Aluminum pump bottles and aluminum shampoo bottles

Aluminum pump bottles are aluminum bottles with a pump lid. These aluminum bottles are always used for lotion, shampoo, hand washing liquid, bath liquid, and so on. The pump lid on the top is easy to screw on and off,  just press gently, and liquid can flow out.

Aluminum pump bottles are always used for different shampoos, they are good to store shampoo inside. Aluminum shampoo bottles are ideal for all kinds of bath and body products. They are lightweight and rustproof, they are extremely good for bathroom use.

Compared with plastic pump bottles, aluminium pump bottles are also lightweight, rustproof, and shatterproof. But they are much more durable than plastic pump bottles. Aluminum pump bottles are also totally recyclable, they are a great alternative to plastic in the shower.

FLYTINBOTTLE offers types of different aluminum pump bottles and aluminum shampoo bottles. We provide one stop door to door service in China. If you are looking for aluminum pump bottles supplier and aluminum shampoo bottles supplier, please feel free to contact us.

China aluminum pump lotion bottle and aluminum shampoo bottle

Aluminum pump lotion bottles and aluminum shampoo bottles are mostly produced in China. In China, there are many aluminum bottle manufacturers or factories, you can buy all capacities of aluminum bottles with types of pump lids, some are good but others may be just so so.

FLYTINBOTTLE provides types of different capacities for aluminum pump bottles and shampoo bottles. We provide these bottles bulk and wholesale in China for more than 10 years. We know many aluminum pump bottles and aluminum shampoo bottle manufacturers in China. All our bottles are from these selected high-quality and organizational suppliers. They know how to produce and control the quality of our products. We also have strict quality SQE team to help our supplier control and improve their quality.

Aluminum pump lotion bottle and aluminum shampoo bottle wholesale

Our aluminum pump or shampoo bottles come in different capacities and sizes. Depending on the usage, customers can choose what they want. We offer 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, 6 oz, 10 oz, 16 oz, 20 oz aluminum pump or shampoo bottles bulk and wholesales in China.

1 oz and 2 oz aluminum pump bottle

The 1 oz or 2 oz aluminum pump or shampoo bottle is a small bottle, its capacity is only approx 30-70ml. The bottles feature a sleek and lightweight design, making them easy to carry along on the go in your pocket or purse. Additionally, they come with a rust-resistant finish, which allows you to easily store them away in your bathroom or on your makeup tray.

The aluminum bottles come equipped with a convenient pump lid. This lid allows you to easily dispense of semi-liquid goods such as cremes and lotions with the press of a finger. With its screw-on design, the cap can be easily removed for simple refilling. This allows you to reuse the same bottle over and over again without creating any packaging waste. 


ItemSize(mm)Capacity(ml) Capacity(oz) Lid typeMOQ(pcs)EXW Factory
APB-2026X6520ml1 ozPump lid2000$0.4-0.6
APB-3032X7730ml1 ozPump lid2000 $0.4-0.6
APB-5036X8350ml2 ozPump lid2000 $0.45-0.65
APB-6036×9460ml2 ozPump lid2000 $0.45-0.65
APB-8036×10680ml2.5 ozPump lid2000 $0.45-0.65
APB-10040×110100ml3 ozPump lid2000 $0.45-0.7

8 oz aluminum pump bottle

8 oz aluminum pump bottle comes with a capacity of 250ml. Our 8 oz aluminum pump bottle features a slim and lightweight design. Although light in weight, the bottle is extremely durable, making it suitable for both commercial and industrial use. The 8 oz aluminum pump bottles are always in black pump which make them good looking.

We provide 8 oz aluminum pump bottle bulk and wholesale in China. We also have 6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz aluminium pump bottles. If you need it, please contact us.


ItemSize(mm)Capacity(ml) Capacity(oz) Lid typePriceMOQ
APB-12045x115mm120ml4 ozPump lid$0.5-0.72000pcs
APB-15045x145mm150ml5 ozPump lid$0.55-0.75 2000pcs
APB-20050x160mm200ml6 ozPump lid$0.55-0.8 2000pcs
APB-25050x174mm or
250ml8 ozPump lid$0.6-0.85 2000pcs
APB-30050x190mm300ml10 ozPump lid$0.65-0.9 2000pcs

16 oz or 20 oz aluminum pump bottle

The 16 oz or 20 oz aluminum pump bottles come with a large capacity.  The aluminum pump bottles are equipped with a pump lid that can be easily attached and removed thanks to their screw-on mechanism. With their pump lid, they allow you to easily dispense semi-liquid goods with the simple press of the cap. This makes them perfect for bath and beauty products such as creams, lotions, and shampoos. Thanks to their rust-resistant finish, the bottles can be safely used in humid environments such as the bathroom. The metal pump bottles are crafted out of 100% food-safe and BPA-free materials. This allows them to be used for cosmetics and medicine without having to worry about their quality being affected by the bottle itself. Although light in weight, the aluminum pump bottles are extremely durable and offer great protection to the product stored inside.


