Chocolate tin

Chocolate tin is a tin box used to pack chocolates. Chocolates are always packed in plastic or paper box before. But, more and more companies choose to use metal containers for packing chocolates. Chocolate tins are of good quality, metal feeling than the other packing materials. Also, the environment is surrounded by too much plastic and consumers are more careful with their buying habits now. The tin box is a good choice, they are eco-friendly and recyclable.

Most of the chocolate tins are made by tinplate, but there are also some chocolate containers made of aluminum or stainless steel. It is proven that chocolate tins are good for sales. The decorative chocolate tins are good for brand promotion. Many chocolate companies put unique brand logos or patterns on the tins. For sure, the result is sales improved and it gives customers nice impression. There are many good brand companies that are already using chocolate tins, such as Starbucks, Hershey, Larin, Harry London, Louis Sherry and so on.

FLY tins offer chocolate tins bulk and wholesale in China for years. No matter whether you are looking for small or big, round or square chocolate tin containers. We can all give you our professional suggestions and the best service. If you are looking for bulk quantity chocolate tins, please feel free to contact us.

Hot Chocolate Tin

Hot chocolate, also known as hot cocoa or drinking chocolate, is quite common nowadays. It is a heated drink consisting of shaved chocolate, melted chocolate or cocoa powder, heated milk or water, and usually a sweetener.

Hot chocolate tin is used to store hot chocolate or cocoa. In order to keep the hot chocolate fresh, the tins need to be well sealed.Our aluminum tins are good for packing hot chocolate because they are seamlessly made. The tins have a PET liner inside the cap to seal the container and keep out air and moisture. The best storage tin for hot chocolate is our vacuum seal airtight tins, they are made by stainless steel with a freshness valve on top of the lids, you can check more details in our coffee tins.

Tin containers are the best storage containers for hot chocolate. They are lightweight, recyclable, eco-friendly, and so on. All our hot chocolate tins on sale are empty. If you have any interest in our hot chocolate tins, please let me know.

Christmas chocolate tins

Tins are good to store chocolate to celebrate Christmas and other holidays, just like cookie tins and candy tins. Christmas chocolate tins can be taken as gifts to your friends, lovers, neighbors, relatives, and so on, kids like them also. People love beautiful chocolate tins with types of chocolate inside during the Christmas holiday.

Our Christmas chocolate tins come in different sizes and shapes. We also have the type of Christmas tree. No matter the small or large one, you will always find a nice tin suitable for you.

Chocolate Biscuit Tin

As its name chocolate biscuit tins are used to store the chocolate biscuit. Chocolate cookie or biscuit is always a treat but with a rich and creamy filling they really are something else and the children will love this addition. The chocolate biscuit tin is good to be presented as a gift tin for kids during holidays. Both our round or rectangular tins are good to store the chocolate biscuits or cookies.

Printed chocolate tins

Like the other tin containers, chocolate tins are also easy to be printed or customized. You can print one color or multiple colors, it depends on your design or artwork. With a custom print, you can add your own personal touch that will make your brand stand out.

Printed chocolate tins are good for brand promotion. They are good to be sent as gift boxes.

Chocolate tins bulk and wholesale in China

As a tin and bottle manufacturer in China, FLY tin and bottle offers different types and sizes of chocolate tins bulk and wholesale. We have small chocolate tins, large chocolate tins, round chocolate tins, square chocolate tins,airtight chocolate tins, and so on. We have more than 1000 sets of molds in different sizes, below we only list some of our common chocolate tins specifications, you can also check other tins specifications on other pages.


