Large Tin Containers

large sealed tin container

Large tin containers always come with a larger capacity than small tin containers, the capacity can be from 10 oz to 150 oz, we also call them big tin. FLY large tin containers come in a wide range of different shapes and sizes. Our large tin containers are made of aluminum material and metal tinplate materials. Thanks to the aluminum and tinplate raw material, our large tins are 100% food-grade, BPA-free, eco-friendly,100% recyclable, seamless, and rustless. What’s more, aluminum tins and metal tins are much lighter than other tins or jars, especially for large tins, people always like lightweight.

Our larger tins are more commonly used as cookie jars, food containers, powder tins, protein tins, or for holding tea or coffee. Naturally, large tin containers are an overall great storage container that can be used for holding any type of good or personal item. The aluminum used to craft our large tins is rust-resistant and 100% recyclable. This allows you to store your items in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. What’s more, our large tin lid with an EPE liner or rubber sealer can prevent external air and moisture from entering your can.  As a result, the products stored in your tins will stay fresh and of high quality for a significantly longer period of time.

We have many shapes and sizes of large tin cans for you to choose from. Those of you who are looking for something unique and different can design their own custom-made tins with the help of our professionals. All our tin containers come with rolled smooth edges for safe usage. They furthermore feature a smooth and beautiful seamless finish which gives them a premium touch. FLY tins offer one-stop large tin containers wholesale and bulk sales to our customers.

Large tin containers with lids

Large tin containers or boxes can have different types of lids, it depends on the usage of every people. Some people want to see the contents inside and the capacity inside the large tin box, so they may choose a window lid or a clear lid. Some may want to have an airtight large tin can, so they may choose the airtight lid or sealed lid. The others may just want some basic functions in large tin boxes, so they will choose the screw lid, slip lid, or hinged lid.


The most popular lid type used on metal tins is the screw top. Thanks to these twist top, these screw-top tins can be tightly sealed off. The lid makes them easy to re-use multiple times as these tin boxes can be opened and closed as many times as you wish. The screw top lids are good for big storage tins. With a white EPE liner inside the screw top lid, the tins can keep out external air, moist, and light by sealing off your tin container more tightly. Thanks to this, the content of your tin cans stays fresh for a longer period of time. Therefore, you’ll be able to use these packaging materials to store any type of items including fresh goods such as foods and beverages.

SLIP cover large tins

One of the most commonly used caps on tin containers is the slipcover lids. The slipcover is classic lids for tins, not only because they are often used for small tins, but they are also welcomed by large tins. Slipcovers can be easily opened and closed by simply lifting them up, no need for large strength, even kids can open them easily.

This makes them convenient to use and reuse many times, thanks to the fact that these tin boxes can be opened and closed as many times as you please.

With slipcover, large tins can be easily used to store things, especially for the things that need to use, open and close the lids many times in a day.


Window lids are commonly made out of durable plastic. With a transparent see-through top, these large tin cans are great for displaying and storing goods. You can see what and the quantity inside the tins through the window lid.

Some of our large tins come with sealed rubber rings which are quite good to store the food or goods fresh and without humidity.


Sealed lid tins come with a rubber ring liner inside the top lid, when we close the lid with the tin body, the rubber ring seal the tin containers. The sealed tins can keep out external air, moist, and light by sealing off your tin container more tightly.

Both the rubber ring and the tins are all food-safe, FDA, and BPA-FREE. So the sealed lid tins are quite good for large tin containers to store food and other kitchen or home goods.


Large tin boxes with hinged lids are mostly rectangular. The fantastic large hinged lid containers are the perfect storage for a multitude of products. It is always made in durable tinplate. The large tin cans are entirely recyclable. With the reusable and recyclable hinged lid containers, we are the perfect choice for all of your environmentally conscious packaging needs.

Large tin boxes with hinged lids are easy to open and close. These classic large tin boxes with hinged lids are good to store food, household, cookie, candy, and so on. You can also decorate the colors, logo and patterns on the tin boxes.

