Aluminum Tumblers

You have used stainless steel or glass tumblers, but you may never use aluminum tumblers. Aluminum tumblers are also called aluminum glasses. They are made of quality aluminum raw materials. Aluminum tumblers are reliable and durable, sturdy and firm, reusable, not easy to deform or break, which can serve you for a long time.

Aluminum tumblers are good for drinking. Especially good for beer, juice, beverages, cold water, wine, and so on. Aluminum has a higher heat transfer rate than iron, stainless steel, plastic, or glass. Aluminum tumblers could keep drinks colder. They can keep the drink cool on summer days. They can lock the drinks at cool temperatures and make the drink cool-tasting for some time.

Aluminum is also the most recyclable material in the world. Aluminum can be recycled easily without too much energy. Compared with glass or plastic tumblers, aluminum tumblers are highly recyclable. Join the movement toward sustainability with these reusable aluminum tumblers. Unlike disposable cups that harm the environment, these metal aluminum glasses will give you a good use experience.

FLYTINBOTTLE has offered types of aluminum tumblers bulk and wholesale in China for years. We can accept small quantities of custom color and logo aluminum tumblers. If you are interested in these reusable and recyclable aluminum tumblers, please feel free to contact us.

Aluminum Tumblers With Lids

Aluminum tumblers with lids and straws are easy to drink. These aluminum tumblers with lids are lightweight to hold, they are good for drinking juice, beer, and water, and so on.

The lids are made from high-quality PP raw materials which is not that type of disposable PE or PET plastic lids. It has a seal rubber ring inside the lids, so it can seal tightly with the lids and avoid leaking. This is also different with these disposable lids that are easy to leak.

Aluminum tumblers with lids have two functions. One is drinking directly from the side hole, another one is drinking by straw. They can be suited for different people, even kids like them because they are easy to hold, leakproof, cool feeling, and so on.

Personalized or custom aluminum tumblers

If you are looking for red, blue, purple, pink, orange, black, or gold-colored aluminum tumblers. Please feel free to contact us. Not only these basic colors, we can also accept custom-colored aluminum glasses, if you want to custom your aluminum tumblers, tell us the Pantone color number, and we will give you colored aluminum tumblers.

FLYTINBOTTLE Cups offers colored aluminum tumblers one-stop bulk and wholesale in China. We accept minimum quantities of 2000pcs for our colored aluminum tumblers, we also accept customized logo aluminum tumblers. All our aluminum-colored tumblers are safe for drinking. If you have any interest in our aluminum glasses, please feel free to contact us

branded logo aluminum tumblers

The easiest way to customize your aluminum tumblers is by adding your own branded logo on it. Luckily FLYTINBOTTLE offers types of ways to brand logo aluminum tumblers.

If your branded logo is only in simple 1-2 colors, we can use silk screen printing which is the simplest and the printing cost is cheapest. Then if you have multiple colors logos that need to be printed on the aluminum tumblers, we have to print by UV printing, heat transfer printing, water transfer, and 3D printing which requires tooling fees and much higher printing costs. Besides these, we can also accept debossed or embossed logos on the cups.

Branded logo aluminum tumblers make your tumblers different from the other brands. It brings good sales and leaves a good impression on people who use these aluminum tumblers.

anodized aluminum tumblers

Aluminum tumblers’ colors are anodized by aluminum anodization. Anodized aluminum is aluminum that has been treated to develop an exceptionally durable finish. To create anodized aluminum, you use an electrochemical process where the metal is immersed in a series of tanks, where in one of the tanks, the anodic layer is grown from the metal itself.

Because this anodized layer is created from the aluminum itself, rather than being painted on or applied, this anodized aluminum will never chip, flake, or peel, and it is much more durable than any other similar material on the market.

Anodized aluminum glasses can be in different colors. They are food-safe. The anodized aluminum tumblers are good for drinking.

