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window lid tin container

Window tins are also called clear top tins. Window tins come with an open top that has a transparent lid that allows people can see through the internal from the window lid.

Window tin containers offer a perfect way to display your colorful goods. These beautiful window tins differentiate themselves from regular tin containers in the way that they come with a unique transparent lid. This makes them perfect for storing colorful goods such as cosmetics, herbs, or candles. Window tin containers are available with both screw top lids and slipcover lids. Thanks to their unique design, these beautiful metal tins are highly popular in a wide range of different industries.

FLYTINBOTTLE has offered types of window tins bulk and wholesale in China for more than 20 years. We are the original manufacturer and wholesaler of window tins In China. If you are looking for a window tins supplier, please feel free to contact us.

Rectangular tin with a clear top

The rectangular tin with a clear top has a window lid on top of the lid. Some of the tins are with slip lids and some of the tins are with hinged lids. There are transparent durable plastic plate inserts with the top lids. People can see through the inside from the clear top.

Because window tins come with a see-through top, these tin cans are great for displaying goods. This particular type of metal tins is often found in the food or cosmetics industries where they are filled up with colorful treats, herbs, or makeup. They can be used for household and kitchen products, or even good to be as tobacco or cigar tins.

Below we listed some of our rectangular tin with clear top wholesale items.

ItemSize(mm)Size(inch)MaterialColor optionMOQ(minimum quantity)EXW factory unit price
RWH-88601688x60x16mm3.5″x2.4″x0.6″Metal tin plateSilver600usd$0.27-$0.37
RW-88601688x60x16mm3.5″x2.4″x0.6″Metal tin plateSilver600usd$0.28-$0.38
RWH-95702595x70x25mm3.7″x2.8″x1″Metal tin plateSilver400usd$0.32-$0.42
RW-1077325107x73x25mm4.2″x2.9″x1″Metal tin plateSilver/black400usd$0.38-$0.48
RW-1077330107x73x30mm4.2″x2.9″x1.2″Metal tin plateSilver/black400usd$0.43-$0.53
RWH-1158522115x85x22mm4.5″x3.4″x0.9″Metal tin plateSilver/black400usd$0.38-$0.48

Round window tins

The round window tins are round tins with window lids. These window lids are made of durable plastic plates inserted together with the metal top lids. The round window tins are durable and recyclable. They are mainly made of aluminum and tinplate raw materials. These durable round window tins are good for candles, candy, mint, spice, cosmetics, and teas. Round window tins because of it’s recyclable, and reusable, are good to replace plastic containers.

Below we listed some of our round window tins wholesale items. Especially our 4 oz round clear top tins, which are in hot sales because of their smart capacity and multiple usage.

ItemSize(DxH mm)Size(DxH inch)Capacity(ml)MaterialColor optionMOQ
(minimum quantity)
EXW factory unit price
AL-5W27x15mm1.1″x0.6″5 mlAluminumSilver2900usd$0.27-$0.37
AL-10W32x18mm1.3″x0.7″10 mlAluminumSilver2800usd$0.27-$0.37
AL-15W40x18mm1.6″x0.7″15 mlAluminumSilver2300usd$0.27-$0.37
AL-25W45x18mm1.8×0.7″25 mlAluminumSilver1584usd$0.27-$0.37
AL-30W52x20mm2.0″x0.8″30 mlAluminumSilver1360usd$0.29-$0.39
AL-60W-168x25mm2.7″x1″60 mlAluminumSilver540usd$0.30-$0.40
AL-60W-268x25mm2.7″x1″60 mlAluminumSilver540usd$0.30-$0.40
AL-80W68x35mm2.7″x1.4″80 mlAluminumSilver540usd$0.34-$0.44
AL-100W-165x50mm2.6″X2.0″100 mlAluminumSilver378usd$0.34-$0.44
AL-100W-280x28mm3.2″x1.1″100 mlAluminumSilver5000usd$0.38-$0.48
AL-100W-383x28mm3.3″x1.1″100 mlAluminumSilver690usd$0.35-$0.45
AL-120W68x42mm2.7″x1.7″120 mlAluminumSilver720usd$0.35-$0.45
AL-150W83x38mm3.3″x1.5″150 mlAluminumSilver700usd$0.35-$0.45
AL-200W75x60mm3.0×2.4″200 mlAluminumSilver640usd$0.50-$0.65

Square window tins

Square window tins are square tins with window lids. We have several sizes of square window tins. Square window tins are good for candy, mints, candles, and some small things. They are mainly made of durable steel tinplate raw material. We can accept small quantities of bulk and wholesale.

ItemSize(mm)Size(inch)MaterialColor optionMOQ(minimum quantity)EXW factory unit price
SW-58582558x58x25mm2.3″x2.3″x1″Metal tin plateSilver, black600usd$0.30-$0.45
SW-50502650x50x26mm2″x2″x1″Metal tin plateSilver, black, gold, red, green800usd$0.37-$0.50
SW-62623662x62x36mm2.5″x2.5″x1.4″Metal tin plateSilver, black, gold, red, green800usd$0.42-$0.55
SW-76765076x76x50mm3″x3″x2″Metal tin plateSilver, black, gold, red, green800usd$0.50-$0.65
SW-89895489x89x54mm3.5″x3.5″x1.2″Metal tin plateSilver, black, gold, red, green1000usd$0.55-$0.70

Custom Window Tins

Custom window tins offer an innovative and unique way for you to create brand awareness. These colorful cans are great to be used to differentiate your organization or product from competitors. Tin cans can be customized in any way imaginable. With their colorful and seamless finish, these beautiful and well-crafted tins provide you with a cheap resource for self-promotion. Besides different printing techniques to customize your tin can, you can also choose from different construction and closing methods. Altogether, our small metal containers can be customized to meet your exact demands to fully represent your product or brand.

If you need custom made window tins, please feel free to contact us.

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