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FLYTINBOTTLE is a fast-growing brand, we offer one-stop metal tins and bottles wholesale, bulk, and supply in China. We belong to KEGE group in China, which is a leading manufacturer of metal tin containers, metal lunch boxes, muffin tins, aluminum cups, aluminum bottles in China for more than 20 years. With the development of our business, we created our brand FLYTINBOTTLE in the year 2018 and focused on providing all kinds of green metal packaging for our global customers. We are also developing our new business on stainless steel water bottles, Insulated Water Bottle and so on.

FLYTINBOTTLE offers one-stop door-to-door service, no matter how many quantities you need, we will always try to give our customers the best services. Because we are a local manufacturer in China, so we always know our customers’ demands, and we have the ability to provide our best prices and quality to the customers.

Today, we are so honored to provide metal tins and bottle packaging solutions and products to more than 2000 clients from 100 countries. All our metal tins and bottles are green packaging, recyclable, food-safe, BPA-free. Our tins have been used to pack teas, candles, cosmetics, food, spices, candy, tobacco, medicine, and so on. Our bottles are also used in cosmetics, water, perfume, health care, bathroom, beer, juice, wine, and so on.

Featured Tins

small tea containers

Tea Tins Wholesale

Metal tea tins have been popular for many years and are valuable among collectors. FLY tea tins or canisters come in many sizes, no matter you are looking for square and round tea tins, or small and large tea tins, we can all meet your requirement.

Candle Tins Wholesale

Candle tins are favorites of our customers and staff. You can find them in almost every modern household. Many home decoration companies out there are filling up tin boxes with wax and turning them into stylish wax lights.

Magnetic Spice Tins Wholesale

Magnetic spice tins are welcomed and easy to use in modern kitchens. The “magnetic” means it has a magnet that can be stuck strong enough to a metal plate, either put in the kitchen countertops, hang in the wall, or on the refrigerator.

Muffin Tin Wholesale

Muffin tin or pan is a mold in which muffins or cupcakes are baked. FLY muffin tins come in all sizes. The normal standard muffin pans are 4,6,8 or 12 individual cups, we also have 16,24, and 48 individual cups muffin tins. 


FLY tins & bottles not only provide normal standard metal tins and bottles, but we also offer custom tins and bottles
not only in sizes, shapes but also in colors, surface decorative.

Not only tins but also types of bottles

Water Bottle Wholesale

Aluminum water bottles are used for drinking water, the bottles are widely used everywhere all over the world. We can also call aluminum drinking bottles or aluminum sport water bottles, this is because aluminium bottles are always used for drinking water in sports games and outdoor sports.

Spray Bottle Wholesale

Aluminum spray bottles are widely used in our lives, you can see them everywhere used in homes and bathrooms, beauty parlors, salons, and so on, They are always used for personal care. Aluminium spray bottles are very common in both the medical and cosmetic industries. 

Beer Bottles Wholesale

As its name, aluminum beer bottles are used to pack beer. Because of its lightweight, cool metal feeling, people like beer packs in aluminum bottles. The beer in aluminum bottles is also feedback tastes good.

Wine Bottle Wholesale

The aluminum wine bottle is the lightest compared with other materials and it brings the cheaper transport fee also. Aluminum wine bottle keeps the wine cool, it holds to the longest shelf life at 2 years on average, the ability to be cooled 5x faster than other materials.

We also offer the cups, boxes, and tubes

Aluminum cup Wholesale

Aluminum cups are cups made of aluminum. At some places, it is also referred to as aluminum tumblers, alu cups, aluminium cups. The aluminum cup is sturdy, lightweight, durable, and cool to the touch. It offers consumers an enhanced beverage drinking experience.

Lunch Box Wholesale

A metal lunch box refers to a hand-held container used to transport food, usually to work or to school. It is commonly made of metal, including tin plate, aluminum, or stainless steel, it is reasonably airtight and often has a handle for carrying. It has most often been used by schoolchildren to take packed lunches, or a snack, from home to school. 

Cigar Tubes Wholesale

Cigar tubes or cigar tubos are used to pack cigars inside, they are always seen in the cigar shops or when people are smoking cigars. Cigar tubes offer a great way to carry your cigar with you. They are very easy to carry with you and offer superb protection for your cigars. Cigar tubes are good for traveling.

Coffee Tin Wholesale

The coffee tins are used to store coffees, either ground coffee or coffee beans. They are also called coffee tin cans, coffee tin canisters, metal coffee tins, tin coffee cans, metal coffee containers, and so on. Coffee that is exposed to the environment loses its aroma and freshness in a very short time, and that is why the best way to store ground coffee is to use a coffee tin.


20 years

Leading Manufacturer and one-stop wholesaler

With more than 20 years of experience in engineering tins and bottles, based on our mother group company KEGE, FLY has grown to be a leading manufacturer of metal tins and bottles in China and provides ONE-STOP service to global clients.


OVER 1000 tooling molds and 10 printing methods

With the development of these years, we have over more than 1000 molds different products. We have both the design and tooling teams that can change your idea to be a real product. What’s more, we have over more than 10 printing methods to decorative your tins and bottles, not only simple label stickers, but always over 7 colors printing.

1500 clients

Trustworthy Supplier

By supplying high-quality tins and bottles and superior service. Today, FLY is so honored to provide long-time service to more than 1500 clients in different industries all over the world. The customers like our products, design, quality, and service.

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