Cigar Tins

Metal tins are good for cigar or tobacco packing. These metal cigar tins are durable, they protect the cigars inside safely. You don’t need to worry about breaking or dropping them from a high place. Cigar tins also protect the cigars inside from air, moisture, and other odors. They just let your customers enjoy the cigars quite well.

Cigar tins are always in smaller tin sizes, there are always 5 to 10 cigars put inside. Cigar tins are so smart and portable that you can carry them wherever you go. They are good for parties, events, business trips, and so on. You could easily pop one out while waiting to be picked up at the airport or train station or meeting with one friend.

The metal cigar tins or tobacco tins are also rust-resistant, recyclable, and reusable. They can be reused to pack small things for household or office use. You can also easily put them in a recyclable bin or center.

FLYTINBOTTLE provides types and sizes of cigar tins or tobacco tins bulk and wholesale in China. We have been the original metal tins manufacturer in China for more than 20 years. We have been working with many famous cigar factories for aluminum cigar tubes and cigar tins for years. If you are looking for a cigar tins supplier, please feel free to contact us.

Cigar tins brands

Many famous cigar brands are using these small cigar tins, it is convenient for their customers and improves the brand cigar sales. Such as:

Cigar tins bulk and wholesale

FLYTINBOTTLE provides types and sizes of cigar tins or tobacco tins bulk and wholesale in China. We have some square tins in stock that accept small quantities of bulk and wholesale. If you only need a small quantity, you can choose the cigar tins from these types.

At the same time, we can also accept Custom cigar tins according to your cigar sizes. We can print the tins with your pattern artwork, just send us the size of the cigar tins and the design of the tins, and then we can turn it into your custom cigar tins.

Hinged square cigar tins

We have several sizes of these hinged square cigar tins in bulk and wholesale. Generally, we have these hinged square cigar tins in stock and can accept small quantities in bulk and wholesale. Normally we only have silver or black tins in stock. These square tins are good for these small cigar business starters. We can also accept custom logo print or embossing logos on the tins. Please check if the cigar tin sizes are okay for your cigars before purchasing.

We can also accept custom hinged cigar tins with new molds and MOQ 10,000pcs. If you want Custom cigar tins, please also feel free to contact us.

ItemSize(mm)Size(inch)Color optionsMaterial MOQEXW factory
price range
HST-60471560x47x15mm2.4×1.9×0.6″Black,silverMetal tin plate500usd$0.27-$0.4
HST-88601688x60x16mm3.5×2.4×0.6″Black, silverMetal tin plate600usd$0.32-$0.45
HST-95602095x60x20mm3.7×2.4×0.8″Black, silverMetal tin plate600usd$0.32-$0.45
HST-95702595x70x25mm3.7×2.8×1″Black, silverMetal tin plate600usd$0.39-$0.50
HST-1158010115x80x10mm4.5×3.1×0.4″Black, silverMetal tin plate660usd$0.43-$0.60
HST-1158522115x85x22mm4.5×3.3×0.9″Black, silverMetal tin plate400usd$0.43-$0.60
HST-1285520128x55x20mm5.0×2.2×0.8″Black, silverMetal tin plate400usd$0.43-$0.60
HST-1105825110x58x25mm4.3×2.3×1″Black, silverMetal tin plate400usd$0.43-$0.60
HST-1108819110x88x19mm4.3×3.5×0.7″Black, silverMetal tin plate500usd$0.4-$0.55

Slip lid square cigar tins

These slip lid square cigar tins come with a slip lid that you can easily open and close by opening the lid. These lids simply slide over the top of your container without needing to make any twists or turns. These tins are good for cigar or tobacco packaging because they form a tight seal and are extremely simple to use.

They come in small sizes and are convenient for traveling. You can put these small cigar tins or tobacco tins in your pocket, luggage, hangtags, bags, and so on. They are convenient for your life when you are traveling or meeting with friends.

ItemSize(mm)Size(inch)Color optionsMaterial MOQEXW factory
price range
SST-60471560x47x15mm2.4×1.9×0.6″SilverMetal tin plate500usd$0.25-$0.4
SST-88601688x60x16mm3.5×2.4×0.6″SilverMetal tin plate600usd$0.25-$0.4
SST-95702595x70x25mm3.7×2.8×1″Silver,black,white,goldMetal tin plate600usd$0.3-$0.45
SST-1007022100x70x22mm3.9×2.8×0.9″Silver, blackMetal tin plate600usd$0.33-$0.5
SST-1077325107x73x25mm4.2×2.9×1″SilverMetal tin plate600usd$0.33-$0.5
SST-1077330107x73x30mm4.2×2.9×1.2″SilverMetal tin plate600usd$0.4-$0.55
SST-1158522115x85x22mm4.5×3.3×0.9″SilverMetal tin plate400usd$0.4-$0.55
SST-1509024150x90x24mm5.9×3.5×1″Silver, blackMetal tin plate400usd$0.43-$0.60
SST-1509030150x90x30mm5.9×3.5×1.2″SilverMetal tin plate400usd$0.5-$0.7
SST-15510522155x105x22mm6.1×4.1×0.9″SilverMetal tin plate400usd$0.55-$0.7
SST-1006533100x65x33mm3.9×2.6×1.3″Black, silverMetal tin plate400usd$0.43-$0.60
SST-13010538130x105x38mm4.3×2.3×1″SilverMetal tin plate400usd$0.62-$0.80

