Rose Gold Candle Tins

Rose gold candle tins typically refer to small containers, usually made of tinplate (a thin tin-coated iron), that are used to house candles. The “rose gold” part refers to the color and finish of these tins, which have a pinkish-gold color, reminiscent of the precious metal alloy known as rose gold. Some people also called them copper candle tins because of the color also look like copper color.

Such candle tins are often used in the production of scented candles. They are also popular in DIY candle-making projects due to their aesthetic appeal, portability, and protective quality they offer to the candle. The rose gold finish gives the tins a chic, elegant look that can add a touch of luxury to any space. They are perfect for gifting, decorating, or as part of a relaxing self-care routine.

The tins often come with a lid, making them excellent for travel candles. They can be reused or repurposed once the original candle has burned down. Depending on the manufacturer, the candle itself can come in a variety of scents.

2oz rose gold candle tins

2oz rose gold candle tins are small tin containers, with a rose gold color, which hold approximately 2 ounces of candle wax.

They are particularly popular for candle-making, either for personal use or for selling. The 2oz size is quite small, making these ideal for sample sizes, gifts, or travel candles. The rose gold color adds a chic and stylish touch, making them appealing to many consumers.

These tins often come with a lid, which makes it easy to preserve the candle when not in use and allows for safe transportation without worrying about the wax spilling or the scent dissipating.

After the candle has been used up, the tins can be cleaned and reused, either for more candles or for other purposes, like storing small items.

ItemCapacity(oz)Capacity(ml)Size (DxH) mmLidMOQ(pcs)EXW factory
unit price
T-60-12 oz60 ml50x40mmSlip lid400USD $0.25-$0.35
AL-60-12 oz60 ml68X26mmScrew lid690USD $0.25-$0.35

4 oz rose gold candle tins

These 4 oz rose gold candle tins that are typically coated with a rose gold finish and are designed to hold about 4 ounces of candle wax.

The 4oz size is a popular choice for candle makers and consumers. It’s a small but substantial size, good for personal use, gifts, or selling. They are perfect for a variety of settings, such as living spaces, bathrooms, and offices, providing a significant burn time without taking up much space.

Like other candle tins, these often come with a lid, which helps preserve the candle and its scent when not in use, and makes it easier to carry or transport without wax spillage. The rose gold finish gives the tins a stylish, upscale look that can complement a wide range of decor styles.

Once the candle has been used up, the tin can be cleaned and reused for a new candle, or repurposed to store small items. It’s an eco-friendly choice for those interested in reducing waste.

ItemCapacity(oz)Capacity(ml)Size (DxH) mmLidMOQ(pcs)EXW factory
unit price
T-4oz-14 oz120 ml65x45mmSlip lid384USD $0.30-$0.40
T-4oz-24 oz120 ml65x52mmSlip lid384USD $0.35-$0.45
AL-4oz-14 oz120 ml65x50mmScrew lid1000USD $0.35-$0.45

8 oz rose gold candle tins

These 8 oz rose gold candle tins are containers typically made of tin, coated with a rose gold finish, designed to hold around 8 ounces of candle wax.

The 8oz size is a medium size, often used for candles meant for regular use. It provides a longer burn time compared to smaller sizes, making it a popular choice for consumers. These tins are practical and stylish for home or office use, and can also be great for gifting.

Just like the smaller versions, these rose gold candle tins usually come with a lid to help preserve the candle’s scent, protect the wax from dust, and make it easier to transport if necessary. The rose gold finish provides a chic and elegant aesthetic that can enhance a variety of decor styles.

After the candle has been used up, the tins can be reused. They can be cleaned out and used to hold a new candle, or they can be repurposed as storage for small items, contributing to waste reduction and sustainable living.

ItemCapacity(oz)Capacity(ml)Size (DxH) mmLidMOQ(pcs)EXW factory
unit price
T-8oz-18 oz240 ml80x52mmSlip lid192USD $0.36-$0.46
T-8oz-28 oz240 ml80x61mmSlip lid192USD $0.43-$0.53
T-8oz-48 oz240 ml88X56mmSlip lid192USD $0.43-$0.53
T-8oz-58 oz240 ml88X56mmSlip lid192USD $0.43-$0.53
AL-8oz-18 oz250 ml92x45mmScrew lid250USD $0.45-$0.55

Copper candle tins

Copper candle tins are quite close to rose gold candle tins, this is because the rose gold color is close to the copper color. Copper candle tins refer to candle containers typically made from tin or another lightweight metal, which are then finished with a copper coating. This gives them the warm, rustic aesthetic associated with copper, while maintaining the durability and lightweight properties of tin.

Copper candle tins can come in a variety of sizes, such as 2oz, 4oz, 8oz and so on, to accommodate different amounts of candle wax. They often have a lid, which helps to protect the candle and preserve its scent when not in use. The lid also makes the tins more portable and prevents the wax from spilling.

Copper candle tins are popular for both their functional and decorative aspects. They are widely used in the production of scented candles, and are also common in DIY candle-making projects. The copper finish can add a touch of elegance and vintage appeal to any setting, making them great for personal use, as gifts, or for resale.

Rose gold candle tins bulk and wholesale

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