ItemSize(mm)Capacity(ml) Capacity(oz) Lid typeMOQPrice
APB-40066X150mm400ml14 ozPump lid2000$0.9-$1.2
APB-50066x190mm500ml16 ozPump lid2000 $1.0-$1.3
APB-60066X205mm or
600ml20 ozPump lid2000$1.1-$1.4
APB-75073X220mm750ml25 ozPump lid 2000 $1.2-$1.6

Types of pump lid

There are many pump lids to suit the pump or shampoo aluminum bottles. Based on the neck diameter, there are always 24mm or 28mm neck diameters, some have even larger diameter lids. Below please check the details.

Plastic pump lid

The plastic pump lids are made of plastic material. The whole pump lid is plastic. It allows you to generously apply a portion of lotion, creme, or body wash liquid with a single press of the cap. Simply press the lid, and the content of your aluminum pump bottle will be carefully controlled. Unlike spray caps, pump lids can be used with thicker lotions and cremes that are semi-liquid.

Aluminum pump lid

The aluminum pump lid is made of plastic and aluminum cover. These electroplate aluminum covers are metallic and shiny in color, which can let your wash body aluminum bottle stand out from normal bottles. Generally, it has gold and silver metallic pump lids in the market. And it has a minimum quantity requirement. Aluminum pump lids are much more durable and higher quality than plastic pump lids and also are more expensive than plastic lids.

Stainless steel pump lid

The stainless steel pump lid is made of stainless steel and plastic material. These electroplate stainless steel covers are metallic and shiny in color. Stainless steel pump lids are durable and rustless. They are of premium quality to match the aluminum bottle. The whole pump aluminum bottles match with metallic pump lids. However, these stainless steel pump lids are more expensive than plastic and aluminum pump lids. But normally we can also accept small quantities.

Aluminum custom shampoo bottle

FLYTINBOTTLE aluminum pump and shampoo bottles can be also customized or personalized easily. Custom colors are easy, like green, white, black, red, and gold aluminum pump and shampoo bottles. Not only custom colors on the bottles, but can also customize colors on the pumps.

We can also easily print your logo or put the labels on the aluminum pump and shampoo bottles. Custom logo aluminum shampoo bottles are good for your brand promotion and increase sales. It also brings a unique brand to customers compared with your competitors.

Applications and Advantages

Shampoo and conditioner in aluminum bottles are not just limited to personal use; they are also an excellent choice for professional settings such as salons and spas. The robustness of aluminum allows these bottles to withstand frequent handling and refilling, making them an ideal choice for businesses looking to reduce waste through reusable packaging solutions like refillable aluminium shampoo bottle options.

Travel size pump bottle and lotion bottle

Travel size pump bottles are typically smaller in size compared to regular bottles. They are perfect for carrying small amounts of liquids such as hand sanitizers, lotions, or shampoos. Meanwhile, Travel size pump bottles and lotion bottles need to be lightweight. It means they don’t take too much capacity in your handbag or luggage and are also lightweight to be carried everywhere.

Compared with glass or plastic travel pump bottles, these aluminum travel pump bottles have many advantages. Such as lightweight, recyclable, durable, cool metal feeling, and so on. Aluminum travel pump bottles are good for carrying in your handbag, backpack, or suitcase during travel or for everyday use. They provide convenience and ensure that your favorite products are easily accessible whenever you need them.

Aluminum bottle body wash

Aluminum pump bottles and aluminum shampoo bottles are good for body wash, or you can say they are body wash aluminum bottles. These body wash aluminum bottles are lightweight and easy to take and put in your washroom. Aluminum bottles are known for their resistance to corrosion. It helps to maintain the quality and freshness of the body wash inside.

Aluminum bottles are also considered more environmentally friendly than plastic alternatives. Aluminum is highly recyclable, making it a sustainable choice for packaging. Overall, body wash aluminum bottles are a popular choice for storing and using body wash.

How to open aluminum pump bottle

It is easy to open aluminum pump bottles. To use the bottle pump, just hold the lid and spin the pump on top. Most pumps need to be turned counterclockwise, but some may require a clockwise turn. For more details, please check below:

  1. Start by gripping the bottle firmly with one hand and locating the pump on top.
  2. Look for a small tab or lever on the pump. This is usually located on the side or underneath the pump mechanism.
  3. Gently lift or push the tab/lever to release the pump from its locked position.
  4. Once the pump is released, hold the bottle with one hand and use your other hand to twist the pump counterclockwise.
  5. Continue twisting until the pump is fully unscrewed from the bottle.
  6. Now you can easily access the contents of the bottle or refill it if needed.
  7. To close the bottle, simply screw the pump back on by turning it clockwise until it is securely tightened.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly open and close an aluminum pump bottle.

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