Candy And Mint Tins Wholesale

Tin boxes are a common container that can be used as so called candy tins or mint tins. These metal tins are often filled up with sweets, chocolate, mints, or candies. To make them more attractive to the eye, the tin cans are often decorated with a simple yet colorful sticker or a full multi-colour print. Decorative candy or mint tins are welcomed by kids and adults. It’s good to be sent as gifts.

Having such a high-end wrapping around your sweets certainly makes the consumer long even more for your delicious treats. Decorative tins are arguably the best way to promote your goods. Those colorful candy jars or the premium mint tin boxes are also good to store chocolates.

If you are looking for cheap candy and mint tins, then FLY tins are your right choice. FLY tins offer sizes of cany and mint tins bulk and wholesale. We are the manufacturer in China with more than 10 years, we have different molds in different shapes and sizes, we know our customers’ requirements and targets. Contact us and you will find suitable tin containers.

Personalized, Custom candy and mint tins

Fly candy tins and mint tins come in various sizes. We also accept personalized candy and mint tins, not only in shapes but also in sizes. Custom decorative tins always come in different printing. We have one-color silk screen printing and also multiple colors offset printing. We can also deboss or emboss your sweety’s name or company logo on the tins. Tell us your idea candy tins, we can turn your thoughts to be real tins.

Holiday candy and mint tins

Metal candy and mint jars are good for holiday celebrations. Decorative holiday candy and mint tins with printing bring the holiday happiness. They are also good for weddings. We have Christmas candy tins, valentine candy tins, Halloween candy tins, below the list for your reference.

Christmas candy tins

Tin boxes are good to store candies during Christmas. People loves the beautiful candy tins when they visit their relatives and friends.

valentine candy tins

Heart shape candy tins are good for people to send as gifts to another in Valentine holidays. It’s good to show loves of each other.


It’s a great and happy day for weddings. The heart shape wedding tins with candy or mint inside always show the happiness of the lovers.

Candy,mint tins bulk and wholesale

As a tin maker and manufacturer in China, we accept candy tins, mint tins or jars bulk and wholesale all over the world. You can order either normal items or customized items. For more details, please check below.


FLY candy and mint tins come with round, square, rectangular, and heart shapes. We also accept customized shapes with opening the new mold. Our small tins are portable to take as gifts or traveler tin boxes.


Small round tins are easy to take. It’s the most common tins.


Small rectangular tins are quite good to store mints. The lid can be hinged or slip id.


Square tins are good to store candy and mints. The slip lid is easy to open.


Heart shape tins are good for VALENTINE or wedding. Put the sweety candy or mint inside the tins.


No matter what colors you are looking for your cany or mint tins, we can all make it for you. Custom colors are easy for us to do it. We can also accept a small quantity with sticker decorated on it. Below we only show you some base colors, such as silver, gold, white colors, just for your reference.

