Aluminum vs Plastic Water Bottle

Aluminum and plastic are the two extensively used materials for making water bottles.

The plastic bottles market size was USD 102.8 billion in 2023, and it is expected to reach USD 155.2 billion by 2033 (source). On the other hand, the global aluminum bottle market size in 2023 was USD 7,238.3 million, and it is expected to reach USD 14,690.1 million by 2033 (source).

Both types of bottles are used for carrying water while traveling and selling packaged water. However, they differ a lot in terms of health benefits, sustainability, impact on the planet, etc.

In this article, we are going to explain the difference between aluminum water bottles and plastic water bottles. We compare them in different aspects to help you decide the type of water bottle for your business.

Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles are made from different plastic compounds. Some of them are Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), High-density polyethylene (HDPE), and Polycarbonate (PC).

The demand for plastic water bottles is massive. People use reusable water bottles to carry water wherever they go. However, most consumption is in the form of single-use or disposable bottles.

It is an affordable option, which is why it is mass-produced, especially in the developing countries. Businesses can easily shape plastic bottles, customize them, and label them as they want.

Fortunately, people are realizing the negative environmental impact of using plastic water bottles. They prefer using recyclable and biodegradable plastic bottles. But the best option would be to leave plastic and switch to better options, such as aluminum water bottles.

Aluminum Water Bottles

Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust, which means it is easily available. However, it is not found pure. It is treated to collect pure aluminum, and then special aluminum alloys are used to make aluminum water bottles.

Aluminum water bottles are getting more attention now because they are better for the environment. The reusable bottles used for traveling and outdoor activities are mostly aluminum. They can be reused again and again for a longer time and are much more durable than plastic bottles.

Secondly, you will also find single-use canned water in the form of aluminum packaging. Even though it is for one-time use, it is much better than plastic as it can be recycled and reused again.

There is a significant rise in aluminum bottle adoption in food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemical industries, etc.

Aluminum vs Plastic water bottle: Which is Better?

Both materials have distinct pros and cons.

Plastic water bottles are pretty affordable. That’s why businesses opt for them to offer cheap rates to customers. They can be customized and shaped as required.

These bottles do not have any metallic taste in the stored water. However, there is a possibility of leaching. Microplastics and some chemicals, such as BPA, can harm human health. It is better to go with BPA-free plastic bottles, but the risk of microplastics can’t be eliminated.

On the other hand, aluminum bottles offer more customization options. They can be colored, engraved, and shaped as needed. The best part is that they appear stylish and shiny.

You can use aluminum bottles for years. Even after that, they can be easily recycled and turned into bottles or other useful products. They are more environmentally friendly.

Aluminum is a lightweight and durable material. It can withstand impacts and last longer than plastic bottles. Moreover, it is rust-free, and there are no risks of leaching.

The notable feature of aluminum is the temperature retention. Whether your liquid is color or hot, it retains the temperature for a longer duration.

Aluminum is better in every aspect, but it is a bit costly.

Plastic water bottleAluminum water bottleDisposable Aluminum water bottle
CostsCheapMore expensiveCheap
BPA-FREENo or some are BPA freeYesYes
RecyclabilityNo, or some are BPA freeYesYes
Metallic tasteNoYesYes
CustomizableYesYesYes but requires large quantity

Aluminum or Plastic Water Bottle: Which One is Sustainable?

When it comes to sustainability, Aluminum water bottles are way better than plastic water bottles.

Firstly, aluminum water bottles can be recycled infinite times. This means they can be recycled again and again, and it does not affect the quality of aluminum. Nearly 75% of the aluminum ever produced is still used today.

In contrast, not all plastics can be recycled. And the one that can be recycled can’t be recycled infinite times as plastic degrades with every recycling. Unfortunately, 90% of the plastic bottles don’t get recycled.

Secondly, aluminum water bottles last for a lifetime. They can be used for a long duration as they are durable and sturdy. On the other hand, plastic water bottles can be used a few times, and then you have to replace them. The lifespan of plastic bottles is much shorter.

Impacts on People and Planet

A plastic water bottle takes around 450 years to decompose, and some bottles might take more, even 1,000 years. That said, the first-ever bottle produced is still polluting the environment.

Plastic can’t be recycled infinite times, which is the reason it ends up in landfills and oceans. Each year, 8-9 metric tons of plastic go into our oceans and make it polluted. According to the World Economic Forum, the ocean will contain 937 million tons of plastics by 2050, which is more than the weight of fish.

The production of plastic bottles is dependent on fossil fuel, which is depleting over time. Plus, it requires more energy compared to aluminum.

Not only do plastic water bottles pollute our environment, but they also affect our health. Some types of plastics can leach harmful chemicals into water, which can lead to health issues. BPA is a known chemical used to make certain plastics. Researches prove its involvement in various health problems. Moreover, microplastics that go into water also raise health concerns.

Aluminum is a safer alternative. It does not adversely affect people and the planet. Drinking water from aluminum bottles is preferred as there is no risk of leaching.

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