When the tins are made from the manufacturers, they are just blank plain tins. Some customers may need them for individual use. But many customers are in large demand of decorative tin containers. Decorative tin boxes are personalization design tins, they are good to sell and promote your own brand. These beautiful and well-decorated tins can feature any design imaginable.

We use aluminum or tinplate material to make our tins, the decorative tins are perfect for differentiating your products from those of competitors in a unique and innovative way. This allows you to promote your goods and to create brand awareness like no other type of packaging possibly could. When it comes to customized packaging materials, tin containers certainly are the best way to go.

FLY tins come in all kinds of sizes and capacities for decoration. The decorative tin containers can be with types of lids for different usages, such as window lid, slipcover, screw lid, and hinged lid.

FLY tins aim to be the best tins wholesaler, we are a professional manufacturer in China for more than 10 years. We know the requirements of our customers, and know how to design and meet our customer’s demands. What’s more, with our improved technical process and good control, we save the cost and reward good prices to our customers.

decorative slipcover tin container

What is decorative tins

The decorative tin containers are tins with decorated patterns or logos on the surface. Just like the house, tins also need to be decorated to make it beautiful. It’s not only good for sale but also gives a good impression to people who buy the products. According to our statistics, good designed decorative tins can increase 50% sales at least.

Usage of decorative tins

In today’s world, tins are so much more than simple packaging. These beautifully decorative tin cans can feature any form, size, and color imaginable. Because of this, they have become a way for companies to promote their brand. Think for example about those beautiful biscuit tins of Denmark’s butter cookies. Or imagine those detailed and beautifully decorated Christmas holiday tins. Companies use these unique tin cans to attract customers, and it is working.

Small decorative tins are often kept by consumers for decoration purposes or to store personal items. They are often used as cosmetic containers for cremes, lotions, lip balm, and beard balm. They are also good to pack candles, candy, wax, spice, and so on. While large decorative tins because of their large capacity, they are always used to pack food, tea, powder, protein, and so on.

Decorative tins with lids

Decorative tin containers can be with many lids for different storage usage. Like screw lid tin boxes can be used to store tiny things or foods, slipcover tin cans are used to store candles, herbs, or lip balm, and window lid tin containers are always used for candy, makeup, or teas. Below we only show some commonly used lids.

smooth screw lid tin

Screw lid

The smooth screw lid is a little different from a normal screw lid, it doesn’t have a rolled out edge. Actually, it looks like a flat screw lid, the lid is on a line with the body on the vertical side. The smooth screw lids are also widely used for round tin containers. With their twist top, these tins can be tightly sealed off.

slip lid tins

Slip lid

The slipcover is simple and common, they are easy to use, just lift up and down. The decorative tins with a slip lid are good for sales and brand promotion. The slip lid is also smooth on the surface without any rolled out edge. It looks like a flat slip lid, the lid is on a line with the body on the vertical side also. Our slipcover for seamless tin boxes are quite often used for candles, just easily slip the lid on, then the candle is off.

window lid tin container

Clear lid or window lid

The window lid is also called clear top or clear lid. It has a transparent plastic plate in the lid, some are made by PE and some are PVC, the more expensive one is made by glass. With the window lid, we can see what products inside the tin, and we can see the volume also. Clear top tins are especially popular for storing compact and colorful goods.

click lid tins

Click lid

Click lid has three or four teeth on the lid and tin body. When you close the lid, need to press on it, and then it has a sound “puff”, which means the lid closes tightly. It has a good feeling when you close the lid. The click lid small tins can also have an EPE liner inside. It’s good to store small things, such as mint, coins, candy, mini candles, needles and so on.

Decorative tin containers bulk and wholesale

decorative rectangular tins

Features and advantages

  • High quality aluminum and tinplate material.
  • 100% recyclable,food safe and BPA free.
  • Licensed and original designs for holiday and all occasions.
  • Responsive, experienced customer service staff.
  • Exceptional print quality.
  • Availability of accessories – bands, bags, pads, inserts, reship cartons.
  • Largest portfolio of market-tested shapes and sizes.
  • Different decorative printing options for customer’s choise.


