Best Candle Jars & Tins & Containers

Candle-making is becoming more and more popular in our lives. We can see types of candle containers with candles in the shops on sale. Some people also like to make candles by themselves.

There are glass candle jars, candle tins, ceramic candle containers, and so on in the market. Choosing the best candle containers is quite an important first step for candle enthusiasts to consider. But which candle container is the best? Let’s keep reading and find the right answer.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Candle Containers

When you’re shopping for the perfect jars or tins for your DIY container candles. Or when you choosing candle tins or candle jars for your new candle business start. There are a few important things to look for:


Candle containers can be made of various materials such as glass jars, metal tins, and ceramic. Normally candle tins and glass candle jars are the most welcomed in the market. Whatever you choose, it needs to be able to stand up to the high temperatures of burning candles without melting, cracking, or catching on fire. So leave away any vessels made of plastic or wood.

If you want to know more difference between candle tins and candle jars, please check our blog here.


The most used shape of candle container is round or cylinder shape. This is because when a candle burns, it forms a circular burn pool in the wax. As the candle burns down, the burn pool goes deeper into the candle, so that the shape of the melted wax is a cylinder (like a soda can). Therefore, the easiest container to wick is one shaped like a cylinder.

However, there are also some types of square candle tins in the market that can make your candle tins unique with the common round candle tins in the market. These square candle tins are also ok for candle burning.


The capacity of your candle jars will determine how much wax and fragrance oil you’ll need to fill them. If you need small size or capacity candle containers, then 2oz or 4 oz candle jars are the right choice. Then you can consider the medium size of 6 oz and 8 oz candle jars. If you need a large size, then it also has 10 oz, 12 oz, and 16 oz candle jars in the market. If you are a new business starter, then suggest using these small candle tins.

Generally, 2 oz candle jars can put approx 30g wax inside, 3 oz candle tins can put approx 60g wax inside, and 4 oz candle containers can put approx 90g wax inside. Like these, you can calculate how much wax you want to put in a candle container, and then decide to buy which size or capacity. The above is just the experience for your reference.


It’s important to consider not just the overall capacity, but also the width of your candle containers. As the candle burns, it forms a circular burn pool in the wax. The goal is for the wax pool to reach the edges of the container. So a quite large candle container is not considered.

If the candle container diameter is larger than 100mm or 4 inches, then it is harder to reach all the edges. Then we may need to consider using a thicker wick or 3 wicks for burning. In our extensive testing, we’ve found that wicking a jar over 4 inches is very difficult with a single wick, especially a candle made with soy wax and a lot of fragrance. We recommend 3.5 inches or less for easy wicking and less soot.


It is better to choose candle containers with lids. The candle jars with lids can help to keep the scent last in the container. Especially if you’re making candles to sell or give as gifts, then it is best to have the candle tins with lids. Keeping a candle sealed up will help prevent its fragrance from dissipating over time while it’s not in use. When you don’t use it, then just put on the lids to let the burning candles turn off.

There are types of lids for candle containers in the market, such as screw lids, slip lids, click lids, hinge lids, and so on. Normally the slip lid is the best for candle tins because it can be easily put on and off.


Burning a candle will cause a high temperature. On average, the flame temperature is about 1,000 °C (1,830 °F), you can check this in WIKI. Not all containers can be used safely as candle containers. Many jars are not made to handle the heat created by a burning candle. Try to use these candle jars or candle tins which can handle high burning temperatures. Don’t use these of plastic jars or whatever which will cause a fire.


Normally the larger the candle container, the more expensive it is. Such as an 8 oz candle container is more expensive than 4 oz. Also generally candle tins are the cheapest compared with glass candle jars or ceramic candle containers. Buying your candle containers in bulk is helpful to bring the price down. Also trying to buy the candle jars from the original manufacturer or wholesaler will be much cheaper.