ItemSize(DxH)ThicknessLid TypeTin shapeMaterialMOQ(pcs)
T-245S230x72mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate5000
T-245L265x75mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate5000
T-453190x50mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate5000
T-2267S167x46mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate5000
T-2267M178x60mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate5000
T-2267L190x75mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate5000
T-2257-2168x55mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate5000
T-156189x46mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate5000
T-152152x60mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate5000
T-165165x70mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate5000
T-180180x80mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate5000
T-197197x85mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate5000
T-123123x60mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate5000
T-170170x68mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate5000
T-220-1220x37mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate5000
T-220-2220x68mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate5000
T-220-3220X95mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate5000
T-222222x100mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate5000
T-260260x55mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRoundTinplate5000
TR-190190x110x30mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRectangularTinplate5000
TRW-180180x130x45mm0.23-0.28mmSlip Window lidRectangularTinplate5000
TR-180180x130x88mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRectangularTinplate5000
TR-280-1280x220x80mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRectangularTinplate5000
TR-280-2280x195x83mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidRectangularTinplate5000
TS-135135x135x115mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidSquareTinplate5000
TS-158158x158x65mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidSquareTinplate5000
TS-175175x175x60mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidSquareTinplate5000
TS-180180x180x65mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidSquareTinplate5000
TS-198198x198x64mm0.23-0.28mmSlip lidSquareTinplate5000
TE-120120x120x180mm0.23mmSlip lidEgg shapeTinplate5000
TE-6060x60x90mm0.23mmSlip lidEgg shapeTinplate5000
AL-330-1S108x45mm0.4mmSlip lidRoundAluminum5000
AL-350-3137x38mm0.6mmSlip lidRoundAluminum5000
AL-650-1135x56mm0.5mmScrew lidRoundAluminum5000
AL-1000-3200x41mm0.5mmSlip lidRoundAluminum5000
ItemCapacity mlCapacity ozSize(DxH)ThicknessLid TypTin shapeMOQ(pcs)
AL-300-1300ml10 oz100x42mm0.3 or 0.4mmScrew lidRound1000
AL-300-2300ml10 oz68x80mm0.4mmSlip cover with handleRound1000
AL-300-3300ml10 oz108x38mm0.4mmSlip coverRound1000
AL-300-4300ml10 oz65x84mm0.4mmScrew lidRound1000
AL-330-1330ml11 oz108x45mm0.4mmScrew lidRound1000
AL-330-1S330ml11 oz108x45mm0.4mmSlip coverRound1000
AL-350-1350ml12 oz82x75mm0.4mmScrew lidRound1000
AL-350-1W350ml12 oz82x75mm0.4mmPVC windowRound1000
AL-350-2350ml12 oz77x80mm0.6mmSlip coverRound1000
AL-500500ml17 oz82x100mm0.5mmScrew lidRound1000
AL-500-1W500ml17 oz82x100mm0.5mmPVC windowRound1000
AL-650-1650ml22 oz135x56mm0.5mmScrew lidRound1000
AL-650-2650ml22 oz82x115mm0.5mmScrew lidRound1000
AL-750750ml25 oz92x116mm0.5mmScrew lidRound1000
AL-750-1S750ml25 oz92x116mm0.5mmSlip coverRound1000
AL-1000-11000ml35 oz82x192mm0.5mmScrew lidRound1000
AL-1000-21000ml35 oz135x85mm0.5mmScrew lidRound1000
AL-1000-31000ml35 oz200x41mm0.5mmSlip coverRound1000
AP-400G400g400g104x80mm0.6-0.8mmSealed acrylic window lidRound1000
AP-400G400g400g88x100mm0.6-0.8mmSealed acrylic window lidRound1000
AP-700G700g700g104x120mm0.6-0.8mmSealed acrylic window lidRound1000
AP-1200G1200g1200g130x135mm0.6-0.8mmSealed acrylic window lidRound1000
AP-1600G1600g1600g130x165mm0.6-0.8mmSealed acrylic window lidRound500
AJ-500ML500ML17 oz88x112mm0.6-0.8mmScrew lidRound500
AJ-1000ML1000ML35 oz104x150mm0.6-0.8mmScrew lidRound500
AJ-2000ml2000ML68 oz130x210mm0.6-0.9mmScrew lidRound500
AJ-1800ml1800ml61 oz145x143mm0.6-0.9mmSealed lidRound500
AJ-3L3L101 oz145x210mm0.6-0.9mmSealed lidRound500
AJ-5L5L170 oz175x250mm0.8-0.9mmSealed lidRound500
AJ-9L9L304 oz230x255mm0.8-0.9mmSealed lidRound500
AJ-15L15L507 oz230x380mm1mmSealed lidRound500
AJ-15L15L507 oz252X346mm1mmSealed lidRound500
AJ-21L21L710 oz300x340mm1mmSealed lidRound500

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