Aluminum Fuel Bottle

Aluminum fuel bottle is one of the most convenient options to carry a small quantity of fuel. This kind of fuel bottle is completely recyclable, leak-proof, and corrosion-resistant. These aluminum fuel bottles are made from one large aluminum plate, the bottles are extruded and totally seamless. They can be carried anywhere on a motorcycle or when camping. You can keep it in the luggage pocket, can hang it around the panniers, or can put it in a panel-mounted holder.

The most attractive feature of an aluminum fuel bottle is it’s light-weighted and much handy to use. Further refilling or usage is very easy. Whatsoever, its capacity is much low, we have 2 liters, 1 gallon, half-gallon, 30 oz aluminum fuel bottles. And it’s convenient to get the backup in urban areas where the fuel stations are not many distances.

We offer aluminium fuel bottles bulk and wholesale in China. We have cooperated with several big brands of aluminum fuel bottles. We have small round aluminum fuel bottles, we also have large sizes bottles. If you are interested in our aluminum fuel bottle, please feel free to contact us.

Types of aluminium fuel bottles

Below we will introduce different types of aluminum fuel bottles for your reference.

small aluminum fuel bottle

The small aluminum fuel bottle always comes with a small capacity, we can also call them small round aluminum fuel bottles because of their round shape. The small aluminum fuel bottle comes with a small capacity from 10 oz to 30 oz. Because of its small capacity, it’s quite convenient to take anywhere, which means they are portable. They can be used for motorcycles, camping, outdoor life, and so on.

You can choose either a simple screw lid or a child-resistant cap. Below you can check some details specification:


ItemCapacity(ml)Capacity(oz)Size(mm)Neck diameter(mm)MOQ(pcs)Lid type
AFB-3030ml1 oz40×60 or 32×7620/243000Child-resistant cap or screw lid
AFB-50 50ml2 oz40×80 or 36×8320/24 3000 Child-resistant cap or screw lid
AFB-100100ml3 oz40×110 or 36×13020/24 3000 Child-resistant cap or screw lid
AFB-120120ml4 oz45×115 or 50×9520/24 3000 Child-resistant cap or screw lid
AFB-150150ml5 oz45×145 or 50×11020/243000Child-resistant cap or screw lid
AFB-200200ml6 oz50×160 or 55×12020/243000Child-resistant cap or screw lid
AFB-250250ml8 oz50×174 or 55×155 or 73×10424/283000Child-resistant cap or screw lid
AFB-300300ml10 oz55×170 or 50×190 24/283000Child-resistant cap or screw lid
AFB-350350ml12 oz59×16024/283000Child-resistant cap or screw lid
AFB-400400ml13 oz66×15024/283000Child-resistant cap or screw lid
AFB-500500ml17 oz66×205 or 74×185 or 80×16024/283000Child-resistant cap or screw lid

Large aluminum fuel bottle

The large or big aluminum fuel bottle comes with a large capacity, We have large capacity aluminum fuel bottles, such as 30 oz, 2 liter, 1 gallon aluminum fuel bottles. The large aluminum fuel bottles always come with a push down and twist child-resistant caps, it’s much safer for use, only simply pushing down the screw cap will turn the bottles on. The large aluminum fuel bottles are also lightweight, so they can be taken anywhere. And you don’t need to worry about leakage or break because it’s in seamless design and approx 1mm thickness.


ItemCapacity(ml)Capacity(oz)Size(mm)MOQ(pcs)Lid type
AFB-10001000 ml or 1 liter30 oz88×2402000Child-resistant cap or screw lid
AFB-12501250 ml or 1.25 liter41 oz88×2462000Child-resistant cap or screw lid
AFB-15001500 ml or 1.5 liter50 oz116×2032000Child-resistant cap or screw lid
AFB-20002000 ml or 2 liter67 oz116×2562000 Child-resistant cap or screw lid
AFB-30003000ml or 3 liter100 oz136×2722000 Child-resistant cap or screw lid
AFB-40004000ml or 1 gallon135 oz136×3372000Child-resistant cap or screw lid
AFB-50005000ml or 1.5 gallon167 oz160×310 or 189×2901000Child-resistant cap or screw lid
AFB-65006500ml or 6.5 liter220 oz160×3871000Child-resistant cap or screw lid

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