Branded Aluminum Water Bottles

Aluminum Water bottles are a good option to replace plastic water bottles. This is the reason why aluminum water bottles are more and more welcomed in the market.

Brand aluminum water bottles can be different from your competitors in the market. Brand Aluminum water bottles offer a unique, affordable, and innovative way to differentiate your product from competitors. Thanks to the fact that they can be easily personalized according to your branding needs, they provide you with an unlimited resource for marketing and promotion purposes. When a custom print is added, they are guaranteed to make your product pop and stand out from the crowd. 

At FLYTINBOTTLE, we offer the possibility to receive your bottles in any brand of your liking. Additionally, we can print your company name, logo, or full-color artwork directly onto the bottle itself. By doing so, your bottles will perfectly represent your product and brand.

Aluminum Water Bottle Brand

There are many aluminum water bottle brands on the market. Including below these are the most welcomed.

  • Coors Banquet aluminum bottle: 9pk/16 fl oz Aluminum Pints or 15pk/16 fl oz, you can buy in Target from the below link.
  • Aquafina aluminum bottles: 16 fl oz/6 bottles, you can buy in Amazon from the below link.
  • Coors light aluminum bottle: 9pk/16 fl oz Aluminum Bottles, you can buy in Target from the below link.
  • Dasani aluminum bottle: 16 FL OZ, 8 Bottles, you can buy in Amazon from the below link.
  • Miller Lite aluminum bottles: 9pk/16 fl oz. You can buy them at Target from the link below.
  • Yuengling Lager Aluminum Bottles: 9pk/16 fl oz Aluminum Bottles, you can buy in HEB from the below link.
  • Brita aluminum water bottle: 18 Fl Oz (24 Pack), BPA Free Refillable Aluminum Water Bottles. You can buy in Amazon from below link.
  • Blue moon aluminum bottle: 24pk/16 fl oz aluminum bottles, you can buy from the link below.

Branded aluminum water bottles custom logos

Disposable branded aluminum bottles

FLYTINBOTTLE has been selling aluminum disposable water bottles wholesale in China for more than 15 years. Currently, we have 300ml and 400ml aluminum disposable water bottles, which hold capacities of 10oz and 14oz. These small and middle-size aluminum bottles are good for water or juice drinking.

Our branded disposable aluminum bottle thickness is 0.14mm, which is lightweight but still durable. These branded disposable aluminum bottles are good to replace traditional plastic water bottles, they are more recyclable lightweight, durable, and cool drinking feeling.


ItemCapacity(ml)Full load capacityCapacity(oz)Size(DxH)Mouth
ThicknessMaterialMOQEXW Factory Price
DAB-300300ml350ml10 oz/12 oz66x133mm38mm0.14mm Aluminum 500pcs $0.35-$0.55
DAB-400400ml460ml14 oz/16 oz66x168mm38mm0.14mm Aluminum 500pcs $0.38-$0.58

Regular branded aluminum bottles

FLYTINBOTTLE provides types of regular branded aluminum bottles in different sizes, capacities, and shapes. So no matter what you are asking, we can do our best to do the service for you. We have small sizes and capacities like 3 oz, 4 oz,5 oz, and 6oz aluminum beverage bottles. We also have large sizes and capacities like 16oz, 20oz, 25oz, 30oz, and so on.

Regular branded aluminum bottles can make your water bottles different from others. It is much more acceptable by the young generation.


ItemSize(mm)Capacity(ml) Capacity(oz) MaterialThicknessMOQEXW Factory Price
ABB-35066x170mm350ml12 ozAluminum0.6-0.8mm 60,000$0.7-$1.0
ABB-40066X180mm400ml14 ozAluminum0.6-0.8mm 60,000$0.9-$1.2
ABB-50066x190mm500ml16 ozAluminum0.6-0.8mm 60,000$1.0-$1.3
ABB-60066X220mm 600ml20 ozAluminum0.6-0.8mm 60,000$1.1-$1.4
ABB-75066X240mm750ml25 ozAluminum0.6-0.8mm 60,000$1.2-$1.6

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