Generally, decorative candle containers are more welcomed. Especially for those who have just started a candle business. The small shops sell candle jars online or in shops. Decorative candle containers are good to be as gifts to your friends family or lovers. 

Candle tins are easier to decorate than candle jars. The simplest way to decorate the candle containers is using the label, normally it allows small quantities to start. Then some wholesalers or manufacturers allow to print on the container jars by starting with a minimum quantity.

The Best Candle Jars & Tins & Containers-Ultimate Guide

There are types of candle jars, candle tins or candle containers in the market. To be honest, it’s quite difficult for users to choose the best candle containers. Below we would like to introduce some of the best candle containers in the market.

1. Capri Blue Scented Candle TIN

Capri Blue is a premium home fragrance, beauty care, and home care brand. Capri Blue Scented Candle tin is a metal candle tin. It has several colors and comes with 3 oz and 8.5 oz capacity. The 3 oz candle tin with candle keeps burning and lasts up to 30 hours. While an 8.5 oz tin candle lasts up to 80 hours.

The Capri Blue Volcano Scented Candle is a must-have for candle enthusiasts. It’s invigorating scent and long burn time make it a top choice. 

  • Invigorating Scent: The fragrance is captivating, filling the room with a tropical, citrusy aroma that instantly uplifts the mood.
  • Long-Lasting: This candle burns for hours on end, providing a consistent scent experience without fading away quickly.
  • Elegant Design: The elegant jar adds a touch of style to any room, making it a beautiful addition to home decor.
  • Clean Burn: It burns evenly, leaving no unsightly residue on the sides of the jar.
  • Great Gift: It makes for a wonderful gift; I’ve shared it with friends, and they’ve fallen in love with it too.

2. AOZITA 8 OZ Thick Amber Round Glass candle Jars 

AOZITA 8 OZ Thick Amber Round Glass candle Jars come with a capacity of 8 oz. It includes 12 pcs 8oz amber / brown round glass jar + 12 metal lids + 12 plastic lids. You have an option of using two different lids according to actual needs. Normally metal lids are for the candles. These brown glass jars are good for candle packaging. Overall the glass looks amazing, and it also makes a very nice ambient lamp when you use it as a candle. 

These brown glass candle jars are safe to bear the candle burning temperature. 8 oz capacity is large enough to keep the candle burning for a long time.

3. FLYTINBOTTLE Decorative candle tins

FLYTINBOTTLE decorative candle tins have sizes of 2.2 oz, 4.4 oz, 5 oz, and 6 oz. These candle tins are made of metal steel plate which is durable and heat resistant. FLYTINBOTTLE has been the original tins and bottle manufacturer in China for 20 years. They provide these candle tins bulk and wholesale door to door with good quality and cheaper prices.

These decorative candle tins have many patterns to choose from. You can use them for events, celebrations, parties, and so on. They are also good for all the holidays, such as the Christmas holiday. Decorative candle tins are good to be as gifts to your friends family or lovers. Use these attractive & unique decorative candle tins to DIY candles as a gift set, your friends or families would love the lovely design and that elegant touch so much!

4. Yankee Candle Tin

Yankee Candle is known for its vast range of scents, and their tinned candles are no exception. They provide a long burn time and are perfect for travel.

Yankee Candle offers a variety of aesthetically pleasing designs on its tins. This, combined with their compact size, makes them a nice decorative addition to any space.

The metal tin can help contain the heat from the burning candle, making them potentially safer than glass jars, which can crack or break if they get too hot.

5. Hearts & Crafts Candle Tins 8 oz with Lids

Hearts & Crafts Candle Tins 8 oz with Lids are metal candle tins. They are crafted from metal steel tinplate raw materials. These elegant candle tins are the easiest way to dress up your candles! If you want a nice candle holder to add color and style to plain and white ones, this is a no-brainer method. Use a single piece or arrange a few in the desired area. Stack them as a pyramid, a pillar, or use one on its own. Show off your artistry.

