Cigar Tube Bulk and Wholesale

Cigar tubes or cigar tubos are used to pack cigars inside, they are always seen in the cigar shops or when people are smoking cigars. Cigar tubes offer a great way to carry your cigar with you. They are very easy to carry with you and offer superb protection for your cigars. Cigar tubes are good for traveling, when you’re grabbing a few cigars to toss in your jacket, glove box, suitcase, or golf bag, cigars that come in tubes are a logical choice. 

Some cigars are packaged in wood, glass, or stainless steel tubes. But all the cigar tubes list in FLY tins are aluminium cigar tubes. Aluminum is the most common, they are lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant. Cigars in tubes are perfect for showing your appreciation for your favorite cigar lover. Cigar tubes offer a unique and innovative way to differentiate your company or product from competitors. They provide you with an unlimited resource for self-promotion and creating brand awareness. 

With the tube, it can protect well the premium single cigar inside. The tube also offers added protection when a cigar is being transported or handled in a retail environment. What’s more, the premium cigar with tubos packed is good to be presented as a gift for your relatives or friends.

FLY tins offer cigar tubes bulk and wholesale all over the world. We are the original manufacturer who makes the cigar tubes in China. Our cheap metal cigar tubes are your good choice to pack the cigars. We have cooperated with Cohiba, Romeo Y Julieta, Dunhill, Robusto these big brands. We have sizes and shapes of cigar tubes for your choice to suit your cigars. What’s more, our cigar tubes are not only good for cigar packaging but also good for coffee, beans, seeds and so on. Contact us and get your suitable cigar tubes.

Aluminum cigar tubes

The cigar tubes here are all aluminum cigar tubes, these metal aluminum cigar tubes are the most commonly used. They are lightweight, durable, recyclable, unbreakable, and corrosion-resistant. The aluminum cigar tube is suitable for most cigars and can be used to store cigars. They are convenient to carry, compact and lightweight. Protect your cigar tube from dust and sun with this tubes kit travel case. Below you can check the types of our aluminum cigar tubes.

Types of aluminum cigar tubes

Screw on cap cigar tube

The cigar tubes with screw on cap on the bottom of the tube, it is easy to be screw on and off. Thanks to their twist screw caps, these cigar tubes can be tightly sealed off. The lid makes them easy to re-use multiple times as these cigar tubes can be opened and closed as many times as you wish. This type of single cigar tube comes in all sorts and volumes. They are fit for 50 ring, 55 ring, 60 ring, 70 ring cigars.

These small empty single cigar tubes are good to take when you are on travel. It gives you a good feeling when you have a cigar with your friends. What’s more the printed brand on the tubes also gives you honor and pride.

Check below our specifications to choose the right tubes for your cigar.


ItemDiameterLengthCigar ring gaugesMOQ(pcs)Price
CT-1818mmadjustable from 80mm to 200mmless than 40 ring10000$0.35-$0.5
CT-2020mmadjustable from 80mm to 200mm less than 45 ring10000$0.35-$0.5
CT-2222mmadjustable from 80mm to 200mm less than 50 ring10000 $0.4-$0.55
CT-2323mmadjustable from 80mm to 200mm less than 55 ring10000 $0.4-$0.55
CT-2424mmadjustable from 80mm to 200mm less than 55 ring10000 $0.4-$0.55
CT-2525mm adjustable from 80mm to 200mm less than 60 ring10000 $0.4-$0.6
CT-2626mm adjustable from 80mm to 200mm less than 60 ring10000 $0.4-$0.6
CT-2727mm adjustable from 80mm to 200mm less than 65 ring 10000 $0.4-$0.6

Slip cover cigar tube

Just like slipcover tins, slipcover cigar tubes come with a slip lid. Slipcovers can be easily opened and closed by simply lifting them up. Simply lift up your hand, and the top will slide right off. This makes them convenient to use and reuse numerous times thanks to the fact that these metal cigar tubes can be opened and closed as many times as your please.

Slip cover cigar tubes are commonly used because they are cheaper and convenient to use. Customers can also put the brand logo in the tubes with authorization. We always offer cigar tubes to Cuba, Nicaragua, Dominican, and so on.


