Coffee Tin

The coffee tins are used to store coffees, either ground coffee or coffee beans. It is also called coffee tin can, coffee tin canister, metal coffee tin, tin coffee can, coffee canister, coffee container, coffee storage canister, and so on. Coffee that is exposed to the environment loses its aroma and freshness in a very short time, and that is why the best way to store ground coffee or coffee beans is to use a coffee tin.

It is proved that coffee stores in tins or canisters keep their essential properties and freshness. Meanwhile FLY coffee tin canisters are always lightweight, durable, food-safe, and recyclable. We have different sizes of coffee tins in large and small, that allow you to choose and put them anywhere. The coffee tins are easy to be refilled or reused, even you don’t use them to store coffee, they can be also used for storage others.

It is known that these metal coffee containers help to keep the ground coffee or coffee beans in good condition and make coffee beans store longer life. Especially the airtight coffee container. The airtight coffee container can seal and protect the coffee from oxygen and absorption of odors.

Coffee tins bulk and wholesale

FLY tins offer empty coffee tins bulk and wholesale in China. We have sizes of coffee tins, mostly are round shapes, but we also have square and rectangular coffee tins on your need. No matter you are looking for large or small coffee tins, we can give your our best solutions.

As a storage tin for coffee, we suggest our airtight coffee tins which are the best to store your coffee beans or ground coffee, because they can prevent the coffee from losing its properties.

Airtight coffee container

Above we have introduced those airtight coffee containers are the best containers to store coffee beans or ground coffee. The main reason is that it can keep the coffee beans or ground coffee airtight and fresh. Another reason is that keeping the beans or ground coffee dry, any coffee container that does this will also protect those precious beans from the perils of light and heat too. This is the best way to ensure you will have the freshest coffee.

Coffee canister with scoop

The coffee canister with scoop is good for sales. It is quite convenient for customers who use it every day. The scoop holds a capacity of 30ml or 1 oz, it is also a good measurement tool.

The scoop is made of stainless steel which is quite durable to use. It can be hung on the coffee canister. You can see the above details of our airtight coffee canister with scoop.

Coffee tin cans with lids

The coffee tin can with lid is easy to open and refill, the coffee beans can be also easily taken out of the container. There are many types of lids for coffee cans, some are screw-on lids, and some are slip insert lids. The most important is that the lid needs to be well sealed so that it can keep the air, and moisture out of the container.

Some lid comes with a valve that can draw the air out of the container, such as our vacuum seal airtight coffee containers. Like the Airscape coffee container, it has a patented plunger lid that removes and locks out air and humidity. Some lids have a rubber seal ring that makes the container airtight. Others have a clear lid on top which allows people to see through the container.

Decorative coffee canister

Decorative coffee canister is good for sales and brand promotion, especially for new brand coffees. Think about a creative design logo on your coffer tins, it brings sales increase for sure. Either a simple one-color logo or complicated pattern printing, we can do it for you. Whether you are looking for small or large decorative coffee tins, square or round shapes, we can all give you the solution. It is even possible to choose from different construction and closing methods. Like this, your coffee tins will fully represent your brand or product.

The most important to decorating your coffee container is your logo. We can either laser print, silk screen print, or label a custom logo on your own coffee canister. If you need a custom decorative coffee container, please feel free to contact us.

Vintage coffee tins

Vintage coffee tins are also called antique coffee tins or old coffee tins. Tin containers or canisters are used to store coffee for quite a long time. Due to its long history, there are many old coffee tins that exist, many people like to collect these vintage coffee tins as a habit. Most of the vintage coffee tins are made by tin plates. Here FLY tins also offer vintage coffee tins bulk and wholesale in China. We use the process of surface treatment to deal with the tins which make the tins look old.


The best container to store coffee should keep coffee beans or ground coffee fresh and store long enough so that the coffee can keep the best taste. Air, UV light, and moisture can all ruin your beans before you can enjoy them. Which means you’ve gotta protect them. So we think the vacuum stainless steel airtight coffee containers are the best container to store coffee.

Coffee beans kept in an airtight container can last for up to 9 months (although we don’t recommend pushing it), while coffee grounds can last for several months.

For more details, please check our blog here.

21 grams equals 0.74 oz of coffee. Therefore, from a 12-ounce coffee container, you will get 12/0.74=16 cups of coffee.

No! Never! Refrigerated coffee will taste horrible – absolutely horrific. Since coffee is hygroscopic, it should be stored in an opaque, air-tight container at room temperature, such as this Coffee Canister. I would advise against putting it in the refrigerator – not because of the canister but because the fridge is not a good environment for your coffee. The change in temperature from going in and out of the fridge can cause condensation and moisture which is terrible for your coffee.

Sure thing, you can store the ground coffee in this canister. We designed these canisters to do the best job possible and they really do keep your coffee fresher for longer.

The numbers on tops are for the month and day to set your coffee’s expiration date.

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