Spice Tins Bulk And Wholesale

Tin containers are good to take as spice tins using in the kitchen, not only spices, they are also good to store salt, herbs, peppers, and so on. When used for spice storage, these tins can be filled up with fresh herbs and dried spices alike. Window tins are popular spice jars as their see-through lids are great for displaying their colorful content. 

Thanks to their re-closable top, these tin boxes can be easily re-used or re-filled once they have run out of their original content. The lids of spice tins always have holes, so the spice can pass through the holes.

Our magnetic spice tins have holes beside the lids that can be twisted on and off easily, the bottom is magnetic and can stick to the spice rank firmly. With its see through lid, people can see what’s inside the spice tins. The magnetic tins save space for the kitchen.

If you are looking for cheap spice tins or magnetic spice tins, then FLY tins are your right choice. FLYTINBOTTLE offers sizes of spice tins bulk and wholesale. Our stainless steel magnetic tin is welcome sold on amazon and other big platform. We are the manufacturer in China for more than 10 years, we have different molds in different shapes and sizes, and we know our customers’ requirements and targets. Contact us and you will find suitable spice tin containers.

Magnetic spice tins bulk and wholesale

Magnetic spice tins are welcome and easy to use in modern kitchens. The “magnetic” means it has a magnet that can be stuck strong enough to a metal plate, either put on the kitchen countertops, hang on the wall, or on the refrigerator. We also have a metal plate which can hold 6pcs, 12 pcs.


  • We use stainless steel 304 raw materials to make high quality products, which is durable and food safe. We pay attention to product details and quality.
  • Easy to clean, moisture-proof, durable.
  • The magnetic storage tins stay securely in place, so they are easy to get to, put away, and always convenient and organized.
  • The tins feature clear lids for easy identification of contents and feature a sift and pour design.
  • The set of jars can be hung on the wall or on the refrigerator.
  • Forego the spice rack and adorn your fridge with spices! Or use our wall mount to put the rack anywhere.
  • Multiple uses: Great not just for spices but also beads, pins, buttons, hardware, candies, hair clips, and more!
  • Customized logo and printing are acceptable.


Powerful magnetic base

With a powerful magnetic base, it can stick hard enough anywhere it can stick.

Durable stainless steel

With durable stainless steel, it can be use long life time. And also stainless steel is food safe and rustless.

Transparent clear lid

With clear window lid, it is easy and convenient to find what is inside and what will you need.

Clogging up the lid safely

With carefully and preciously producing, the lid can be safely clog up without any the spices stucked.

Stainless steel base

The magnetic tins set come with stainless steel or metal base. It can be place on the table or either stick on the wall.

Easy to place and take

With a magnetic inserted design, it can be easily placed and take anywhere you want. It’s very for kitchen life.

2 types of discharge ports

2 types of discharge ports, either with small holes or big holes pouring.


Product nameSizeWeight MaterialSurfaceColorAssembleLogo 
Magnetic spice tins65x45mm or 2.5″x1.8″55gStainless steel 304, 430 and magneticbrush or coat plated or polishingsilver ,custom color1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 6 or 9 or 12 pcs /rack Customized logo 

Option target prices

We offer different options at different prices. Either with single set, 2pcs/set, 3pcs/set, 4pcs/set, 6pcs/set,9pcs/set or more. We can also offer the stickers if you need, either waterproof PVC sticker or normal stickers. For more details, please check below.

Single Piece

MOQ: 1000pcs.

Two pieces with one base plate

MOQ: 50 sets

Three pieces with one base plate

MOQ: 50 sets

Four pieces with one base plate

MOQ: 20 sets

Six pieces with one base square plate

MOQ: 15 sets

Six pieces with one triangle base plate

MOQ: 15 sets

Nine pieces with one base plate

MOQ: 10 sets

Twelve pieces with one base plate

MOQ: 10 sets

Fifteen pieces with one base plate

MOQ: 10 sets

Sixteen pieces with one base plate

MOQ: 10 sets

Magnetic spice tin stickers

MOQ: 10 sets

Normal spice tins bulk and wholesale

Except magnetic spice tins, we also have many other normal small spice tins, large spice tins, antique spice tins, vintage spice tins, and so on. Some spice tins come with normal lids with holes, and some spice tins have clear lids such as magnetic tins. We provide all spice tins bulk and wholesale. For more details, please check below.