Large tin containers-Storage Tin Containers To Store Food And Products

The large tin boxes come in many sizes and capacities, different capacity tins have different uses. More often because of the large capacity, large tins are always used to store food. With its seamless design and sealed lid, it can keep the food fresh. They are good for storing tea, cookies,food and so on.

Large storage tins are a practical and versatile solution for organizing and storing various items. These tins come in a variety of sizes and shapes, providing ample space to accommodate your storage needs. The large storage tin with a lid offers secure protection for your belongings, keeping them safe from dust, moisture, and pests. Whether you need to store kitchen supplies, craft materials, or small tools, these tins are an ideal choice. Their durable construction ensures long-lasting use, and their stackable design maximizes space efficiency. With large storage tins, you can keep your space tidy and clutter-free while having easy access to your essentials.

Below we list some of the large tins that are always in stock, we accept small quantity bulk and wholesales.

TA&TB Large round tin

Large round tins are versatile storage containers that come in handy for a variety of purposes. These large round tins are spacious and sturdy. They are good for storing dry goods, crafts, or small household items. The smooth, rounded design of the large round storage tin allows for easy stacking and efficient use of space. Whether you’re looking to organize your kitchen pantry, store your art supplies, or keep your workspace tidy, a large round tin can be a practical solution. With its ample capacity and durable construction, this storage option offers convenience and reliability for all your storage needs.

The large round tin comes with a cool vintage metal look. It has several sizes that can suit different types of packaging. The inner cap and outer cap make the large-capacity vintage tin airtight. For more details, please check below:


TA105, TA130, TA150, TA178
TB138, TB160, TB220
ItemSize(DxH) mmSize(DxH) inchColors availablePackaging
teas or coffee
MaterialExw factory price range
and red
112pcs/carton224pcs1L150-250gMetal tinplateUSD$1.1-$1.6
and red
45pcs/carton90pcs2L250-500gMetal tinplateUSD$1.7-$2.2
and red
45pcs/carton90pcs3L500-800gMetal tinplateUSD$2.1-$3.0
and red
24pcs/carton48pcs5L1000-1500gMetal tinplateUSD$2.7-$3.5
and red
32pcs/carton64pcs2L500-700gMetal tinplateUSD$2.9-$3.6
and red
18pcs/carton36pcs4L1000-1200gMetal tinplateUSD$4.8-$5.5
and red
6pcs/carton12pcs10L3000-4000gMetal tinplateUSD$7.4-$8.3

Large capacity vintage tea tin

The large capacity vintage tea tin can hold enough tea inside. Our largest vintage tea tin has a capacity of 12 liters which can hold 3-4kg teas inside.


The large vintage tea tin has two caps, one outside and one inner lid which helps to seal the tea inside. There is also a tote bag that you can put the tin inside and send the tea tin as a gift.

PJ Large Square tin

Large Square tins are versatile and practical storage solutions for your kitchen and home. These durable square tins are designed to store a variety of items, including tea, coffee, cookies, and spices. The Large Square storage tin is made of high-quality tinplate materials. It ensures long-lasting use and protection of your goods from moisture and air. Its spacious design allows for easy organization and access to your stored items. With a sleek and modern look, Large Square tins are an attractive addition to any countertop or pantry. Experience the convenience and style of Large Square tins for all your storage needs. We have several sizes and capacities for your selection. With an antique look, the square vintage tins are also sold. With an internal lid, the square vintage tin helps to store the food well.


ItemSize(DxH) mmSize(DxH) inchColors availablePackaging
teas or coffee
MaterialExw factory price range
red, blue
45pcs/carton600ml85-100g90pcsMetal tinplateUSD$1.3-$1.8
red, blue
45pcs/carton1L100-150g90pcsMetal tinplateUSD$1.5-$2.0
red, blue
30pcs/carton1.8L200-250g60pcsMetal tinplateUSD$2.2-$2.8
red, blue
32pcs/carton3L250-300g64pcsMetal tinplateUSD$3.9-$4.6
and red
18pcs/carton5L500-700g36pcsMetal tinplateUSD$5.0-$5.8
and red
6pcs/carton10L3-3.5kg12pcsMetal tinplateUSD$8.5-$9.5


The square vintage tea tin has two caps, one outside and one inner lid which helps to seal the tea inside. There is also a tote bag that you can put the tin inside and send the tea tin as a gift. It totally has 4 colors for you to choose from, the most popular color is the antique black tin.