ItemDiameterLengthCigar ring gaugesMOQ(pcs)Price
CTS-2020mmadjustable from 80mm to 200mmless than 45 ring 10000$0.4-$0.55
CTS-2222mmadjustable from 80mm to 200mm less than 50 ring10000$0.45-$0.65
CTS-2323mmadjustable from 80mm to 200mm less than 55 ring10000$0.45-$0.65
CTS-2424mmadjustable from 80mm to 200mm less than 55 ring10000$0.45-$0.65
CTS-2525mmadjustable from 80mm to 200mm less than 60 ring10000$0.45-$0.65
CTS-26 26mmadjustable from 80mm to 200mm less than 60 ring 10000 $0.45-$0.65

Middle ring tube

Middle ring tubes always come in 3 parts, the top tube, the base tube, and the middle connection part. The middle rings are always in gold or silver color, it looks in higher quality and standard. The diameter and length can be customized. With the middle ring, the tube can keep tight enough.


ItemDiameterLengthCigar ring gaugesMOQ(pcs)Price
CTR-2020mmadjustable from 80mm to 250mmless than 45 ring10000$0.45-$0.55
CTR-2222mmadjustable from 80mm to 250mmless than 50 ring10000$0.5-$0.65
CTR-2323mmadjustable from 80mm to 250mmless than 55 ring10000$0.5-$0.65
CTR-2424mmadjustable from 80mm to 250mmless than 55 ring10000$0.5-$0.7
CTR-2525mmadjustable from 80mm to 250mmless than 60 ring10000$0.5-$0.7

Double tubes

Double tubes are also classic tubes to pack the cigars. It comes with two tubes, one outer tube, and one inner tube. When pulling out the tube, it gives a good feeling of “pop-out”. It is a good tube case to pack a single cigar.

ItemOut DiameterInner DiameterLengthCigar ring gaugesMOQ(pcs)Price
CT-242324mm23mmadjustable from 80mm to 250mmless than 55 ring10000$0.45-$0.55
CT-252425mm24mmadjustable from 80mm to 250mmless than 57 ring10000$0.5-$0.65
CT-272627mm26mmadjustable from 80mm to 250mmless than 60 ring10000$0.5-$0.7
CT-333233mm32mmadjustable from 80mm to 250mmless than 75 ring10000$0.55-$0.75

Torpedo cigar tubes

The torpedo cigar tubes come in a torpedo shape with sharp tips. It is used to pack these cigars with sharp tips also. These plain cigar tubes are good for short cigars with rolled sharp tips. The torpedo tubes are also with three parts and a middle ring.


emDiameterLengthCigar ring gaugesMOQ(pcs)Price
CTT-2020mmadjustable from 80mm to 100mmless than 45 ring10000$0.55-$0.65
CTT-2222mmadjustable from 80mm to 130mmless than 50 ring10000$0.55-$0.75
CTT-2323mmadjustable from 80mm to 150mmless than 55 ring10000$0.55-$0.75
CTS-2525mmadjustable from 80mm to 150mmless than 60 ring10000$0.55-$0.75

Wooden cigar tube

The wooden type cigar tubes are also made of aluminum, but the tubes are coated with wooden surfaces. It is good to pack premium cigars and make your cigars in good sales.

Personalized cigar tube

FLY cigar tubes accept custom or personalized cigar tubes. Small plain cigar tubes offer a unique and innovative way to differentiate your company or product from competitors. They provide you with an unlimited resource for self-promotion and creating brand awareness. These beautiful and well-crafted cigar tubes can feature any design imaginable. Additionally, you can select the perfect size and colors for your cigar tubes. It is even possible to choose from different construction and closing methods. Like this, your cigar tubes will fully represent your brand or product.

When creating your personalized cigar tubes, you will be able to choose from different shapes and sizes. Additionally, you can select the construction method and lid of your liking. We can also customize shapes and sizes as you require. No matter black, white, gold, blue cigar tubes, we can all do it.

What we can do

  • Personalized shapes: either regular tubes, torpedo tubes, bullet tubes.
  • Personalized colors: black, white gold, and so on. Please tell us the Pantone number.
  • Custom printing: we can print any decorative patterns on the tubes with your design work.
  • Custom size: we can custom sizes according to your requirements, not only in diameter but also length.
  • Custom logo: print logo, embossing logo, debossing logo.
  • Minimum Quantity: 10000pcs

Cigar tube manufacturer

As a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in China, we specialize in Aluminum Cigar Tube manufacturing. We have more than a decade of rich experience in product development, sales, and installation, and our products have obtained a great reputation domestically and oversea.