Small spice tins

Small spice tins come with a small capacity from 1 oz to 15 oz. When used for spice storage, these small tins can be filled up with fresh herbs and dried spices alike. With their EPE liners in place, these metal spice tins make sure your herbs stay fresh for a longer period of time. Window lid or clear lid tins are always used for spices because their see-through lid can easily see what is inside. Displaying your colorful spices in the clear lid tins will truly increase the atmosphere of your kitchen at home.


ITEMSize(DXH mm)Size(DXH inch)CapacityMaterialMOQ(minimum quantity)EXW factory unit price
AL-100-4S43x76mm1.1″x3″100ml /3ozAluminum 5000 pcsusd$0.39-$0.49
AL-125-4S43x86mm1.1″x3″4″125ml / 4ozAluminum 5000 pcsusd$0.42-$0.55
AL-150-3S43x103mm1.1″x4.1″150ml /5ozAluminum 5000 pcsusd$0.44-$0.58
AL-250-3S68*85mm2.7″x3.4″250ml / 8 ozAluminum 5000 pcsusd$0.58-$0.70

SQUARE and rectangular SPICE TINS

As its name square spice tins come in square or rectangular shape. Normally they are made of tinplate raw material. It’s a food-safe and eco-friendly raw material which are always used for food storage. The square spice tins always come with an inner plate or lid with holes, which can easily let the spices pour out. And it is easy to be decorated with colorful design patterns for the promotion of your company’s products.

We also have square magnetic spice tins that come with a magnet on the base, it can be easily stuck on a metal plate. The lid also comes with two functions, one with a big poured hole, and another with some small holes. The lid is a see through window clear lid.


ITEMSize(LxWxH)Size(DXH inch)CapacityMaterialMOQ(minimum quantity)EXW factory unit price
TS-180-167x44X80mm2.6″x1.7″x3.2″180ml /6ozSteel tin plate5000 pcsusd$0.7-$0.9
TS-900-1135x65X145mm5.3″x2.6″x5.7″900ml / 30ozSteel tin plate5000 pcsusd$0.95-$1.2


We don’t really have antique or vintage spice tins, but actually, we can make the old style spice tins. The antique or vintage spice tins come with matte finish and old style pattern decorative printing. It makes the tins look old, but not really old style. The printing style we called offset printing. And normally it requires an MOQ of 5,000pcs to 10,000pcs.


Below we would show specifications for normal small spice tins. For square spice tins, vintage spice tins, or other special tins, please contact us.