TG Large round tin

TG series large round tins come in 5 sizes and each 5 colors. So it has enough options to choose a better size and color. These large round tins are easy and good to store food and products inside. They have a large open mouth to put the food and products in. It also has an inner lid to protect the contents inside and avoid moisture and air inside the container. For more details, please check below.


ItemPackingSize(DxH) mmSize(DxH) inchColors availablePackaging
teas or coffee
MaterialExw factory price range
TG110S2pcs as one set with tote bag110x129mm4.3″x5.1″red, gold, green,black,white30set/carton800ml500g60pcsMetal tinplateUSD$4.5-$5.5
TG110L2pcs as one set with tote bag110x189mm4.3″X7.4″red, gold, green, black, white25set/carton1.2L1000g50pcsMetal tinplateUSD$5.0-$6.0
TG1252pcs as one set with tote bag125x159mm4.9″x6.3″red, gold, green, black, white25set/carton1.6L1000g50pcsMetal tinplateUSD$5.5-$6.5
TG1451pcs/set with tote bag145x185mm5.7″x7.3″red, gold, green, black, white32pcs/carton2L600g64pcsMetal tinplateUSD$5.0-$6.0
TG1701pcs/set with tote bag170x220mm6.7″x8.7″red, gold, green, black, white24pcs/carton4L1000g48pcsMetal tinplateUSD$5.5-$6.5
TG1851pcs/set with tote bag185x232mm7.3″x12.4″red, gold, green, black, white18pcs/carton5L1000g36pcsMetal tinplateUSD$6.5-$7.5

AL Large round tin

AL series large round tins are made of aluminum raw materials. Aluminum large tins are durable and lightweight. They offer storage solutions for various products. These tins are made from high-quality aluminum. Aluminum large tins are corrosion-resistant and non-toxic, making them ideal for storing food, chemicals, or other sensitive materials. The large size of these tins provides ample space for bulk storage, making them a practical choice for commercial and industrial use. Whether used as packaging for food products or as storage containers for industrial materials, aluminum large tins are a reliable and cost-effective choice for businesses seeking secure and spacious storage options.


ItemSize(DxH) mmSize(DxH) inchColors availablePackaging
teas or coffee
MaterialExw factory price range
AL-3L145x210mm5.7″x8.3″Silver(plain aluminum)24pcs/carton3L0.5kg-1kg48pcsAluminumUSD$6-$8
AL-5L175x250mm6.9″X9.8″Silver(plain aluminum)9pcs/carton5L1kg-2kg18pcsAluminumUSD$8-$10
AL-9L230x255mm9.0″x10.0″Silver(plain aluminum)6pcs/carton9L2.5kg-4kg12pcsAluminumUSD$8-$10
AL-15L250x340mm9.8″x13.4″Silver(plain aluminum)6pcs/carton15L2.5kg-5kg12pcsAluminumUSD$15-$20
AL-21L300x340mm11.8″x13.4″Silver(plain aluminum)4pcs/carton21L5kg-10kg12pcsAluminumUSD$20-$30
AL-30L300x450mm11.8″x17.7″Silver(plain aluminum)4pcs/carton30L5kg-10kg12pcsMetal tinplateUSD$20-$30

TG Large Square tin

TG large square tins come in square shapes and several sizes. These metal large tins are made of tinplate raw material which is durable, recyclable, and reusable. These large square tins are good for storage teas, foods,beans and so on. The lids are good to avoid moisture and air coming into the tin body.

The body of TG large square tins comes in a vintage surface which looks nice with an old classic design. It’s capacity is large enough to store enough foods or products inside. With a choice of classic designs, these beautiful large tins will bring that vintage feel to your home.