These candle tins come in three eye-catching colors: wine that is right for the night, teal as a mermaid tail classic, and gold for a touch of grandeur!

6. Bath & Body Works Candle JARS

These candles are synonymous with strong, room-filling fragrances. Their candle jars add a dash of style to any space. Bath & Body Works is well-known for the strength and variety of their fragrances. If they were to produce a candle line, it’s reasonable to expect these products to maintain that standard.

Bath & Body Works typically invests in attractive, stylish packaging and design for their products, so this would likely apply to any new product lines as well.

  • Burn Time: approximately 25-45 hours
  • Weight: 14.5 oz
  • Dimensions: 3″ x 4″
  • Infused with the good stuff (natural essential oils)
  • Our proprietary fragrance wax blend is formulated to provide the best fragrance experience.
  • Quality lead-free wicks


Square candle tins provide a distinctive, modern aesthetic that stands out from the more common round candle tins. This uniqueness can make the procduct more appealing to consumers looking for something different.

A square tin can provide more stability than a round one. It’s less likely to roll or tip over, which can be an important safety advantage.

Depending on the design, square tins may be slightly more difficult to open and close than round ones due to the corners. Also, the wax may not burn as evenly in a square container compared to a round one, potentially affecting the candle’s lifespan and fragrance throw.

8. Ahyiyou Vintage Candle Tins

Vintage patterns can evoke a sense of nostalgia and charm. They can be intricate or simple, but they often give a candle tin a distinctive and appealing look.

Vintage designs can blend seamlessly into various decor styles, including traditional, boho, rustic, and even modern, if used as a contrast piece. This versatility makes them a great choice for a wide range of settings.

Depending on the intricacy of the vintage pattern, it may make the production process more complex and potentially increase the cost of the candle tin.

In conclusion, a vintage pattern on a candle tin can be a fantastic design choice that enhances the product’s appeal. It offers uniqueness, aesthetic appeal, and versatility, although it might also increase the product’s cost due to the complexity of the design.

9. EricX Light Candle Tin

The EricX Light Candle Tins are silver-colored tin cans sold as a set of 24. There is no color variety for you to pick from, but the product makes up for this in other ways.

  • Each can is individually wrapped and built to accommodate any wrapping or stickers on their exteriors.
  • Another nice feature is the inside. Smooth and easy to clean, you won’t spend too much time getting the waxy gunk out of your spent candles.
  • Adding new wax is a breeze. Just place your wick holder on top, the wick in the center, and that’s it. Things will brace to the ground well enough for you to pour without making a mess.
  • If you drop one of the tins of the ground from a low distance, things should stay intact, with no denting. This is especially the case if the wax is already inside the can. Wax seems to add a firmness that reinforces the exterior.
  • Rust will never develop on the outside or inside of each tin. Still, if you can, it might be a good idea to keep them away from moisture for long periods.
  • Use something to hold the can when lit if you’re sensitive to heat; the cans are built with little heat resistance. Other than this, there are no significant caveats to report.

The EricX has everything you’ll need to make candles efficiently and quickly. Try them out for yourself, and you’ll be happy with your choice.

10. LA JOLIE MUSE Sandalwood Rose Candles jars

This candle jar is made of ceramic. The candle jar comes with 12oz/280g. The long-lasting candles can burn for up to 65-70 hours, bringing you maximized relaxation. LA JOLIE MUSE scented candles are made of lead-free cotton wicks, highly-refined perfume-grade fragrance oils, and pure soy wax. This candle is biodegradable, paraben, and cruelty-free, will give you a clean burn and long-lasting hours of aromatic bliss.

The candle jar is a luxury candle jar. Embossed with blooming dahlias and daisies in full detail, this hand-crafted aesthetic candle jar serves as a perfect home decoration while adding a splash of elegance to your space.

