Aluminum Bike Bottle

Aluminum bike bottles are used for bike riding. For a long time, plastic bottles were the most popular bicycle bottles. Nowadays, however, aluminum water bottles have also established themselves as materials for bicycle water bottles.

Aluminium drinking bottles are just as light as plastic bottles, protect the contents optimally from light and germs, and are therefore excellently suited as bicycle drinking bottles. The drinking bottles need to keep lightweight during bicycling is very important.

Aluminum bike bottles offer a range of benefits and functionality, such as lightweight, durable, recyclable, eco-friendly, metal touch cool feeling. All these advantages make them an excellent choice for cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts. 

FLYTINBOTTLE offers types of aluminium bicycle bottles bulk and wholesale in China. We are the original manufacturers in China with more than 15 years. We know our customer’s needs and requirements. We offer cheap aluminum bike bottles directly to final customers. If you want aluminium bike bottles, please feel free to contact us.

Customized aluminum bike bottle

Aluminum bike bottles are easy to customize because aluminum is softer and reshaped than other metals such as stainless steel. Custom aluminum bike bottles are unique logos or brand aluminum water bottles that can be different from your competitors in the market. Customized aluminum bike bottles offer a unique, affordable, and innovative way to differentiate your product from competitors. Thanks to the fact that they can be easily personalized according to your branding needs, they provide unlimited resources for marketing and promotion purposes.

There are many ways to customize aluminum bike bottles. You can customize the bottle in different colors, sizes, shapes, capacities, logos, lids, etc. Customized aluminum metallic bike bottle allows you to custom the metallic colors which makes the bottle stand out different with the others. With these customization ways, you can easily create your own customized aluminum bike bottles. Customized aluminum bike bottles are also good ways to promote the sales of your water bottles.

Aluminum bike bottle bulk and wholesale

Aluminum bike bottles offered by FLYTINBOTTLE have a stronger well-sealed closure, designed for water or juice storage and shipping. Each aluminum bottle set contains two parts: an aluminum bottle, and a well-seal plastic lid. These types of aluminum bike bottles are hot sales and welcomed by cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts

aluminum sports bike bottles

These traditional aluminum water bottles are normally for sports, such as hiking, camping, bicycling, marathons and so on. They are lightweight, durable, portable, they can be put anywhere when you are doing sports.

These aluminum bike water bottles hold a capacity from 10oz to 30oz capacity, depending on your usage. It can provide enough water for bike lovers when they are riding.


ItemCapacity(ml)Capacity(oz)Size(DxH)ThicknessMaterialMOQEXW Factory Price
ALS-300300ml10 oz50x190mm0.6-0.8mmAluminum1,000pcs$0.5-$0.8
ALS-400400ml12 oz66x150mm0.6-0.8mm Aluminum 1,000pcs$0.6-$0.9
ALS-500500ml16 oz66x190mm 0.6-0.8mm Aluminum 1,000pcs$0.7-$1.0
ALS-600600ml20 oz 66x220mm 0.6-0.8mm Aluminum 1,000pcs$0.8-$1.1
ALS-750750ml 25 oz 72x220mm 0.6-0.8mm Aluminum 1,000pcs $0.9-$1.2
ALSC-500 500ml 16 oz 66x190mm 0.6-0.8mm Aluminum 2,000pcs$0.7-$1.0
ALSC-600600ml20 oz 66x220mm 0.6-0.8mm Aluminum 2,000pcs$0.8-$1.1
ALSC-750750ml 25 oz 72x220mm0.6-0.8mm Aluminum 2,000pcs$0.9-$1.2

The height of the bottle is adjustable, if you need other sizes, please contact us.

Wide mouth aluminum bikebottle bulk

As its name, the wide mouth aluminium bike bottle comes with a wide mouth. The shape looks mostly like the plastic water bottle, they are quite easy to clean and refill water. The wide mouth allows you to drop in ice cubes easily. Below you can check different sizes of bike bottles for your reference.


ItemCapacity(ml)Capacity(oz)SizeMaterialThicknessEXW Factory PriceMOQ(pcs)
FWB-600H600ml10 oz72x210mmAluminum0.6-1mm$0.8-1.25,000
FWB-600I600ml 10 oz 75x225mmAluminum0.6-1mm$0.8-1.2 5,000
FWB-600F600ml10 oz 72x165mmAluminum 0.6-1mm $0.9-1.3 5,000
FWB-750N750ml25 oz72x240mmAluminum 0.6-1mm $0.9-1.35,000
FWB-750O750ml 25 oz 75X250mm Aluminum 0.6-1mm $0.9-1.3 5,000
FWB-500CK3500ml16 oz65x250mmAluminum0.6-1mm$0.9-1.2 5,000
FWB-500CK4 500ml 16 oz 69x215mmAluminum 0.6-1mm $0.9-1.2 5,000
FWB-750CK5750ml25 oz70x260mmAluminum 0.6-1mm $0.9-1.3 5,000
FWB-750ET1750ml 25 oz 72x245mmAluminum 0.6-1mm $0.9-1.3 5,000
FWB-900P900ml30 oz79x235mmAluminum 0.6-1mm $1-1.55,000
FWB-1000Q1000ml32 oz80x250mm Aluminum 0.6-1mm $1-1.5 5,000

The height of the bottle is adjustable, if you need other sizes, please contact us.

Reusable aluminum bike bottle

Aluminum bike bottles are recyclable and reusable. It is durable enough to be reused multiple times. These reusable aluminum bike bottles are easy to clean. They are also easy to refill from the top of the mouth.

Reusable aluminum bike bottles are safe for drinking. It has a safety liner coating inside the water bottle. This is also the reason why aluminum bike bottles are reusable. If you are looking for a cheap and durable, easy-taking water bottle, then this type of aluminum bike bottles are cost-effective.


ItemCapacity(ml)Capacity(oz)ThicknessMaterialColors availableMOQEXW Factory Unit Price
SQ-10600ml20 oz0.6-0.8mmAluminumSilver, light green, light blue, yellow,black, white500pcs$0.95-$1.2
SQ-18600ml20 oz0.6-0.8mmAluminumLake blue, light blue, dark blue,black, matt black, green, yellow green,
SQ-19550ml18 oz0.6-0.8mmAluminumLake blue, light blue, dark blue, black, matt black, green, yellow green,
SQ-20800ml26 oz0.6-0.8mmAluminumWhite500pcs$1.3-$1.6
SQ-21750ml25 oz0.6-0.8mmAluminum Silver, red, blue500pcs$0.95-$1.2
SQ-31600ml20 oz0.6-0.8mmAluminumSilver, black, red,blue500pcs$0.95-$1.2
SQ-32600ml20 oz0.6-0.8mmAluminumWhite+red, White+black,White+blue,
SQ-41600ml20 oz0.6-0.8mmAluminumSilver, green,
orange, blue
SQ-42720ml24 oz0.6-0.8mmAluminumSilver, black, blue500pcs$1.3-$1.6
SQ-43600ml20 oz0.6-0.8mmAluminumSilver, black, blue, red500pcsOrange, red, blue,black

Printed aluminum bike bottle

Color print Aluminum Bike Bottles with a logo for community events, corporate gifts, convention giveaways, or trade shows and expo booths. 

FLYTINBOTTLE can provide different ways to print the logo or pattern on aluminum bike bottles. If you only need small quantity of our aluminum bike bottles, then suggest to use silk screen print with one or two colors on it. If you need large quantity in thousands, then you can choose heat transfer printing or UV printing, it accepts multiple colors up to 9 colors printing.

For more details, you can check our article custom aluminum water bottles.

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