Aluminum Canister

screw top tins

Aluminum tin is also called aluminium tin, aluminum canister, aluminum jar, aluminium jar, and so on. Aluminum tins are tins made of aluminum, which is made out of aluminum tin sheets. These kinds of tins or canisters are durable compared with plastic or glass tins or jars. They are lightweight and easy to be taken everywhere. The most important is that they are totally recyclable because they are made of pure aluminum, so they are eco-friendly for the environment and our world.

Aluminium is easy to reshape because of its material property, it can be shaped in sizes of tins, jars, canisters, and so on. Aluminum tins are totally seamless design, so you don’t need to worry about leakage. They are rustless, so they are washable and you don’t need to worry about rust.

Aluminum tin is good for storing and packaging. They are perfect to store cosmetic products, like lip balm, perfume, candles, and so on. They are also good for tea, coffee, spice, and chocolate packing.

FLYTINBOTTLE offers types of aluminum tins in sizes and capacities, no matter whether you are looking for small aluminum canisters, medium aluminum containers, or large aluminum jars, we can always offer you our best solution. If you are looking for cheap aluminum tins, please feel free to contact us.

Aluminum tin with lid

Aluminium tin with lid has different usage. There are types of lids that can be used on aluminum tins. Screw top lid is easy to screw on and off and it keeps the aluminium tins tight and seal. Clear lid is easy to see the things inside the aluminum jar. Slip lid is easy to pull up and down, they are good for candles. Below we would like to introduce more on the aluminum tins with lids in different types of lids.

black and gold screw lid tins

Screw lid

Screw top lids are the most common and widely used lids for aluminium tins. These round tin boxes are easy to use for storing a wide range of different goods. With their screw lids, these small containers allow you to seal them off tightly.  Thanks to these twist tops, these tins can be tightly sealed off. The lid makes them easy to re-use for multiple times as these tin boxes can be opened and closed as many times as you wish. 

Screw top aluminium canisters come in many different volumes. Depending on the volume, these tins are used for different purposes. The purpose of their usage furthermore depends on whether the containers have been equipped with a regular cap or a clear-top cap.

Slip lid

Slipcover aluminum tins come with a slip lid, compared with a screw top lid, it is quite easy to open and close the lid by simply lifting them up, even kids can open it easily. This makes them convenient to use and reuse numerous times, thanks to the fact that these aluminum canisters can be opened and closed as many times as you please.

As a result, slipcover aluminum containers are commonly used to store cosmetics such as creams, lotions, or waxes. Additionally, they can also be found in the food industry where they are applied for instance biscuit jars and spice containers. Slipcover aluminum tins are available with both regular caps and clear-top lids. They furthermore come in all forms and volumes ranging from round to rectangular. The tin boxes are crafted out of recyclable materials which makes them highly sustainable wrapping. They furthermore come with rolled edges and a seamless finish for safe usage. Along with their cheap price, slipcover tin containers are among the most commonly used tin boxes around the globe.

slip lid tins
slip lid tins

Clear lid

Like its name, the clear lid aluminum tin comes with a transparent window lid that people can see through it from the outside. Clear lid aluminum containers are also called window lid tins. The lid is always made of clear plastic PVC, PET, or acrylic, some lids with the aluminum cover but plastic in the middle.

Thanks to their beautiful see-through caps, clear lid aluminum tins treat you to a great way to display your goods. Clear top aluminum jars can often be found in the food or makeup industries. Here they are being filled up with colorful goods ranging from sweets and herbs to makeup. These aluminium canisters are furthermore often used as home decorative tins when they are being filled up with wax lights. 

click lid tins


Click lid aluminium tins may not be so commonly used, but they do have special requirements by some customers. Click lid has three or four teeth on the lid and tin body. When you close the lid, need to press on it, and then it has the sound “puff”, which means the lid closes tightly.

It has a good feeling when you close the lid. The click lid small aluminum tins can also have an EPE liner inside. It’s good to store small things, such as mint, coins, candy, mini candles, needles, and so on. Some rectangular hinged aluminum canisters also come with a click lid on the front side.

Hinged lid

Hinged lids are always used for square and rectangular aluminum tins. It is good for the lid to connect with the tin body. These lids are special as they do not feature the regular lift-up design. Instead, they come with small hinges attached which allow the lid to be opened like a door. Square and rectangular hinged aluminum containers are less popular in the food industry. Instead, they are more often used to store everyday items ranging from small toys to jewelry and more. Hinged aluminum canisters can be used for storing virtually any type of product. They feature a strong and tight seal, are easy to use, and look truly unique. This makes them perfect for brands and companies who wish to let their product stand out from the crowd.

Aluminum tins wholesale

Aluminum tins have wide usage in different industries. They are more and more popular because it’s totally recyclable. Companies choose green packaging for the sales of their products.

