Embossed Tin

Embossed tin is also called embossing tin. When we say embossing, it means the logo is out of the horizon, it’s the opposite of debossing. By adding an embossed logo onto your tin containers, it is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. You’ll be able to turn plain tins into a true piece of art.

Embossed tins make your tin different from the others. Embossing tin makes your tin brand obvious and unique to others. They are good for your product sales for sure. Strong branded tins not only differentiate your business from others but are also crucial for business growth and maintenance.

What’s more embossing tins have a nice touch feeling. Consumers always see the embossing logo first when they have a view of the tins. Embossing is the easiest and fastest way to make your custom tins.

FLYTINBOTTLE has provided types of metal tins and aluminum tins bulk and wholesale in China for more than 15 years. We can do sizes of embossing tins with your logo artwork. Normally we require embossing tins with a start quantity of 3000pcs. Embossing tins are usually not expensive. So please consider if you need the tins to be embossed before ordering.

Advantages and disadvantages of the embossing tins

The advantages of the tin box packaging embossing are:

  1. Increase the beauty and texture of the product, attracting consumers’ attention while enhancing the brand image;
  2. Highlight the features and selling points of the product, which is beneficial to product sales;
  3. It can improve product recognition and brand loyalty.
  4. Embossing tins are recyclable and reusable.

However, the tin box packaging embossing process also has its disadvantages:

  1. The cost is higher and special equipment and processes are required;
  2. It is difficult to implement and requires detailed operations on pattern or text design, plate making, and other aspects.

Custom Embossed Tins

Custom embossed tins allow you to design your logo tins. Embossing is a technique that is popular for the use of limited edition tins that often end up on people’s selves as collectibles. We can make the custom embossed tins according to the customer’s file. Send us the file in AI or PDF, and tell us the sizes, and then we will make your logo emboss on the tins.

So custom embossed tins require logo file and a minimum quantity of 3000pcs to start. Custom embossed tins give your customers a good feeling to buy the products inside. By choosing embossing or debossing for your custom tins, you’ll be able to add a 3D touch and look to your metal tins.

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