Custom Candle Tins

Custom candle tins allow you to create a unique visual identity for your candles. By custom candle tins on the surface, you create a lasting impression on your customers. These tins can act as a constant reminder of your brand, increasing brand recognition and customer loyalty. Furthermore, custom candle tins make for excellent promotional items or gifts. It allows you to spread awareness about your candles while delighting your customers with a memorable and reusable packaging option.

With custom candle tins, the design possibilities are endless. You can choose from a wide range of shapes, sizes, and finishes to match your brand or personal style. FLYTINBOTTLE candle tins offer types of shapes, sizes, colors candle tins. We can also accept labels with logos, printing with logos, embossing or debossing logos and so on.

Custom candle tins offer a myriad of benefits for candle makers and enthusiasts alike. If you are looking for custom candle tins bulk and wholesale, please feel free to contact us. We can offer you our one-stop door-to-door service.

Custom Candle Tin Label

Custom candle tins with labels are the easiest and simplest way to custom your candle tins. Normally it doesn’t require a large quantity to start. So custom candle tin labels are especially good for small business companies or candle business starters.

You can put the label on top of the candle tin, or bottom or side, wherever you want to place it, just do it. You can design your own label simply with your logo or decorate the candle tins with multiple colors. Just it is so simple to do custom candle tins with labels.

Custom Printed Candle Tin

Custom Printed Candle Tin is the best way to show your logo or pattern on the candle tins. The logo is printed with ink and heated, so it’s hard enough to stick on the tins. Also, printed candle tins always show the best quality and best result for the logo printed.

Unlike labeled candle tins, printed candle tins the logo can stay good on the tins for years without losing quality. Custom Printed Candle Tins are good to be unique with the other brands’ candle tins and good for your candle sales.

Normally we have many print ways to print your logo or brand name on the candle tins, below you can see more details.

silk screen print tin

SILK-SCREEN PRINTING – (Starting from 1,000pcs)

Silkscreened custom tins are a great and affordable way for companies who wish to bring a new product onto the market in a decorative tin. With a silkscreened tin, you’ll be able to differentiate your product from its competition by adding a colorful logo. This technique can be applied to small metal containers and large tin cans alike. Normally silk screen printing only accepts colors less than 3 which means it will be simply printed on the tins only, they can not allow complicated printing on the tins with multiple colors.

Silkscreened custom tins are great for introducing a limited edition or promotional item into the market. They are good for new items or new products which just start at the beginning.

FULL-COLOR & offset printing &UV PRINTING- (Starting from 15,000pcs)

The difference between full-color printed and silk-screened tins can be found in the quality of the printing job. Full-color offset printed tins feature the highest quality and most complicated, normally they can accept a max 9 color printing. Whereas silk screen printing simply only accepts 1-3 colors of logo printing which only allows simple logos. Our full-color printing technique is more often applied to premium gift and holiday tins as well as limited editions.

  • Colors: full-color offset printing can be done with 1-9 multiple-color printing. Silk screen printing allows 1-3 simple color printing.
  • Printing area: full-color offset printing allows a large printing area but silk screen printing only allows a small printing area.
  • Minimum quantity: full-color offset printing MOQ is 10000-15000pcs while silk screen MOQ is 1500pcs.
  • Start fee: full-color heat transfer printing requires a much higher start fee approx USD $300-$500 for the printing plate while silkscreen printing only charges approx USD $ 50-$100 for the printing plate.
Embossing or debossing tins

EMBOSSING and debossing – (Starting from 5,000pcs)

Embossed or debossed tins truly let your product stand out among others. By choosing embossing or debossing for your custom tins, you’ll be able to add a 3D touch and look to your metal tins. Embossed or debossed tins are guaranteed to turn your plain metal container into a true piece of art. They will help you to differentiate yourself by giving your empty cans an extra ‘’pop’’ or “sink”. Although plain metallic embossed or debossed tins already look like a masterpiece, you’ll also be able to take it a step further by combining this technique with a full-color print.

LASER ENGRAVING – (Starting from 1,000pcs)

If you’re looking for a way to insert a personal message into your tin box, laser engraving is the way to go. By choosing laser engraving, you’ll be able to engrave your company logo or an entire message to your custom tin gifts for cheap. The possibilities with laser engraving are literally endless. Simply send us your logo, a picture, or text – and we’ll make sure it gets smoothly engraved into your custom-made tins.

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