Stainless Steel Solo Cups

Stainless Steel Solo Cups, also referred to as stainless solo cups or steel solo cups, or metal solo cups. They are innovative and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional disposable plastic cups. These cups are designed to provide a sustainable and durable solution for everyday use, whether at home, at parties, or outdoor activities.

Stainless Steel Solo Cups are crafted from high-quality stainless steel. These metal cups offer a sleek and modern design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They are built to be long-lasting, eliminating the need for constant replacement that is common with plastic cups. With their sturdy construction, stainless steel solo cups are resistant to cracks, chips, and breakage. They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Investing in stainless steel solo cups is not only a smart choice for sustainability but also a stylish and practical addition to your kitchenware collection. Upgrade to these eco-friendly and durable metal cups today, and enjoy a greener and more enjoyable drinking experience.

Stainless Steel Solo Cups bulk and wholesale

FLYTINBOTTLE provides types of stainless steel solo cups bulk and wholesale in China. We accept the custom logo and color stainless steel solo cups in small quantities. No matter what you need for a party or a big event, these cool stainless steel solo cups are good to attract your friends and customers.

We are the stainless steel cups original manufacturer and wholesaler in China for more than 10 years, We can also do one-stop door-to-door service to ship these Stainless Steel Solo Cups worldwide.

ItemCapacity (oz)Capacity (ml) MOQ EXW Factory Price(USD/piece)
SSL-1212 oz350 ml500$0.85-$1.25
SSL-1818 oz550 ml500$1.1-$1.4

Below these are stainless steel pint cups, we also listed all the sizes for your reference.

ItemCapacity (oz)Capacity (ml) MOQ EXW Factory Price(USD/piece)
SSS-88 oz260 ml500$0.75-$1.05
SSS-1212 oz350 ml500$0.85-$1.15
SSS-1414 oz400 ml500$0.9-$1.2
SSS-1616 oz500 ml500$1.0-$1.3
SSS-2323 oz700 ml500$1.25-$1.60

Stainless steel solo cup with lids

Ideal for both hot and cold drinks, the Stainless Steel Solo Cup with lids keeps your beverage at the desired temperature for longer periods. Whether you’re enjoying a piping hot coffee in the morning or a refreshing iced tea in the afternoon, this cup has got you covered.

The stainless steel solo cups with lids are good for drinking waterbeer, juice, and so on. It is well-sealed and will not leak. The lids are made of plastic and rubber, they are durable and safe for drinking. It can also have a stainless steel straw for drinking. These durable stainless steel solo cups with lids are good to replace plastic cups with lids and straws.

Custom stainless steel solo cups

Custom stainless steel solo cups are also related to custom metal solo cups, which allow stainless steel solo cups to be customized with logo, color, and so on. These custom stainless steel solo cups are good for parties, events, celebrations, and so on. They are good for your brand drink cup promotion, and good to show your own brand’s difference with others. These custom logo stainless steel solo cups are not only elegant but also durable and totally recyclable.

How big is a solo cup and metal solo cup

This is a frequently asked question. Regular red plastic solo cups always come in 9 oz, 18 oz, and 20 oz capacities. 1 us fl ounce is 29.57 ml, and when we do the calculation we always calculate by 30 ml, you can also calculate by Converter here. This means red solo cups are in 270 ml, 540 ml, and 600 ml liquid capacity.

Aluminum solo cups are in the capacity of 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz, 20 oz and 22 oz capacities. Stainless steel solo cups are in 12 oz and 18 oz capacities, you can check the sizes and capacities above. We can calculate the ml by ourselves or use the converter.

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