Aluminum Cups

Aluminum cups are cups made of aluminum. At some places, it is also referred to as aluminum tumblers, alu cups, aluminium cups. The aluminum cup is sturdy, lightweight, durable, and cool to the touch. It offers consumers an enhanced beverage drinking experience. The aluminum cups are the perfect cups for parties, tailgating, outdoor events, and festivals, or anywhere you need a drinking cup that can be easily disposed of. 

The aluminum cup is totallyrecyclable, meaning it can be recycled over and over again without losing its quality. People are increasingly aware of where a lot of the world’s trash ends up and making a conscious decision to support companies who use recycled materials, or use materials that can be recycled. That’s the reason why ball aluminum cups are so successful. Compare with plastic cups, aluminum cups are recyclable, ECO-FRIENDLY, BPA-FREE, durable, and so on. After being used, an aluminum cup can be recycled and returned as a new cup or can in just 60 days after being used.

The aluminum material helps to temperature control your beverages. Aluminum has a higher heat transfer rate than iron, which is why it’s common to use aluminum cups for beers. As a result, aluminum cups are suitable for cold drink containers, such as water, beer, and beverages. Aluminum cups could keep drinks colder.

FLY cups offer aluminum cups one-stop bulk and wholesale in China. We accept small quantities of aluminum cups, we also accept customized logo aluminium cups. All our aluminum cups are safe for drinking. If you have any interest in our aluminum cups, please feel free to contact us.

Aluminum Disposable Cups and Aluminum Solo Cups

According to the times of use, aluminum cups can be divided into two types, disposable aluminum cups, and solo aluminum cups.

Disposable aluminum cups are very thin(0.2-0.5mm), can be directly squashed for recycling after use. Disposable aluminum cups can be used several times(less than 100 times), but not long enough.

Solo aluminum cups are thick(approx 0.5-1mm), can be used for several years. They are much more durable and not easy to be broken.

Solo aluminum cups compared with disposable aluminum cups are more expensive, because the process is more and high requirements. Both solo aluminum cups and disposable aluminum cups are reusable aluminum cups.

Below we would like to introduce some of our aluminum cups with details:

Disposable aluminum cup

We have totally 8 different sizes and capacities for disposable aluminum cups. We can accept MOQ 2000pcs for the basic one with or without any logo printing. Compared with solo aluminum cups, disposable aluminum cups are much cheaper. Actually, many of our customers use our disposable aluminum cups for months or years without any breakable.

Unlike the disposable aluminum foil cups, our disposable aluminum cups are thin and can be washed under water and reused for times.

  • INFINITELY RECYCLABLE: Made from 100% aluminum that recycles over and over without losing quality. 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today! Simply fill, use, reuse, and then recycle like you would an aluminum can!
  • A superior cold-drink experience vs. other disposable cups.
  • Customized color or logo is available but requires minimum quantity.
  • Lightweight, durable.
  • Great for everyday use and get-togethers
  • Made in China
  • Customized logo MOQ: 2000pcs


Capacity(oz) Capacity(ml) Weight(g)Height(cm)Top diameter (cm)Bottom diameter (cm)Supply Ability(Mon)MOQEXW Price
8 oz230 ml15.$0.4-$0.9
10 oz296 ml20.2 8.428.065.321M2000$0.5-$0.9
12 oz355 ml23.39.338.345.481M2000$0.5-$1.0
14 oz 425 ml26.412.58.55.51M2000 $0.5-$1.0
16 oz473 ml29.511.15 8.95.81M2000$0.6-$1.1
18 oz532 ml3312.59.261M2000$0.6-$1.1
20 oz591 ml36.$0.7-$1.2
22 oz651 ml39.213.99.766.321M2000$0.7-$1.2

Solo aluminum cups

As its name solo aluminum cups are individual cups when used, sometimes we also call them reusable aluminum cups. They can be also reused after being washed by hands. The solo aluminum cups are totally recyclable. Compared with disposable aluminum cups, solo aluminum cups are thicker and more expensive.