11. FLYTINBOTTLE CIC1207565  Luxury Candle Tins

FLYTINBOTTLE Luxury Candle Tins are premium candles that combine high-quality ingredients, captivating fragrances, and elegant packaging. They feature reusable metal tins with intricate designs, making them a decorative addition to any space. Crafted from eco-friendly wax blends, such as soy or beeswax, they ensure a clean, even burn.

CIC1207565 luxury candle tins look like a bowl shape. It is made by durable aluminum alloy material. The surface can be customized in any color. This large-size luxury candle tin looks quite premium or luxurious, it can hold 3 wicks inside the tin. They are typically larger than standard candles and are designed to be used as a centerpiece or statement piece in a room.

12. FLYTINBOTTLE gold Candle Tins

FLYTINBOTTLE Gold candle tins are versatile and can be used for various occasions, such as home décor, weddings, anniversaries, or holidays. They also make elegant gifts, especially when paired with high-quality or scented candles. Gold candle tins can be also customized. It allows customers to customize their tins with engraved messages, logos, or monograms, making them thoughtful and unique presents.

Gold candle tins are more elegant and luxurious than black or silver candle tins. FLYTINBOTTLE offers 2oz, 4oz, 6oz, and 8 oz gold candle tins bulk and wholesale. They are the original candle tin manufacturer

How do I choose the best container for my candle?

Generally choosing the candle containers also depends on which candle you are using. Below are only some suggestions for your reference:

  • Soy candles: The easiest containers for making soy candles are those with opaque (not clear) sides, such as colored candle jars or candle tins. When a soy candle frosts, it is very visible through the sides of a transparent container, like glassware. This can be okay, especially if the wax has no color in it, but expect to see the frosting on the sides when you use glass containers. 
  • Paraffin candles: If you want candles with bold or bright colors, you can use either transparent containers like glass candle jars and tealight cups. Keep in mind some paraffin waxes may be prone to wet spots or require second pours. As always, opaque (not clear) containers like our candle tins and ceramic jars can be used to hide imperfections that can form on the sides of a container.
  • Beeswax candles: Beeswax are natural candles, they let out no soot, and no smoke. you can choose different colored glass bottles or tin containers to pack and decorate your homes.


Choosing the candle containers is important for candle makers or business starters. You need to consider what type of candles you are using. The size or capacity of the candle containers you need. And also the cost within your budget. If you need to decorate or not. By following our guide or suggestion, you can have a rough idea of buying which type of candle containers.


First, wax is melted in a pot to a clear liquid, a wick holder is placed on top of the candle tin, with the wick inserted in the middle. The wick is cut to the desired length, and then the wax is added until the quantity reaches the fill line. That’s it! Wax dries fast, so the lid can be closed or left open after the last step.

For more details, you can check our blog How To Make Beeswax Candles.

Candle tins are the first choice for their portability and affordability. They are perfect for travel candles, wedding favors, or as gifts. Glass jars are another popular option for candles, as they offer a more elegant and luxurious look. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are perfect for candles with a longer burn time. Ceramic jars are the most durable and heavy-duty option, making them a great choice for larger, more decorative candles.

The size of the candle container you should use depends on the amount of wax you are using and the desired finished candle size. As a general rule of thumb, for an 8 oz candle, you should use a container that can hold at least 10 oz of wax.

To get wax out of candle jars, place the jar in a pot of simmering water and allow the wax to melt. Once the wax has melted, carefully pour it into a heat-resistant container and wipe out any remaining wax with a paper towel. Clean the jar with hot, soapy water to remove any residue.

Yes, candle tins are reusable, they can be reused to store many of the small things.

Candle tins offer numerous benefits, such as better heat retention, longer burn time, and easy portability. According to a study by the National Candle Association (, using a tin container can help maximize the fragrance throw and maintain a consistent burn throughout the life of the candle. This study supports the idea that candle tins are beneficial for preserving the quality of the candle and enhancing the overall user experience.

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