AL-55ml0.17 oz27x15mm0.25mmScrew lidRoundAluminumMOQ(pcs)
AL-10-110ml0.35 oz35x18mm0.25mmSlip cover lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-10-210ml0.35 oz36x19mm0.25mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-15-115ml0.5 oz40x16mm0.25mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-15-1W15ml0.5 oz40x16mm0.25mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-15-215ml0.5 oz40x16mm0.25mmSlip cover lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-15-2C15ml0.5 oz40x19mm0.25mmClick lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-20-120ml0.7 oz44x33mm0.25mmSlip cover lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-20-220ml0.7 oz38x24mm0.25mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-25-125ml0.88 oz50x17mm0.25mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-25-225ml0.88 oz45x18mm0.25mmSlip cover lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-25-2W25ml0.88 oz45x18mm0.25mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-25-325ml0.88 oz48x17mm0.25mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-30-130ml1 oz50x20mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-30-1W30ml1 oz50x20mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-30-1A30ml1 oz50x20mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-30-1C30ml1 oz50x24mm0.3mmClick lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-30-2W30ml1 oz46x27mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-30-330ml1 oz68x13mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-30-430ml1 oz62x16mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-30-630ml1 oz52X23mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-30-730ml1 oz52X20mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-3535ml1.23 oz47x26mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-4545ml1.58 oz40x51mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-50-150ml1.76 oz50x32mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-50-350ml1.76 oz52x25mm0.3mmSlip window lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-50-450ml1.76 oz45x36mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-60-160ml2 oz68x26mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-60-1A60ml2 oz68x26mm0.3mmSmooth screw lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-60-1W60ml2 oz68x26mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-60-260ml2 oz70X25mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-60-360ml2 oz65X30mm0.3mmClick lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-60-460ml2 oz60x30mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-60-560ml2 oz65X24mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-60-660ml2 oz75X19mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-60-760ml2 oz75X20mm0.3mmScrew window lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-60-860ml2 oz45X55mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-60-1060ml2 oz75X20mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
T-60-160ml2 oz50x50x26mm0.23mmSlip lidSquareTinplate 2000
AL-90-190ml3 oz60x45mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum 1000
AL-90-1W90ml3 oz60x45mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum 1000
AL-90-1A90ml3 oz60x45mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 1000
AL-120-2120ml4 oz65x50mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum 1000
AL-120-2W120ml4 oz65x50mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 1000
AL-120-4120ml4 oz65x50mm0.4mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 1000
AL-120-5120ml4 oz75x40mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum 1000
AL-120-5W120ml4 oz75x40mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 1000
T-120-1120ml4 oz62x62x36mm0.23mmSlip lid window lidSquareTinplate 1000
AL-125-1125ml4.4 oz50x64mm0.3 or 0.5mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 1000
AL-125-3125ml4.4 oz50x64mm0.3 or 0.5mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 1000
AL-150-1150ml5.3 oz82x37mm0.25 or 0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 1000
AL-150-1150ml5.3 oz50x88mm0.6mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 1000
AL-200-1200ml8 oz75x60mm0.3mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 1000
AL-200-1W200ml8 oz75x60mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 1000
AL-200-1A200ml8 oz75x60mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 1000
AL-200-3200ml8 oz80x51mm0.3mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 1000
AL-200-3W200ml8 oz80x51mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 1000
T-200-3S200ml8 oz80x53mm0.23mmSlip spout lidRoundTinplate 1000
T-200-4W200ml8 oz92x37mm0.23mmWindow lidRoundTinplate 1000
AL-200-6200ml8 oz92x39mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 1000
AL-210210ml8 oz74x68mm0.5mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 1000
AL-230230ml8 oz108x38mm0.4mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 1000
T-230230ml8 oz76x76x49MM0.23mmSlip window lidSquareTinplate 1000
AL-300-6300ml10 oz108x45mm0.4mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 1000
AL-330-1330ml11 oz108x45mm0.4mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 1000
AL-330-1S330ml11 oz108x45mm0.4mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 1000
T-360-1360ml12 oz88x88x54mm0.23mmSlip window lidSquareTinplate 1000
AL-350-1350ml16 oz82x75mm0.4mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 1000
AL-350-1W350ml16 oz82x75mm0.4mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 1000
AL-350-2350ml16 oz77x80mm0.6mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 1000
AL-350-3350ml16 oz137X38mm0.6mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 1000
AL-420420ml16 oz82x95mm0.5mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 1000
AL-500500ml16 oz82x100mm0.5mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 1000
T-480480ml16 oz101x101x57mm0.23mmSlip window lidSquareTinplate 1000

Please notice: the above lists are only parts of our small spice tins, for more detailed specifications, please contact us.

Please notice: because shipping costs by sea increased quite a lot since the epidemic, so we require MOQ: 2000pcs or 1000pcs and suggest shipping by sea door to door from China to destination.

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