Solo aluminum cups are good for everyday use, you can use them to drink beer, wine, vodka, juice, water and so. It gives you the best touching feeling, thinking about in the summer, has a cool cold drinking beer or water, it’s really amazing.

Solo aluminum cups can be in colors with a surface anodizing process. The aluminum red solo cup is welcomed by customers. Not only red, the green, blue, yellow, pink, black, gold, purple colors are also available.

  • Durable aluminum material
  • A complete range to meet the bartending needs of professional bartenders
  • Classic design, simple and stylish
  • Very suitable for party, families, couples and friends get together
  • You can put it in many places, such as a table, bar dining table, Indoor and outdoor, home, etc


Capacity(oz) Capacity(ml) Weight(g)Height(cm)Top diameter (cm)Bottom diameter (cm)Supply Ability(Mon)MOQEXW Price
8 oz237 ml17.17.517.785.161M2000$0.5-$0.9
10 oz296 ml20.2 8.428.065.321M2000$0.6-$0.9
12 oz355 ml23.39.338.345.481M2000$0.6-$1.0
14 oz 425 ml26.410.248.625.641M2000 $0.6-$1.0
16 oz473 ml29.511.15 8.95.81M2000$0.7-$1.1
18 oz532 ml3312.19.261M2000$0.7-$1.1
20 oz591 ml36.1139.486.161M2000$0.8-$1.2
22 oz651 ml39.213.99.766.321M2000$0.8-$1.2

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Custom Aluminum Cups

We accept custom or Personalized Aluminum Cups. Custom or Personalized Aluminum Cups offer a unique and innovative way to differentiate your company or product from competitors. They provide you with an unlimited resource for self-promotion and creating brand awareness.

We accept custom colored aluminum cups, logo or patterned aluminum cups, size or capacity aluminum cups.

custom ball aluminum cups

Normally ball aluminum cups come with 16oz and 20oz capacity. So if you are looking for other sizes of ball aluminum cups, you can check and contact us. We also accept custom logos and colors for your own personalized aluminum cups, it is good for your aluminum cups and product sales. Remember that custom logos and colors require a minimum of 2000pcs quantity.

Colored aluminum cups

Colored aluminum cups mean the aluminum cups come in different colors. Normally these are anodized aluminum cups, the aluminum surface can be anodized in different colors which are safe and hard enough. We have red, blue, black, pink, gold colored aluminum cups and so on. Some aluminum cups can be also painted in different colors.

The colored aluminum cups normally require a higher MOQ than the common silver color. Confirm the Pantone color number of custom color and the surface finishing for your custom aluminum cup, such as anodized, spray painting, etc. You can send some photos for our sales to confirm what is the surface treatment exactly.

Custom logo or printing

 We offer you the possibility to create your own custom-made aluminum cups. Whether you’re looking for a single color or multi-color print, or for a simple paper etiquette – everything is possible.

We also can do debossing or embossing logos on the aluminum cups. Customers can also add the hidden tick mark on the cups.

For the logo, we can have one color silk screen printing, laser engraving logo is also accepted. For multiple colors, we normally print by water transfer or heat transfer.

Design your custom artwork for your cups with CorelDRAW or Illustrator format document. We will confirm the logo placement, sizes, and technique you want to make your custom logo, such as silk screen printing, heat transfer printing, and offset printing. We check if it can be manufactured and what technique is most economical with the best quality, then confirm back sample plate charge cost, sample lead time, product unit cost, production lead time.

Custom sizes

We also accept custom sizes aluminum cups. No matter small or large aluminum cups, we all have. For small aluminum cups, we can custom sizes in 2 oz, 4 oz, 6 oz, and so on. Custom sizes aluminum cups are exactly different in sizes or shapes, it makes your aluminum cups exactly different from the competitors.

Custom size and shape of a new mold aluminum cup with a unique shape would be your custom mold with exclusive manufacturing with FLY aluminum cups.

Custom Packing

CUSTOM PACKING can make aluminum cups look better with nice packaging. It is good for your brand products sales and promotion. We can have custom color paper box packing, paper promotion box packing, and so on.