ItemCapacity mlCapacity ozSize(DxH)ThicknessLid TypeTin shapeMOQ(pcs)
AL-55ml0.17 oz27x15mm0.25mmScrew lidRound 2000
AL-10-110ml0.35 oz35x18mm0.25mmSlip cover lidRound 2000
AL-10-210ml0.35 oz36x19mm0.25mmScrew lidRound 2000
AL-15-115ml0.5 oz40x16mm0.25mmScrew lidRound 2000
AL-15-1W15ml0.5 oz40x16mm0.25mmWindow lidRound 2000
AL-15-215ml0.5 oz40x16mm0.25mmSlip cover lidRound 2000
AL-20-120ml0.7 oz44x33mm0.25mmSlip cover lidRound 2000
AL-20-220ml0.7 oz38x24mm0.25mmScrew lidRound 2000
AL-25-125ml0.88 oz50x17mm0.25mmScrew lidRound 2000
AL-25-225ml0.88 oz45x18mm0.25mmSlip cover lidRound 2000
AL-25-2W25ml0.88 oz45x18mm0.25mmWindow lidRound 2000
AL-25-325ml0.88 oz48x17mm0.25mmScrew lidRound 2000
AL-30-130ml1 oz50x20mm0.3mmScrew lidRound 2000
AL-30-1W30ml1 oz50x20mm0.3mmWindow lidRound 2000
AL-30-330ml1 oz68x13mm0.3mmScrew lidRound 2000
AL-3535ml1.23 oz47x26mm0.3mmWindow lidRound 2000
AL-4545ml1.58 oz40x51mm0.3mmScrew lidRound 2000
AL-50-150ml1.76 oz50x32mm0.3mmScrew lidRound 2000
AL-50-350ml1.76 oz52x25mm0.3mmSlip window lidRound 2000
AL-50-450ml1.76 oz45x36mm0.3mmSlip lidRound 2000
AL-60-160ml2 oz68x26mm0.3mmScrew lidRound 2000
AL-60-1W60ml2 oz68x26mm0.3mmWindow lidRound 2000
AL-60-460ml2 oz60x30mm0.3mmSlip lidRound 2000
AL-90-190ml3 oz60x45mm0.3mmSlip lidRound 2000
AL-120-2120ml4 oz65x50mm0.3mmSlip lidRound 2000
AL-120-2W120ml4 oz65x50mm0.3mmWindow lidRound 2000
AL-120-4120ml4 oz65x50mm0.4mmScrew lidRound 2000
AL-125-1125ml4.4 oz50x64mm0.3 or 0.5mmScrew lidRound 2000
AL-125-3125ml4.4 oz50x64mm0.3 or 0.5mmSlip coverRound 2000
AL-150-1150ml5.3 oz82x37mm0.25 or 0.3mmScrew lidRound 2000
AL-150-1150ml5.3 oz50x88mm0.6mmScrew lidRound 2000
AL-200-1200ml7 oz75x60mm0.3mmSlip coverRound 2000
T-200-4W200ml7 oz92x37mm0.23mmWindow lidRound 2000
AL-210W210ml7.1 oz74*68mm0.5mmWindow lidRound 2000
AL-250-1250ml8.82 oz92x45mm0.3 or 0.4mmScrew lidRound 2000
AL-300-1300ml10 oz100x42mm0.3 or 0.4mmScrew lidRound 2000
AL-300-3300ml10 oz108x38mm0.4mmSlip coverRound 2000
AL-350-1W350ml11.8 oz82x75mm0.4mmWindow lidRound 2000

Please notice: the above lists are only parts of our tin containers, for more detailed specifications, please check our catalog of tin containers or other pages.

Please notice: because shipping costs by sea increased quite a lot since the epidemic, so we require MOQ: 1000pcs or 2000pcs and suggest shipping by sea door to door from China to destination.

Vintage decorative tins

Vintage decorative tins come with an old design, it is also called antique decorative tins. Normally it’s a second-use tin that people keep using for other purposes. However, we can decorate the tins with an old design and make them vintage decorative tins.

Custom Decorative Tin Ordering Details

We accept custom decorative tins. Actually, all the decorative tins are indeed customized tins. We offer the best service, lead time, low minimum quantity to our customers, our customers just need to stay in the office and send us the artwork design, we will turn the design into a really attractive tin from start to finish.

We furthermore offer different printing methods to personalize your tin box. Whether you are looking for a full-print lacquered design or a simple paper etiquette, everything is possible. We offer different printing methods to achieve the design. Share with us what you have in mind, and together we’ll co-create a unique container that perfectly suits your product.

Lead time: 4 – 6 weeks from approved art.

Minimum quantity:

  • Round cans 5,000 -10,000, shape cans 15-25,000
  • Larger Metal Tins – 3000

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