ItemPackingSize(LxWXH) mmSize(LxWxH) inchColors availablePackaging
teas or coffee
MaterialExw factory price range
TG195L1pcs/set with tote bag195x195x260mm7.7″x7.7″x10.2″black, silver16pcs/carton8L1.5kg-3kg32pcsMetal tinplateUSD$8-$10
TG2371pcs/set with tote bag237x237x350mm9.3″x9.3×13.8″black, silver4pcs/carton15L2.5kg-5kg8pcsMetal tinplateUSD$9-$12
TG1651pcs/set with tote bag165x165X187mm6.5″x6.5×7.4″black24pcs/carton4L0.5kg-1kg48pcsMetal tinplateUSD$5-$6
TG1951pcs/set with tote bag195x195x215mm7.7″x7.7″x8.5″black18pcs/carton6L1kg-2kg36pcsMetal tinplateUSD$6-$7
TG120102pcs as one set with tote bag127x95X195mm5″x3.7″X7.7″black30set/carton2L0.5kg-1kg60setMetal tinplateUSD$3.5-$4.5
TG120112pcs as one set with tote bag127x95X116mm5″x3.7″X4.6″black45set/carton1L0.25kg-0.5kg90setMetal tinplateUSD$3-$4
TG120122pcs as one set with tote bag91x91x160mm3.6″x3.6″x6.3″black35set/carton1L0.25kg-0.5kg70setMetal tinplateUSD$3-$4
TG120132pcs as one set with tote bag91x91x90mm3.6″x3.6″x3.6″black45set/carton600ml200g-500g90setMetal tinplateUSD$2.5-$3.5

What are large tin cans used for?

Large tin containers can be used to pack many things, here we only listed some major using for large tin containers.

large tea tins

Large tins are good for tea storage, especially the capacity of 10oz to 20oz tin containers. All our tea tins come with seamless aluminum tins. These tins also protect the tea from degradation caused by sunlight and moisture. That means your tea will be fresher for longer when stored in a tea tin. Our tea tin lids offer an airtight seal or EPE liner that locks in fragrance while protecting the loose tea from moisture.

For more details, please visit our page here.


Large storage tins are good for pets, like dog or cat food storage. With storage tins to keep pets’ food fresh, it is a great way to ensure you’ll never have to throw out stale food. With a durable food storage container, you won’t have to worry about pests chewing through food bags or getting in through small openings. Bacteria and mold will also be held at bay by an airtight container that keeps moisture and bacteria out. By keeping your pet’s food in an airtight storage container, you’ll be protecting your pet from harmful bacteria and diseases transmitted by insects and rodents.


Large storage tins are good for cookies or nuts, especially for the tins’ capacity from 10oz to 30oz. Large storage tins are good for cookies or nuts, especially for the round tins‘ capacity from 10oz to 30oz. Our airtight cookie tins are with seamless design and sealed lids to keep cookies fresh. You can customize the tins with an attractive pattern and our tins come in a set of three different sizes. They are made of food-grade materials and always 100% BPA-free.

For more details, please visit our page here.

Large tins bulk and wholesale

FLY tins off large tins bulk and wholesale, we are the original manufacturer in China. No matter you are looking for regular big tins, or customized large tins. We can all help you to achieve it. We are professional in making the tins, we know how to use our molds or open new molds to produce the tins. Trust us and we will give you good products.

Below we are going to list some of our best-sold large tin containers, which we allow bulk and wholesale in small quantities.


large sealed tin container
large sealed tin container
  • Large capacity, perfect for storing cookies, food, candy, snacks, gifts, and more.
  • Numerous sizes and capacity.
  • High grage aluminum raw material.
  • Suitable for Christmas, New Year, boutique, Department Stores, Home Food, and All Kinds of Gifts Stores, etc.
  • Lightweight, unbreakable.
  • Corrosion resistant,100% recyclable.
  • Customized logos,printing and designs are available.