As a manufacturer of cigar tubes in China, we know customers’ requirements and how to produce cigar tubes at a cheaper price and good quality. Actually, it has more than 10 steps to produce an aluminum cigar tube, so we require a minimum quantity of 10000 pieces.


Aluminum cigar tube VS Plastic cigar tube and glass cigar tube

Cigar tubes can be made from many things, but the most common are aluminum, glass, and plastic cigar tube. Aluminum cigar tubes are the most popular choice among cigar makers. Aluminum is recyclable, it’s a green packaging for the world. Plastic or glass can not be totally recycled, that’s why there is so much plastic left in the sea and worldwide. There are many countries in Europe and the USA that have “plastic ban”.

The aluminum tube is lightweight and rustless. It is quite convenient to be taken everywhere. Plastic cigar tubes also have the same features. The aluminum cigar tube is more food-safe than the plastic or glass tube. There may have BPA, and chemical elements in plastic, but aluminum never.

The aluminium tubo is the best package for cigars. It prevents the loss of aroma, protects the fine cigars, and looks nice in doing so. For a consistent image, you should present your best cigars in the best package.

For more details, please check our blog here.

How to calculate cigar tube sizes?

A cigar shape can vary greatly in size from brand to brand, so describing a cigar by its size as well as shape is important. Cigars are measured by two factors: length, which is given in inches, and “ring gauge,” a designation of a cigar’s diameter broken into 64ths of an inch. A cigar with a 42 ring gauge, for example, is 42/64 of an inch in diameter.

1 inch is equal to 25.4mm. For example, a 7 x 48 Churchill is 7″ or 177.8mm in length and 0.75″ or 19mm in diameter. So when you choose a cigar tube, you should choose the tube size large than the cigar size. For 7×48 Churchill, the diameter is 48 ring gauge, consider cigar tube thickness approx 0.5mm, so you need to choose tube diameter larger than 20mm. Also, the cigar length is 7″, so the tube length should be longer than 180mm.

If you still don’t know how to calculate, you can also contact us.

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A cigar matures more slowly in a tube than when it is lying unwrapped in a humidor. Almost no fresh air penetrates to a cigar in a tube, so the aromas do not develop as quickly and the cigar keeps its nose, in other words, its fragrance, for longer. So, for example, if you buy a very strong cigar and leave it in the tube, it will take longer to mature. If you want to smoke it within the next two to three years, you will want to force the tempo at which the aromas develop. In this case, I would take it out of the tube.

Cigar tubes can be made from many things, but the most common are glass, wood, plastic, and metal. Of those four, the metal cigar tubes (usually made from aluminum) are the most popular choice among cigar makers. And they come in both screw-top and stopper-top varieties. 

The tubo is two equal parts: protection and presentation. Tubed cigars are ideal for traveling cigar smokers on the go. Because the metal ones will absorb a dent or two, the tubes should be more than enough to stand up to knocking around in your pocket, bag or glove box while you’re on the road. 

As for presentation, cigar tubes make for great marketing. Painted, printed, whatever – the graphics on those high-end tubos sure do catch the eye:

Cigars in tubes still need to be humidified. Like cigars that are not packaged in tubes, cigars in tubes will last indefinitely as long as they are humidified. When a cigar in a tube is removed from a humidified environment, it will stay fresh for a few days, maybe up to a week or longer. A cigar in a tube will maintain its humidity and freshness longer than a cigar that’s not in a tube if both were removed from a humidor at the same time. But, we wouldn’t recommend keeping your cigars out of a humidified environment unnecessarily even if they are in tubes. Cigars in tubes will last longer, but only by a period of days.

Yes. A tube will maintain a cigar’s humidity and freshness longer than if a cigar is left out in the open. However, eventually, the humidity will dissipate, even from a tube. If it’s going to be a while before you smoke your cigar, put it in a humidor or a ziplock bag with a source of humidity (some cotton balls soaked in distilled water will work). Unscrew the end of the tube to let the moisture access the cigar if you’re storing it.  

No, not necessarily, but they can taste different (than cigars not packaged in tubes) depending on how long the cigars have rested. Cigars will age differently in a tube. Most premium cigars packaged in an aluminum tube are wrapped in a cedar sleeve to better encapsulate a cigar’s flavor and to create a barrier from the aluminum.

Tubes tend to make cigars mature slower than if they were uncovered. The tube keeps most air out, meaning that the aromas and flavours develop slowly. If you are looking to smoke it in the coming year or two, then you will definitely want to remove it from the tube to quicken the pace of its aroma development.

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