Silver rectangular mint tin

Gold mint or candy tin

Small white mint tin


ItemCapacity mlCapacity ozSize(DxH)ThicknessLid TypeTin shapeMaterial
AL-55ml0.17 oz27x15mm0.25mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
AL-10-110ml0.35 oz35x18mm0.25mmSlip cover lidRoundAluminum
AL-10-210ml0.35 oz36x19mm0.25mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
AL-15-115ml0.5 oz40x16mm0.25mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
AL-15-1W15ml0.5 oz40x16mm0.25mmWindow lidRoundAluminum
AL-15-2C15ml0.5 oz40x19mm0.25mmClick lidRoundAluminum
AL-20-120ml0.7 oz44x33mm0.25mmSlip cover lidRoundAluminum
AL-20-220ml0.7 oz38x24mm0.25mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
AL-25-125ml0.88 oz50x17mm0.25mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
AL-25-2W25ml0.88 oz45x18mm0.25mmWindow lidRoundAluminum
AL-25-325ml0.88 oz48x17mm0.25mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
AL-30-130ml1 oz50x20mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
AL-30-1W30ml1 oz50x20mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum
AL-30-1C30ml1 oz50x24mm0.3mmClick lidRoundAluminum
AL-30-2W30ml1 oz46x27mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum
AL-30-330ml1 oz68x13mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
AL-30-430ml1 oz62x16mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum
AL-30-630ml1 oz52X23mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
AL-30-730ml1 oz52X20mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
AL-3535ml1.23 oz47x26mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum
AL-4545ml1.58 oz40x51mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
AL-50-150ml1.76 oz50x32mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
AL-50-350ml1.76 oz52x25mm0.3mmSlip window lidRoundAluminum
AL-50-450ml1.76 oz45x36mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum
AL-60-160ml2 oz68x26mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
AL-60-1A60ml2 oz68x26mm0.3mmSmooth screw lidRoundAluminum
AL-60-1W60ml2 oz68x26mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum
AL-60-360ml2 oz65X30mm0.3mmClick lidRoundAluminum
AL-60-560ml2 oz65X24mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
AL-60-660ml2 oz75X19mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum
AL-60-860ml2 oz45X55mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
ALS-6060ml2 oz61x45x22mm0.3mmSlip lidRectangularAluminum
ALS-8080ml2.7 oz72x53x24mm0.3mmSlip lidRectangularAluminum
ALS-100100ml3.3 oz83x62x27mm0.3mmSlip lidRectangularAluminum
ALS-150150ml5.3 oz96x70x28mm0.3mmSlip lidRectangularAluminum
ST-9090ml3 oz69x69x26mm0.4mmSlip lidSquareAluminum
ALS-0290ml3 oz92x64x22mm0.4mmPush pull lidRectangularAluminum
ALS-02-190ml3 oz101x58x22mm0.4mmPush pull lidRectangularAluminum
AT-7070ml2.4 oz60x95x23mm0.3mmHinged lidRectangularAluminum
TS-8080ml2.7 oz80x50x16mm0.23mmSlip lidRectangularTinplate
TS-8080ml2.7 oz80x54x14mm0.23mmPush pull lidRectangularTinplate
T-60-160ml2 oz50x50x26mm0.23mmSlip lidSquareTinplate
PPT5010ml0.3 oz50x25x9mm0.23mmPush pull lidRectangularTinplate
PPT6015ml0.5 oz60x35x9mm0.23mmPush pull lidRectangularTinplate
PPT7030ml1 oz70x41x13mm0.23mmPush pull lidRectangularTinplate
PPT7650ml1.5 oz76x46x15mm0.23mmPush pull lidRectangularTinplate
PPT8030ml1 oz80x35x11mm0.23mmPush pull lidRectangularTinplate
PPT9090ml3 oz90x60x20mm0.23mmPush pull lidRectangularTinplate
PPT9560ml 2 oz 95x60x11mm0.23mmPush pull lidRectangularTinplate
TR-107240ml8 oz107x72x35mm0.23mmSlip or hinged lidRectangularTinplate
TR-127480ml16 oz127x92x45mm0.23mmSlip or hinged lidRectangularTinplate
TR-145800ml27 oz145X110X55mm0.23mmSlip or hinged lidRectangularTinplate
TR-1651200ml40 oz165x125x65mm0.23mmSlip or hinged lidRectangularTinplate
TR-1981800ml60 oz 198x128x72mm0.23mmSlip or hinged lidRectangularTinplate
TR-187720ml24 oz187x162x25mm0.23mmSlip lidRectangularTinplate
TR-118210ml7 oz118x81x25mm0.23mmSlip lidRectangularTinplate
TR-107W240ml8 oz107x72x35mm0.23mmWindow lidRectangularTinplate
TR-127W480ml16 oz127x92x45mm0.23mmWindow lidRectangularTinplate
TR-145W800ml27 oz145X110X55mm0.23mmWindow lidRectangularTinplate
TR-165W1200ml40 oz165x125x65mm0.23mmWindow lidRectangularTinplate
TR-198W1800ml60 oz198x128x72mm0.23mmWindow lidRectangularTinplate
AL-90-190ml3 oz60x45mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum
AL-90-1W90ml3 oz60x45mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum
AL-90-1A90ml3 oz60x45mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
AL-120-2120ml4 oz65x50mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum
AL-120-2W120ml4 oz65x50mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum
AL-120-4120ml4 oz65x50mm0.4mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
AL-120-5120ml4 oz75x40mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum
AL-120-5W120ml4 oz75x40mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
T-120-1120ml4 oz62x62x36mm0.23mmSlip lid window lidSquareTinplate
AL-125-1125ml4.4 oz50x64mm0.3 or 0.5mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
AL-125-3125ml4.4 oz50x64mm0.3 or 0.5mmSlip coverRoundAluminum
AL-150-1150ml5.3 oz82x37mm0.25 or 0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
AL-150-1150ml5.3 oz50x88mm0.6mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
AL-200-1200ml8 oz75x60mm0.3mmSlip coverRoundAluminum
AL-200-1A200ml8 oz75x60mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
AL-200-3200ml8 oz80x51mm0.3mmSlip coverRoundAluminum
AL-200-3W200ml8 oz80x51mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum
T-200-3S200ml8 oz80x53mm0.23mmSlip spout lidRoundTinplate
AL-200-6200ml8 oz92x39mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
AL-210210ml8 oz74x68mm0.5mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
AL-230230ml8 oz108x38mm0.4mmSlip coverRoundAluminum
T-230230ml8 oz76x76x49MM0.23mmSlip window lidSquareTinplate
AL-300-6300ml10 oz108x45mm0.4mmSlip coverRoundAluminum
AL-330-1330ml11 oz108x45mm0.4mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
AL-330-1S330ml11 oz108x45mm0.4mmSlip coverRoundAluminum
T-360-1360ml12 oz88x88x54mm0.23mmSlip window lidSquareTinplate
AL-350-1350ml16 oz82x75mm0.4mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
AL-350-1W350ml16 oz82x75mm0.4mmSlip coverRoundAluminum
AL-500500ml16 oz82x100mm0.5mmScrew lidRoundAluminum
T-480480ml16 oz101x101x57mm0.23mmSlip window lidSquareTinplate

Please notice: the above lists are only parts of our candy and mint tins, for more detailed specifications, please contact us.

Round, square, rectangular or heart shape?
Let us know the items or tell us the size or capacity, we can suggest you which tins you need.
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