Metal Spice Tins

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Metal spice tins are spice tins made from metal steel or aluminum, they are perfect for spice storage. Normally metal spice tins can be used for a long time because they are quite durable. You don’t need to worry about broken, scratches, or drops from high places. They are also easy to open and close by twisting the lid easily. It makes your kitchen life simple. They are a good choice to replace the traditional spice tins because they are lightweight and easy to carry. In the meantime, metal spice tins are totally recyclable. This means they are eco-friendly spice tins that you can keep using for a long time.

Our metal spice tins with secure and airtight lids ensure that your spices are protected from moisture and air. It preserves their aroma and taste. So it is important to store your spice in our metal tins.

If you want to upgrade your spice storage with our high-quality metal spice tins and experience convenience and elegance. If you are looking for a metal spice tins wholesaler or supplier, then FLYTINBOTTLE is your best option.  We have been spice tins wholesaler and supplier in China for more than 15 years.

Round metal spice tins

Round metal spice tins come in round shapes. These small spice tins are easy to hold and use. Our round metal spice tins are all made of aluminum raw materials, it’s totally safe and recyclable to use. Aluminum tins are lightweight, and rustless, they are good to be taken as spice tins.

Our round metal spice tins come in several sizes from small to large size. They have a screw on cap that people can easily twist on and off. They can be taken as a set in the kitchen or barbeque shelf. The round shape makes them easy to put everywhere and our aluminum spice tins are easy to clean also. You can also find it easy to refill by opening the inner plate easily.


ITEMSize(DXH mm)Size(DXH inch)CapacityMaterialMOQ(minimum quantity)EXW factory unit price
AL-100-4S43x76mm1.1″x3″100ml /3ozAluminum 5000 pcsusd$0.39-$0.49
AL-125-4S43x86mm1.1″x3″4″125ml / 4ozAluminum 5000 pcsusd$0.42-$0.55
AL-150-3S43x103mm1.1″x4.1″150ml /5ozAluminum 5000 pcsusd$0.44-$0.58
AL-250-3S68*85mm2.7″x3.4″250ml / 8 ozAluminum 5000 pcsusd$0.58-$0.70

Square metal spice tins

Square metal spice tins come in a square shape. Square metal spice tin has an inner plate with holes that allow the spice to pass through these holes. Square metal spice tins are a versatile and practical storage solution for keeping your spices fresh and organized. These tins are designed to fit neatly into your kitchen cabinet or pantry. Their square shape allows for efficient use of space. The durable metal construction ensures that your spices are protected from light, moisture, and air, helping to maintain their flavor and potency.

Square metal spice tins offer a practical and stylish way to store and organize your spices. Their durable construction and space-saving design make them a must-have for any kitchen.


ITEMSize(LxWxH)Size(DXH inch)CapacityMaterialMOQ(minimum quantity)EXW factory unit price
TS-180-167x44X80mm2.6″x1.7″x3.2″180ml /6ozSteel tin plate5000 pcsusd$0.7-$0.9
TS-900-1135x65X145mm5.3″x2.6″x5.7″900ml / 30ozSteel tin plate5000 pcsusd$0.95-$1.2

Metal spice tins bulk

If you are looking for cheap metal spice tins, then FLYTINBOTTLE is your right choice. FLYTINBOTTLE offers types of spice tins bulk and wholesale. Our screw-top metal spice tins, and stainless steel magnetic spice tins are welcome sold on Amazon and other big platforms. We have been the manufacturer in China for more than 10 years, we have different molds in different shapes and sizes, and we know our customers’ requirements and targets. Contact us and you will find suitable spice tin containers.

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