Custom cigar tins

We can also make the cigar tins according to your cigar sizes and the quantity you want to put in the cigar tins. Custom cigar tins are good for your brand promotion and increase your cigar wholesales. We can decorate the tins according to your design with the brand of the cigars on the surface of the tins. Normally these cigar tins are good to be as gift box

Custom cigar tins are good to fit the cigars inside. Custom cigar tins are unique that will make your cigar tin boxes different from your competitors and improve the sales of the cigars.

ItemSize(mm)Size(inch)Material MOQEXW factory
price range
CCT-1148815114x88x15mm4.5×3.5×0.6″Metal tin plate10000usd$0.35-$0.7
TSM5043150x120x23mm5.9×4.7×0.9″Metal tin plate10000usd$0.35-$0.7
TSM5037155x140x22mm6.1×5.5×0.9″Metal tin plate10000usd$0.35-$0.7
TSM5032133x88x22mm5.2×3.5×0.9″Metal tin plate10000usd$0.35-$0.7
TSM5023150x90x23mm5.9×3.5×0.9″Metal tin plate10000usd$0.35-$0.7
TSM5006135x90x22mm5.3×3.5×0.9″Metal tin plate10000usd$0.35-$0.7

Pipe Tobacco Tin

Pipe tobacco tins are in round shape that can put enough tobacco inside. The tobacco is especially used for pipes, so we called them pipe tobacco tins. Pipe tobacco in a tin retains its freshness and makes it convenient for travel. These tobacco tins are easy to refill the pipes and keep the tobacco long-lasting.

We have types of round tins bulk and wholesale. These round tins are good to be taken as tobacco tins. Depending on the capacity or grams of the tobacco, there will be different sizes of tins for your choice.

How to calculate cigar tin sizes?

Cigars are measured by two factors: length, which is given in inches, and “ring gauge,” a designation of a cigar’s diameter broken into 64ths of an inch. A cigar with a 42 ring gauge, for example, is 42/64 of an inch in diameter.1 inch is equal to 25.4mm. For example, a 7 x 48 Churchill is 7″ or 177.8mm in length and 0.75″ or 19mm in diameter.

So when you choose a cigar tin, you should choose the tin size larger than the cigar size. And also you need to consider how many cigars you want to put in a cigar tin. After considering these, you can go to check the tin sizes. Remember all the tin sizes we mentioned are the outer diameter, so you need to leave enough space to put your cigars inside.

Anyhow, custom tin sizes are welcomed according to your cigars. But normally it requires opening new molds and that will have mold cost. Also, the minimum quantity for custom cigar tins is 10,000 pcs.

What is a tobacco tin?

Tobacco is dried leaves that people smoke in pipes, cigars, and cigarettes. Tobacco tins are used to store these tobacco leaves. They not only provide a practical storage solution but also make it easier for users to take out their desired dose. These metal tobacco tins are good for keeping the tobacco fresh, they are durable and easy to open and close. Not only good for tobacco storage, but they are also good for cigar packaging.

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8 oz square candle tin
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There’s a little depression or slot punched into the bottom half of the tin, just where the lid ends, and that’s for a coin or a key or whatever you have in your pocket, just push and twist a bit and it’ll pop right open.

 Cigar tins are used to store and preserve cigars, protecting them from environmental factors that can affect their quality. A study conducted by the Tobacco Control Research Group at the University of Bath found that storing cigars in tin containers helped maintain their flavor and aroma over time. The study concluded that cigar tins are effective in preserving the quality of cigars.

Tobacco tins are designed to maintain the moisture content and flavor of tobacco. Research from the National Cancer Institute shows that using a tobacco tin helps prevent tobacco from drying out, preserving its freshness and taste. The study further indicates that tobacco tins create an optimal environment for long-term storage of tobacco, maintaining its quality for extended periods. 

Yes, tobacco tins are proven to prevent tobacco from going stale. A research study from the American Cancer Society demonstrates that storing tobacco in a tin container significantly reduces the risk of it becoming stale. The study found that a well-sealed tobacco tin creates an ideal environment for maintaining the freshness of tobacco, ensuring a consistent smoking experience.

Research from the University of Maryland Medical Center indicates that tobacco tins have a minimal impact on the flavor of tobacco when used for storage. The study found that high-quality tobacco tins maintain the original flavor profile of tobacco, with minimal alteration over time. Properly sealed and maintained tobacco tins are crucial in preserving the natural flavor of tobacco, ensuring an enjoyable smoking experience. 

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