FLYTINBOTTLE offers types of aluminium tin canisters bulk and wholesale in China. No matter whether you are in UK, South Africa, or Australia, we can offer door to door service to your home directly. Normally we require a small minimum quantity to start. We can also accept custom decorative aluminum tins wholesale. If you are interested in our aluminum canisters, tell us your requirements and contact us.

Aluminum Candle Tins

Aluminum tins are good for candles. Aluminum tins are totally rustless, seamless, and lightweight, these good features make aluminum tins perfect as candle tins. What’s more aluminum tins are totally recyclable compared with glass jars, they are also much more durable than glass candle jars.

Aluminum candle tins come with different lids, screw-on caps, slip lids, click lids, and so on. They can also be in different colors. You can also decorate aluminum candle tins with different patterns, embossing, or debossing logos, printing logos, and so on. You can check our Custom tins in detail.

Aluminium tin capacity

We have small aluminium tins and large aluminum tins. Our aluminium tins come in different capacities, we have 10ml, 15ml,30ml,50ml,60ml,100ml,150ml aluminium tins. We have even large aluminium tins in capacity 300ml,450ml,500ml,600ml,750ml and 1000ml.

Small aluminum tins

The small aluminum tins come with a small capacity from 0.5 oz to 16 oz. These small aluminum tins are like fairy to be existed and are used everywhere. These small aluminum tins are widely used as cosmetic tins, storage tins, candle tins, wax tins, and so on. Small aluminum tins are made from aluminum raw materials that are totally recyclable. These small aluminum tins are durable and can be used for years.

How to Convert ml to Ounces

  • From ml to oz: Multiply the number of milliliters by 0.0338 to find the number of ounces. For example, suppose you have want to convert 50 milliliters of water to ounces. You would multiply 50 by 0.0338 to get 1.69 ounces.
  • From oz to ml: Convert a number of ounces to milliliters by multiplying the number of ounces by 29.573. For example, convert 5 ounces to milliliters by multiplying 5 by 29.573. The product is 147.87 milliliters.