We are available in a head-turning variety of premium, retail-ready, and 100% recyclable cartons.

  • window carton—10pcs of 16oz cups
  • Color carton—10pcs of 16oz cups
  • Color carton—20pcs of 16oz cups
  • PP Bag—10pcs/20pcs of 16oz cups
  • carton display-5/10/20 carton display of 16 oz. cups/20 oz cups.

Recyclable aluminum cups

If you are looking for recyclable aluminum cups, then you have found the right places.  The aluminum cup can be recycled many times over, making it environmentally friendly and cost-effective for companies to use. The reason aluminum cup can be recycled over and over is that it does not lose any of their properties during the recycling process.

People are aware of plastic pollution more and more now. They would like to protect the environment and the earth. So they are switching to recycled aluminum cups or recyclable aluminum cups from plastic cups or paper cups. Some big companies like Ball also use recyclable aluminum cups.

Usages of aluminum cups:

Aluminum cups have usages for beer, juices, drinks, cold water, and so on. It depends on the purpose of the people who use it. They are also good for the party, weddings, camping and so on.

Aluminum beer cup

Aluminum is always good for beers, before are aluminum beer cans, and aluminum beer bottles, it’s the time for aluminum beer cups now.

Beer in aluminum cups feels cooler than in glass bottles, it also tastes good. It is proven that heat transfers fast in aluminum than in glass.

Aluminum drinking cup

Aluminum drinking cups are used to replace paper drinking cups or plastic drinking cups. The aluminum drinking cup is lightweight, and durable, and can be washed under water or by dishwasher.

Aluminum drinking cups are recyclable and reusable. They can be used many times. They are not only for drinking water but also for other juices, teas, coffee, milk, and so on.

Aluminum wine cup

The aluminum wine cup comes in a glass wine shape, it’s good for wine or beer drinking. Compare with glass, it’s a metal feeling, is lightweight, and is not breakable. No matter whether you are looking for small or large aluminum wine cups, we all have. Please check below the details:


Capacity (oz) Capacity (ml) Weight(g)Height(cm)Top diameter (cm)Bottom diameter (cm)MOQPrice
2 oz60 ml146.67.552000$0.6-$1.1
5 oz150 ml17.17.517.785.162000$0.6-$1.1
8 oz250 ml20.28.428.065.322000$0.6-$1.2
13 oz384 ml23.39.338.345.482000$0.6-$1.2
16 oz492 ml29.511.158.95.82000$0.6-$1.2
20 oz600 ml36.1139.486.162000$0.6-$1.2

Aluminum Party cups

Aluminum cups are good for the party. Many of our customers use aluminum cups for party celebrations. It’s a new innovation to replace paper cups or plastic cups. Think about the friends, and family gathering together to use aluminum cups to cheers, that’s really amazing.

Some of our customers even use aluminum party cups for weddings. They always print each other’s names, short stories, and hearts to show their love for each other.

Aluminum CAMPING cup

The traditional camping cup is with a handle or two handles. That to be honest not so good-looking. Our fashion aluminum camping cups are with good shape and style, it is also stackable like paper cups, so it actually saves space when you are camping. The aluminum cups take little space and they are easy to be taken anywhere.

Aluminum Cup Price or Cost

When you want to create a custom design aluminum cup, you should know how much it costs to manufacture a cup and what can affect the cost?

The aluminum cups cost can be very different depending on your custom parts design and the order quantities.

1. Material cost: aluminum

For example, product design cost will begin when you set up the project even if it does not start production; your material cost is often given per g. It’s important to know there would be a material waste at the beginning of each production, which means your order quantities are bigger. The average waste of raw material for each product is less.

If you choose stainless steel material, the cost will be more expensive than aluminum. Because stainless steel is more expensive and heavy than aluminum.

2. Size or capacity

It is obvious that a small aluminum cup is much cheaper than a large aluminum cup. So when you choose the aluminum cups, you should choose the suitable capacity, the 10 oz to 20 oz aluminum cups are mostly used aluminum cups in the market.