Aluminum tumblers bulk and wholesale

FLYTINBOTTLE has types of aluminum tumblers in different sizes and capacities. If you are looking for small sizes, then we have 10 oz, and 12 oz small aluminum tumblers. If you are looking for large capacities, then we have 20 oz or 22 oz larger aluminum tumblers. We can also customize aluminum tumblers in sizes and capacities.

Tell us your demands, then we will also help you to choose the best aluminum tumblers. We accept a minimum quantity of 2000pcs for our colored aluminum tumblers with or without a branded logo. We have been the original aluminum tumbler manufacturer in China for more than 15 years. We can provide DDP door-to-door prices to your address.


ItemCapacity(oz)Capacity(ml) Weight(g)Height(cm)Top diameter (cm)Bottom diameter (cm)Color optionMOQEXW Factory unit Price
SLT-1212 oz350 ml35127.55.5Silver, red, black, blue, gold, purple, green or custom Pantone colors2000usd$0.7-$0.9
SLT-1616 oz 450 ml45138.56.0Silver, red, black, blue, gold, purple, green or custom Pantone colors2000 usd$0.78-$0.98
SLT-1818 oz520 ml50158.06.0Silver, red, black, blue, gold, purple, green or custom Pantone colors2000usd$0.85-$1.05
SLT-2020 oz590 ml5814.68.66.2Silver, red, black, blue, gold, purple, green or custom Pantone colors2000usd$1.0-$1.2
SLT-2121 oz620 ml60159.06.0Silver, red, black, blue, gold, purple, green or custom Pantone colors2000usd$1.05-$1.25
SLT-2222 oz660 ml6516.58.56.2Silver, red, black, blue, gold, purple, green or custom Pantone colors2000usd$1.15-$1.35
SLD-1212 oz350 ml35127.55.5Silver, red, black, blue, gold, purple, green or custom Pantone colors2000usd$0.8-$1.1
SLA-1414 oz420 ml45Silver, red, black, blue, gold, purple, green or custom Pantone colors2000usd$1.0-$1.3
SLA-1616 oz500 ml50Silver, red, black, blue, gold, purple, green or custom Pantone colors2000usd$0.9-$1.3
SLB-1212 oz350ml40Silver, red, black, blue, gold, purple, green or custom Pantone colors2000usd$0.9-$1.3
SLC-2424 oz710ml70Silver, red, black, blue, gold, purple, green or custom Pantone colors2000usd$1.2-$1.5
SLE-1414 oz410ml45Silver, red, black, blue, gold, purple, green or custom Pantone colors2000usd$0.8-$1.3

Are aluminum tumblers safe to drink from?

The answer to this question is yes. People may be concerned about drinking from aluminum tumblers, but actually aluminum tumblers are safe to drink from. Aluminum is widely used for making disposable and reusable drinking vessels or food containers because it is lightweight, strong and does not rust or corrode like other metals. You can see types of aluminum water bottles, aluminum lunch boxes, aluminum tins around our life.

All our aluminum tumblers are anodized food safe both inside and outside. You can check our food safe testing report from SGS. All the migiration and food safe test is passed.

Due to misconceptions about aluminum cookware, some people worry that aluminum leaches into food, liquid, or beverages stored in aluminum tumblers. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), this is an old concern, since aluminum tumblers, aluminum cups and aluminum foods containers have a coating on the inside that resists leaching. Many labs can also do these migiration and food safe test and it is proved that aluminum containers or tumblers are food safe for sure.

Retro aluminum tumbler

Retro aluminum tumbler is cool and refreshing as a tall gin fizz in July of 1961! Six Anodized Aluminum Tumblers, with bright jewel colors, just like you remember! For the younger set, I guess they’re “retro chic.” Either way, they are the same as they ever were… practical and great looking. Each approx. 3 x 5″ h., 16-oz. capacity. One of each color: gold, green, purple, red, blue, and light blue. Even helps keep track of whose is who’s.

One of our customers says: “These cups bring me back to my childhood. They’re sturdy, hold plenty, and keep my drink colder and better than the plastic ones I used to hoard. Not only that, but they stack easily and take up far less room in my cupboard.”

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