Aluminum tin price list and specification

ItemCapacity mlCapacity ozSize(DxH)ThicknessLid TypeTin shapeMaterialMOQ(pcs)EXW unit price(USD)
AL-55ml0.17 oz27x15mm0.25mmScrew lidRoundAluminum2000US$0.14-$0.30
AL-10-110ml0.35 oz35x18mm0.25mmSlip cover lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.14-$0.30
AL-10-210ml0.35 oz36x19mm0.25mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.14-$0.30
AL-15-115ml0.5 oz40x16mm0.25mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.17-$0.31
AL-15-1W15ml0.5 oz40x16mm0.25mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.17-$0.31
AL-15-215ml0.5 oz40x16mm0.25mmSlip cover lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.17-$0.31
AL-15-2C15ml0.5 oz40x19mm0.25mmClick lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.17-$0.31
AL-20-120ml0.7 oz44x33mm0.25mmSlip cover lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.17-$0.34
AL-20-220ml0.7 oz38x24mm0.25mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.17-$0.34
AL-25-125ml0.88 oz50x17mm0.25mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.17-$0.34
AL-25-225ml0.88 oz45x18mm0.25mmSlip cover lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.17-$0.34
AL-25-2W25ml0.88 oz45x18mm0.25mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.17-$0.34
AL-25-325ml0.88 oz48x17mm0.25mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.17-$0.34
AL-30-130ml1 oz50x20mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.17-$0.34
AL-30-1W30ml1 oz50x20mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.17-$0.34
AL-30-1A30ml1 oz50x20mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.17-$0.34
AL-30-1C30ml1 oz50x24mm0.3mmClick lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.17-$0.34
AL-30-2W30ml1 oz46x27mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.17-$0.34
AL-30-330ml1 oz68x13mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.17-$0.34
AL-30-430ml1 oz62x16mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.17-$0.34
AL-30-630ml1 oz52X23mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.17-$0.34
AL-30-730ml1 oz52X20mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.17-$0.34
AL-3535ml1.23 oz47x26mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.17-$0.34
AL-4545ml1.58 oz40x51mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.23-$0.4
AL-50-150ml1.76 oz50x32mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.2-$0.38
AL-50-350ml1.76 oz52x25mm0.3mmSlip window lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.2-$0.38
AL-50-450ml1.76 oz45x36mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.2-$0.38
AL-60-160ml2 oz68x26mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.2-$0.38
AL-60-1A60ml2 oz68x26mm0.3mmSmooth screw lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.2-$0.38
AL-60-1W60ml2 oz68x26mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.2-$0.38
AL-60-260ml2 oz70X25mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.2-$0.38
AL-60-360ml2 oz65X30mm0.3mmClick lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.2-$0.38
AL-60-460ml2 oz60x30mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.2-$0.38
AL-60-560ml2 oz65X24mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.2-$0.38
AL-60-660ml2 oz75X19mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.2-$0.38
AL-60-760ml2 oz75X20mm0.3mmScrew window lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.2-$0.38
AL-60-860ml2 oz45X55mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.2-$0.38
AL-60-1060ml2 oz75X20mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.2-$0.38
AL-90-190ml3 oz60x45mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.2-$0.4
AL-90-1W90ml3 oz60x45mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.2-$0.4
AL-90-1A90ml3 oz60x45mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.2-$0.4
AL-120-2120ml4 oz65x50mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.25-$0.45
AL-120-2W120ml4 oz65x50mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.25-$0.45
AL-120-4120ml4 oz65x50mm0.4mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.25-$0.45
AL-120-5120ml4 oz75x40mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.25-$0.45
AL-120-5W120ml4 oz75x40mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.25-$0.45
AL-125-1125ml4.4 oz50x64mm0.3 or 0.5mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.25-$0.45
AL-125-3125ml4.4 oz50x64mm0.3 or 0.5mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.25-$0.45
AL-150-1150ml5.3 oz82x37mm0.25 or 0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.25-$0.45
AL-150-1150ml5.3 oz50x88mm0.6mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.25-$0.45
AL-200-1200ml8 oz75x60mm0.3mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.3-$0.5
AL-200-1W200ml8 oz75x60mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.3-$0.5
AL-200-1A200ml8 oz75x60mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.3-$0.5
AL-200-3200ml8 oz80x51mm0.3mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.3-$0.5
AL-200-3W200ml8 oz80x51mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.3-$0.5
AL-200-6200ml8 oz92x39mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.3-$0.5
AL-210210ml8 oz74x68mm0.5mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.3-$0.5
AL-230230ml8 oz108x38mm0.4mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.4-$0.6
AL-300-6300ml10 oz108x45mm0.4mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 2000 US$0.4-$0.6
AL-330-1330ml11 oz108x45mm0.4mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 1000 US$0.45-$0.65
AL-330-1S330ml11 oz108x45mm0.4mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 1000 US$0.45-$0.65
AL-350-1350ml16 oz82x75mm0.4mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 1000 US$0.45-$0.65
AL-350-1W350ml16 oz82x75mm0.4mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 1000 US$0.45-$0.65
AL-350-2350ml16 oz77x80mm0.6mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 1000 US$0.45-$0.65
AL-350-3350ml16 oz137X38mm0.6mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 1000 US$0.45-$0.65
AL-420420ml16 oz82x95mm0.5mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 1000 US$0.6-$0.8
AL-500500ml16 oz82x100mm0.5mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 1000 US$0.6-$0.8
AL-500-1W500ml16 oz82x100mm0.5mmPVC windowRoundAluminum1000 US$0.6-$0.8
AL-650-1650ml22 oz135x56mm0.5mmScrew lidRoundAluminum1000 US$0.7-$0.9
AL-650-2650ml22 oz82x115mm0.5mmScrew lidRoundAluminum1000 US$0.7-$0.9
AL-750750ml25 oz92x116mm0.5mmScrew lid or slip lidRoundAluminum1000 US$0.7-$1.0
AL-1000-11000ml35 oz82x192mm0.5mmScrew lidRoundAluminum1000 US$1.1-$1.5
AL-1000-21000ml35 oz135x85mm0.5mmScrew lidRoundAluminum1000 US$1.1-$1.5
AL-1000-31000ml35 oz200x41mm0.5mmSlip lidRoundAluminum1000 US$1.1-$1.5

Please notice: the above lists are only parts of our candle tins, for more detailed specifications, please check our catalog or contact us.

aluminum tins catalogue
aluminum tins catalogue


Aluminum tins can be used for oven cooking. Aluminum, being a good conductor, homogeneously distributes heat, improving the cooking of food in the oven. There is no risk of cracking, melting, charring, or burning.

Aluminum conducts heat well and is an excellent material for cookware (especially baking).

Aluminium containers can be used for oven cooking. Aluminum, being a good conductor, homogeneously distributes heat, improving the cooking of food in the oven. There is no risk of cracking, melting, charring or burning.

yes, it’s possible to put aluminum tin in microwave, it’s safe for sure. But remember it is quite hot when you take the aluminum tin or aluminum tray out of the microwave, so you need to take care.

Yes, aluminum tins are recycled for sure. Aluminum comes from the world and it recycled back into the world. Aluminum tins can be recycled many times.

Generally it is, the aluminum canisters listed on our website are airtight because mostly aluminum tin has an EPE liner inside the cap. It keeps the air and moisture out of the container.

To clean your aluminum tins properly, you should use dish soap, warm water, and the rough side of the sponge to remove any remaining discoloration. Don’t use steel wool or other abrasive scrubbers, as this may scratch your cookware. Rinse your pot or pan and dry it with a dish towel.

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