Large tins specification

ItemCapacity mlCapacity ozSize(DxH)ThicknessLid TypTin shapeMOQ(pcs)
AL-300-1300ml10 oz100x42mm0.3 or 0.4mmScrew lidRound 1000
AL-300-2300ml10 oz68x80mm0.4mmSlip cover with handleRound 1000
AL-300-3300ml10 oz108x38mm0.4mmSlip coverRound 1000
AL-300-4300ml10 oz65x84mm0.4mmScrew lidRound 1000
AL-330-1330ml11 oz108x45mm0.4mmScrew lidRound 1000
AL-330-1S330ml11 oz108x45mm0.4mmSlip coverRound 1000
AL-350-1350ml12 oz82x75mm0.4mmScrew lidRound 1000
AL-350-1W350ml12 oz82x75mm0.4mmPVC windowRound 1000
AL-350-2350ml12 oz77x80mm0.6mmSlip coverRound 1000
AL-500500ml17 oz82x100mm0.5mmScrew lidRound 1000
AL-500-1W500ml17 oz82x100mm0.5mmPVC windowRound 1000
AL-650-1650ml22 oz135x56mm0.5mmScrew lidRound 1000
AL-650-2650ml22 oz82x115mm0.5mmScrew lidRound 1000
AL-750750ml25 oz92x116mm0.5mmScrew lidRound 1000
AL-750-1S750ml25 oz92x116mm0.5mmSlip coverRound 1000
AL-1000-11000ml35 oz82x192mm0.5mmScrew lidRound 1000
AL-1000-21000ml35 oz135x85mm0.5mmScrew lidRound 1000
AL-1000-31000ml35 oz200x41mm0.5mmSlip coverRound 1000
AP-400G400g400g104x80mm0.6-0.8mmSealed acrylic window lidRound 1000
AP-400G400g400g88x100mm0.6-0.8mmSealed acrylic window lidRound 1000
AP-700G700g700g104x120mm0.6-0.8mmSealed acrylic window lidRound 1000
AP-1200G1200g1200g130x135mm0.6-0.8mmSealed acrylic window lidRound 1000
AP-1600G1600g1600g130x165mm0.6-0.8mmSealed acrylic window lidRound 500
AJ-500ML500ML17 oz88x112mm0.6-0.8mmScrew lidRound 500
AJ-1000ML1000ML35 oz104x150mm0.6-0.8mmScrew lidRound 500
AJ-2000ml2000ML68 oz130x210mm0.6-0.9mmScrew lidRound 500
AJ-1800ml1800ml61 oz145x143mm0.6-0.9mmSealed lidRound 500
AJ-3L3L101 oz 145x210mm0.6-0.9mmSealed lidRound 500
AJ-5L5L170 oz175x250mm0.8-0.9mmSealed lidRound 500
AJ-9L9L304 oz230x255mm0.8-0.9mmSealed lidRound 500
AJ-15L15L507 oz230x380mm1mmSealed lidRound 500
AJ-15L15L507 oz252X346mm1mmSealed lidRound 500
AJ-21L21L710 oz300x340mm1mmSealed lidRound 500




REACH aims to improve the protection of human health and the environment through the better and earlier identification of the intrinsic properties of chemical substances. This is done by the four processes of REACH, namely the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals. All FLY large tins meet REACH standard and have REACH certificates.

FDA Certificate
FDA Certificate


The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for protecting the public health by ensuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, and medical devices; and by ensuring the safety of our nation’s food supply, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation. All FLY large tins meet FDA standard and have REACH certificates.



BPA stands for bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s.However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has said that BPA is safe at the very low levels that occur in some foods. This assessment is based on review of hundreds of studies. The FDA continues to monitor the research.All FLY tins are BPA FREE.

Customzied large tins

Are you looking for customized large tins? Or do you want to have a different tin with your competitors? Then Fly tins are your right choice. No matter what different sizes or different shapes, we can all give you our best solution. We can help you to design your own tin.

We support different surface treatments, like painting, powder coating, PVD, and so on. You can also print your own logo or pattern design on the tins. We have silk screen printing, offset printing, heat transfer printing, laser to support your innovative design.

Contact us:

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