

Details and specifications

MaterialMOQ(pcs)EXW factory
unit Price
AL-35HD35xH53mm35 ml1.2 oz0.23mmAluminum3000pcsUS$0.2-$0.4
AL-45HD41xH44mm45 ml1.5 oz0.23mmAluminum3000pcsUS$0.22-$0.42
AL-50HD41xH51mm50 ml1.7 oz0.3mmAluminum3000pcsUS$0.25-$0.45
AL-60HD45xH55mm60 ml2 oz0.3mmAluminum3000pcsUS$0.28-$0.48
AL-80HD45xH65mm80 ml2.7 oz0.3mmAluminum3000pcsUS$0.3-$0.5
AL-100-1HD41xH95mm100 ml3.4 oz0.3mmAluminum3000pcsUS$0.32-$0.52
AL-100-2HD52xH62mm100 ml3.4 oz0.3mmAluminum3000pcsUS$0.32-$0.52
AL-100-3HD43xH88mm100 ml3.4 oz0.3mmAluminum3000pcsUS$0.32-$0.52
AL-110-1HD45xH78mm110 ml3.7 oz0.3mmAluminum3000pcsUS$0.34-$0.54
AL-110-2HD45xH86mm110 ml3.7 oz0.3mmAluminum3000pcsUS$0.34-$0.54
AL-130HD45xH104mm130 ml4.4 oz0.3mmAluminum3000pcsUS$0.35-$0.55
AL-150-4D50xH90mm150 ml5 oz0.6mmAluminum3000pcsUS$0.4-$0.6
AL-250HD68xH85mm250 ml8.4 oz0.4mmAluminum3000pcsUS$0.45-$0.65
AL-500HD82xH100mm500 ml16.7 oz0.5mmAluminum3000pcsUS$0.7-$1.0
AL-750HD92xH116mm750 ml25 oz0.5mmAluminum3000pcsUS$0.8-$1.2
AL-1000HD83xH195mm1000 ml33.4 oz0.5mmAluminum3000pcsUS$1.0-$1.3

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