Aluminum Lunch Box

Aluminum lunch box which is also called aluminum lunch container is one type of metal lunch box, it is made of aluminum raw material, so it is totally recyclable and environmentally friendly. Aluminum lunch boxes can be recycled many times. Compared with plastic lunch boxes, they are safer, you don’t need to worry about the BPA in the plastic. They are more Eco-friendly, and durable than plastic lunch boxes also.

The aluminum lunch box is also called aluminium lunch box. The aluminum lunch box we listed here is a classic aluminum lunch box or vintage aluminum lunch box, it’s a square or rectangular shape aluminium lunch box. Most of us may use this type of rectangular aluminum lunch box when we are a kid. The classic or vintage aluminum lunch box picks up our memory when we are kids.

FLY lunch box offers aluminum lunch boxes one-stop bulk and wholesale in China. We are the original aluminum lunch box supplier in China for years. We accept customized logo aluminum lunch boxes. All our aluminum lunch boxes are food safe. If you have any interest in our aluminium lunch box, please feel free to contact us.

Aluminum lunch box details

Aluminum lunch boxes are made from a whole set of aluminum plates. They are totally seamless metal lunch boxes. With an oxidation surface, no need to worry about corrosion. They are totally food safe and BPA free. All FLY aluminum lunch containers are safe and healthy for kids. FLY aluminum lunch boxes promote healthier eating and can help you save money by not having to eat out every day. 

FLY aluminum lunch box comes in 4 different sizes, both rectangular and square shapes. Two lunch boxes as a set, one big capacity, and one small capacity. The basic colors are aluminum or silver color, black, blue, and red. Please check below for the specification.

Two types of cap

The cap is lined in the circuits. It makes the cap modern and good-looking. However, it can not print or make debossing logo on the cap.

It has a big flat cap with a square embossing top in the middle. It accepts customized printing or debossing logo in the middle.


ItemSize(mm)Size(inch)MaterialThicknessMOQPrice range
AF-02230x150x70mm9″x5.9″x2.8″Aluminum 0.8mm 1000 US$4-$6
AF-03174x174x53mm6.9″x6.9″x2.1″Aluminum 0.8mm 1000 US$4-$6
AF-03B174x174x53mm 6.9″x6.9″x2.1″ Aluminum 0.8mm 1000 US$4-$6
AF-04230x230x65mm9″x9″x2.6″Aluminum 0.8mm 1000 US$5-$7
AF-04B230x230x65mm 9″x9″x2.6″ Aluminum 0.8mm 1000 US$5-$7

Aluminum coated lunch box

The aluminum lunch box is coated with a good safe anodizing surface. So you don’t need to worry about our aluminum lunch box. The anodizing coating avoids the heavy metal transit into the food.

The alumininum lunch boxes can be coated in different colors. The basics are silver, black, grey, blue, red, and gold colors.If you are looking for coated color aluminum lunch box, please let us know which color do you need.


  • LIGHTWEIGHT PREMIUM MATERIAL: This Classic Lunch Box Is Crafted with High Quality and Reusable Aluminum.  Making It a Very Lightweight Lunch Box to Carry Around in Both Urban and Rural Settings Alike.
  • Made of Hich Quality and Reusable Aluminum. All Ingredients Are Free of BPA and Harmful Chemicals. All the boxes are food safe.
  • Modern Aluminum Lunch Box – This Lightweight Box Is for Carrying a Packed Lunch and Has An Attractive and Modern Design. It Is Suitable for Kindergarten, School Or Work.
  • A Separator Made of Polypropylene to Separate Food and Keep It Fresh
  • Security Closing System to Avoid the Box of Getting Open in the Backpack
  • Two types of lid, the flat cap and
  • Security Closing System to Avoid the Box of Getting Open in the Backpack


All FLY aluminum lunch boxes are designed in a square and rectangular shape. Customers can also put their own printing or embossing logo on the lunch boxes, especially for the one with a flat lid on top.

For other designs of the aluminum lunch box, we can also support opening new molds to make it.

Korean and Japanese aluminum lunch box

The aluminum lunch box is warmly welcomed by Korean and Japanese. They are lightweight and can be easily taken to the office. They are good for picnics, camping, and parties. How to say, they are good to store the food on and off work. They are also for kids to use as lunch boxes at school.

Korean and Japanese likes to picnic at the weekend with the whole family. Our aluminum lunch box has a rubber locker to keep it closing tightly and keep the food fresh. It is the best option for an outdoor picnic.


Normally it doesn’t need to polish the aluminum lunch box. The surface will be anodized after stamping. But some of our customers want a stained surface, we can polish it on the polishing machine by manual.

Stainless steel and aluminum lunch box is one of the most common materials preferred for lunch boxes. Further, using an insulated lunch box can be one of the most effective ways to keep food safe until lunchtime.

Normally aluminum lunch box is cheaper than stainless steel lunch box and insulated lunch box.

Yes, the aluminum lunch box is safe for sure. Also, the aluminum lunch box is anodized on the surface, it is totally food-safe, and it avoids the aluminum transit into the food. We have the certificate to show you the details.

Standard bento containers are made from aluminum, plastic, glass, stainless steel, or silicon, and will typically last quite a while if cared for properly. The more expensive options include thermal materials for keeping food warm, bamboo, lacquered wood, and melamine.

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