2 oz tin containers wholesale

With a content of 60ml or 2 oz, these empty tin containers are great for holding all sorts of small items. Each tin can has been produced out of a single sheet of high-end aluminum or tin plate. This gives your seamless tins a beautiful and smooth finish. They furthermore come with rolled edges and are 100% food-safe and BPA free. Thanks to this, your small metal containers can be used without any worries for the storage of cosmetics as well as wet and dry foods alike.

  • Material: Aluminum.
  • Capacity: 2oz or 60ml.
  • Lightweight,durable and rustless.
  • High-end and BPA-free aluminum makes these cans 100% food-safe.
  • MOQ: 2000pcs with lower prices.
  • One stop door to door service by air or by sea.
  • Customized colors and printing are available.


  • We have different sizes of 2 oz tin containers with screw lid tins, PET window screw lid tins or click lid tins.
  • High Quality: Premium rust-proof food-grade aluminum, so that you could use them to storage many kinds of things.
  • Safety: these tin cans have no sharp edges, easy and safe to open and close; All edges are rounded and are seamlessly formed
  • Durable, lightweight and do not take many positions in your handbag, you can take it to travel, business trips and camping, and so on.
  • Perfect for DIY lip balms, pills, party favors, candies, mints, vitamins, or to include in gifts. Empty tins have multiple DIY uses.
  • Comes with an white EPE liner to keep out air and moisture.
  • Custom design available subject to an MOQ.

These basic 60ml tin containers can be used to hold numerous of different products. Thanks to their compact size, these small metal containers are among the most popular packaging materials in the cosmetics, sweets, and medical industries. Additionally, they are also commonly used for DIY purposes or to hold scented candles. These metal tins are 100% food-safe and BPA free. Therefore you won’t have to worry about the quality of your goods getting affected by these tin cans. The empty cans are furthermore resistant to any form of corrosion. This allows you to use them for storing dry and wet products alike.

If you’re looking for cheap and unique packaging to store your goods, these tin containers offer the perfect solution. What’s great about these small metal containers is the fact that they are highly customizable. With the choice of different printing techniques, you’ll be able to let these metal tins fully represent your brand or product. Whether you’re looking for laser engraving, a full-color print, or a simple sticker or paper etiquette – nothing is impossible with empty tin cans.

With a content of 60ml, these empty tin containers are great for holding all sorts of small items. Each tin can has been produced out of a single sheet of high-end aluminum. This gives your seamless tins a beautiful and smooth finish. When requested, our metal tins can be equipped with an EPE liner, it keeps out external air, moist, and light by sealing off your tin container more tightly.


Item listMaterialCapacitySize (DxH) mmLidThicknessShapeMOQ(pcs)
T-60Tinplate2 oz or 60ml50x40mmSlip lid0.23mmRound 400
AL-50-1Aluminum1.76 oz or 50ml50x32mmAluminum screw lid0.3mmRound 2000
AL-50-2Aluminum1.76 oz or 50ml58x22mmAluminum screw lid0.3mmRound 2000
AL-50-3Aluminum1.76 oz or 50ml52x25mmPVD window lid0.3mmRound 2000
AL-50-4Aluminum1.76 oz or 50ml45x36mmSlipcover0.3mmRound 2000
AL-50-4AAluminum1.76 oz or 50ml45x36mmAluminum screw lid0.3mmRound 2000
AL-50-5Aluminum1.76 oz or 50ml80x16mmSlipcover0.3mmRound 2000
AL-55-1Aluminum1.9 oz or 55ml50x38mmSlip lid0.3mmRound 2000
AL-55-2Aluminum1.9 oz or 55ml56x27mmAluminum screw lid0.3mmRound 2000
AL-55-2WAluminum1.9 oz or 55ml56x27mmPET window lid0.3mmRound 2000
AL-55-3Aluminum1.9 oz or 55ml62x22mmSlip lid0.3mmRound 2000
AL-60-1Aluminum2 oz or 60ml68X26mmScrew lid0.3mmRound 2000
AL-60-2Aluminum2 oz or 60ml70X25mmScrew lid0.3mmRound 2000
AL-60-3Aluminum2 oz or 60ml65X30mmClick lid0.3mmRound 2000
AL-60-4Aluminum2 oz or 60ml60X30mmSlipcover0.3mmRound 2000
AL-60-4WAluminum2 oz or 60ml60X30mmPET Window lid0.3mmRound 2000
AL-65Aluminum2.2 oz or 65ml77X33mmClick lid0.3mmRound 2000
AL-70Aluminum2.4 oz or 70ml50X50mmScrew lid0.3mmRound 2000
RAL-60Aluminum2 oz or 60ml72x53x24mmSlipcover0.3mmRectangular 2000

We also have other similar sizes and capacities for chosen, for more details, please contact us and check our catalog.

Types of lid for our 1 oz tins

1 oz tin container
1 oz tin container

Screw lid

The screw lid has a thread around the top of the tins and lids. It needs to twist on and off to open and close the lid. The screw lid is quite common and easy for the tins.The small screw lid tins are good for tiny things, such as coins, pills, mints and so on.

1 oz tins with pet window screw lid
1 oz tins with pet window screw lid

Window lid

The window lid comes with a plastic transparent cover on top. It can clearly see what products inside and the volume. It’s good to display beautiful products such as candy, candles, tea, herbs,gifts and so on.

1 oz slip lid tin
1 oz slip lid tin

Slip lid

Slip lid tin is a simple and smooth lid. It can be open and close easily, but still tightly. The lid and body match good.

1 oz click lid tin
1 oz click lid tin

Click lid

Click lid has three teeth on the lid and tin body. When you close the lid, need to press on it, and then it has a sound “puff”, which means the lid closes tightly.

2 oz candle tins

Our 2 oz tins are good for candles. They have a really nice finish and include slip lids, it is easy to open and close. Our candle tins have a varnish coating on the inside of the tin to help protect the metal from discoloring. 

Our 2 oz candle tins have different color options in stock, like gold, rose gold, black, white, silver, and so on. We also accept to label or custom printing your logo on the tins.

FLYTINBOTTLE provides 2 oz candle tins bulk and wholesale in China. We offer one-stop door to door service in China. We would like to give our best prices and quality candle tins to our customers all over the world.

Customers feedback


Our 2 oz tin containers are made by aluminum. Some of our customer requires raw material of tinplate, we can also made it by tinplate.

Yes, all our tins are coated in a food-safe lacquer and BPA free.

I have only used them for homemade balms and salves. I pour hot liquid in them to start, but then it solidifies at room temperature. I have not used them for liquids only.

Yes, there are foam pads for lids. Actually, it is a white EPE foam liner inside the lid.

You can buy the small tins from us by sending us a form or contact us directly.

Tell us which item do you need?
If our listed items not suitable, tell us the size and capacity you need.
Please notice we quire MOQ 2000pcs each item
Natural color is silver/aluminum color, if you need other colors and printing, it requires higher minimum quantity.
Tell us more details about what you need, like shapes, printing and so on.

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