3. The cost of different order quantities

The order quantities have a big impact on production manufacturing costs. The more quantities you order, the more price you can save.

The cost saving is mainly on the production process, the more quantity you order, the timing for adjusting the toolings/machines is saving, and also the work process will be highly effective.

Also, you can save shipment costs a lot by different quantities. For a standard size 16 or 17oz/500ml aluminum cup, you can choose shipment as follow:

  • less than 100pcs; Express or air shipment, fast but quite expensive
  • 100~3000 pcs; sea shipment slow and expensive
  • 20000 pcs; sea shipment FCL 20″ GP container, slow and cheap
  • 40000 pcs; sea shipment FCL 40″ GP container, slow and very cheap

4. The timing of your order

When your aluminum cup order quantities are small or only one-time orders, and the delivery time is urgent, the prices would be higher than usual.

5. cost of different surface finish

We can do different custom surface treatments for your aluminum cups depending on your design needs.

There’s no plate charge when you only want to apply different Pantone colors with painting or anodized. However anodized prices are always more expensive than spray painting.

It would have a plate fee cost when you want to have different graphic decorations for your custom design cup with different techniques, such as logo printing, logo embossing, heat transfer printing, silk printing, offset printing, pad printing, etc. Also like heat transfer printing, offset or pad printing costs are always more expensive than silk printing or logo embossing.

The plate charge cost will start from $30 to $600, sample lead time from 7 days to 15 days.

6. Labour cost

The labor cost does keep increasing year by year. We need to think of the labor cost from the cup design to reduce the product unit cost by the useless hand-made manufacturing process.

7. Additional cost

Packaging cost; with some unique products which need a custom design packaging will cause an additional cost. The more premium packaging it looks, the more expensive it costs.


After being used, an aluminum cup can be recycled and returned as a new cup or can in just 60 days after being used. It can also be recycled to take on a new life as a car, laptop, or bicycle.

For more details, please check here.

While some aluminum cups are labeled as dishwasher safe, many are not. It is best to hand wash the aluminum cups. If you decide to place one in the dishwasher, opt for the top rack and skip the high heat of the drying cycle that can cause the seal to break and water to enter the airspace.

Aluminum cup is a cup made of aluminum (or aluminium, in British English). In some pace, it is also referred to as aluminum tumblers, alu cups, aluminum glasses.

There are different types of cups; you can find out glass cups, plastic cups, paper cups, but the best option for your drinking are aluminum cups.

Along with their handheld size, the aluminum material helps to temperature control your beverages. That means your lemonade will stay cold longer than if it was in a plastic cup.

Yes, aluminum is safe to drink from, eat from, and cook with, which is why we confidently chose aluminum for our earth-saving reusable bottle and cup. Aluminum, stainless steel, and glass are some of the safest containers we can drink out of.

For more details, please check here.

The world’s well-known brands that use aluminum cups are

  • Coca-Cola Aluminum Cup
  • Ball Aluminum cup
  • Coors light aluminum cup
  • Bud light aluminum cups
  • Budweiser aluminum cup world cup

We don’t recommend putting the aluminum cup in the dishwasher because high temperatures will damage the aluminum cup’s internal coating and external printing. If you have a dishwasher requirement, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we will use a unique process to treat the aluminum cup to ensure that it passes the dishwasher test.

Below are the steps to wash your aluminum cups:

  • Pour some salt or detergents into the cups.
  • Then add warm water to the cups and wipe with your hands.
  • Pour out the dirt inside and rinse it again with clean water at last.
  • After cleaning the inner of cups, let’s clean the mouth of the cup. When cleaning the mouth of the cup, apply some toothpaste to the cup’s mouth. Brush again with a toothbrush.

Aluminum cups are usually made with 1070 aluminum which is widely used in aluminum bottles, have great performance on corrosion prevention, recyclable, eco-friendly, 100% comply with food contact regulation of FDA(USA) and LFGB(EU).

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