Soap Tin

Soap tins or metal soap tins are used for soap storage. Soap tins are designed to replace vintage soap tins and plastic soap tins. These metal soap tins are made of tinplate or aluminum raw materials, which are totally recyclable. Soap tins are environmentally friendly, they contribute to reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Soap tins elevate the visual appeal of your product, making it stand out on store shelves. The smooth finish and metallic sheen of soap tins create a premium look. Soap tins instantly capture the attention of potential customers. Whether you’re selling handmade artisan soaps or luxurious spa-quality products, soap tins will enhance the perceived value of your brand. Besides these, soap tins are quite durable and smart to be taken anywhere, they are especially good for business traveling.

FLYTINBOTTLE offers various shapes and sizes of soap tins allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your soap bars. From small round tins to larger rectangular boxes, there is a soap tin that suits every soap size and shape. If you are looking for soap tins or metal soap tins, please feel free to contact us.

Travel soap tin

As it’s named, travel soap tins are used for traveling. These soap tins are in small sizes and hold small soaps inside. Because of their small sizes, smooth surface, and leak-proof, they are good and easy to put in your luggage, and bags when traveling. They are perfect tin boxes for business traveling, trips, or journeys.

Normally there are drains inside the travel soap tins, so the water left at the bottom of the soap tins can be poured out easily. According to the soap’s shape, there are square soap tins and round travel soap tins.

square soap tins with drain

Square soap tins come in a square shape and have a drain inside the tin. These square soap tins are good for square soaps, especially for scented soap or fancy soap. Not only single soap tin, we also have double soap tins that contain two soaps inside, you can check below our item SOP005.

ItemSize(mm)MaterialMOQ(minimum quantity)EXW factory price

Round soap tins with drain

Round soap tins come in a round shape and have a drain inside the tin. These round soap tins are good for small round soaps. These round soap tins are as good as travel soap tins because of their round shape and smooth surface.

ItemSize(mm)MaterialMOQ(minimum quantity)EXW factory price

Normal cheap soap tins

These small soap tins are in regular rectangular shape and slip lids. They are made of aluminum raw material which is lightweight and durable. They are cheap compared to square soap tins with drain because without the inside drain plate. They are totally recyclable and reusable. There are more and more customers or consumers stating to use these cheap soap tins to replace cheap plastic soap boxes.

ItemSize(mm)MOQ(minimum quantity)EXW factory price

Shaving soap tin

These shave soap tins are perfect for storing and using your shave soaps. Our shave soap tin is designed to elevate your shaving experience to new heights of luxury and sophistication.

Our shave tin ensures the safe storage and preservation of your favorite shave soap. Its sturdy build not only protects your soap from moisture and damage but also keeps it fresh and ready for use whenever you desire a perfect shave.

Normally these shaving soap tins come in round shape. We can also accept custom logo shaving soap tins to increase brand sales. Custom logo shaving soap tins are good for your brand promotion and it makes your shave soaps unique to the other competitors.

FLYTINBOTTLE has types of shaving soap tins in bulk and wholesales in China. We provide one stop door-to-door service. If you want to check the sizes of our shaving soap tins, you can check our round tins or contact us directly.

Soap tins bulk and wholesale

FLYTINBOTTLE offers sizes of soap tins bulk and wholesale. We are a manufacturer in China for more than 10 years, and we know our customers’ requirements and targets. By choosing soap tin wholesale from us, you can enjoy the benefits of bulk purchasing. Buying in bulk not only saves you money but also ensures that you have an ample supply of soap tins to meet your customers’ demands. Our competitive prices coupled with our commitment to quality make us the preferred choice for soap tin bulk purchases.

Our team is dedicated to assisting you in finding the perfect soap tin solution that fits your unique requirements. Whether you are a small business owner or a large-scale soap manufacturer, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Laundry Soap Tin

The vintage or traditional laundry soap tin or soap box is made of metal tinplate or plastic. But nowadays more and more laundry soap tins are made of aluminum. This is because aluminum tins are durable and rustless and they are totally recyclable and reusable. Aluminum is known as 100% recyclable and the most recyclable material in the world. Consumers can keep reusing the aluminum laundry Soap Tin or scrap them to recycle them.


Soap tins offer several benefits, including protecting the soap from moisture, extending its shelf life, and preventing it from drying out. A study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that storing soap in a tin can help preserve its quality and effectiveness. Source:

A travel soap tin is a convenient and hygienic way to carry your soap while on the go. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends using a soap tin to store your soap during travel to prevent contamination and ensure proper hygiene. Source:

When choosing a shaving soap tin, consider one with a secure lid to prevent leakage and maintain the soap’s consistency. Additionally, opt for a tin made of durable and rust-resistant material, such as metal tins or aluminum tins. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) suggests these features for optimal shaving soap storage. Source:

Yes, soap tins are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic soap containers. They can be reused multiple times and are often made from recyclable materials. A study by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) highlights the importance of using sustainable packaging options like soap tins to reduce plastic waste. Source:

Absolutely! Soap tins can be repurposed for various uses such as storing jewelry, small craft supplies, or even as travel-sized snack containers. The organization Earth911 promotes creative reuse of everyday items like soap tins to reduce waste and promote sustainability. Source:

Soap tins help keep your bathroom organized and clutter-free by providing a designated storage space for your soap. The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) suggests using containers like soap tins to create a clean and organized bathroom environment. Source:

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