Candle Tins Wholesale

We offer soy candle tins,8 oz candle tins, black candle tins, luxury candle tins one-stop supply and wholesale in China

Candle tins are favorites of our customers and staff. You can find them in almost every modern household. Many home decoration companies out there are filling up tin boxes with wax and turning them into stylish wax lights.

Candle tins are small tin boxes, containers, or jars that have been directly filled up with wax. As a result, you’ll get a beautiful wax light that can be closed off with its lid when not in use. These metal tin jars are most commonly used to store scented variants of these wax lights. The main reason behind this lies in the fact that the lid helps you conceal the smell when it’s not burning.

Candle tins are not expensive, and they always come with types of lids, such as slip lid, window lid, and screw lid. Lots of candle makers use them as travel tins since they are so rugged. FLYTINBOTTLE offers sizes of candle tins bulk and wholesale. We are a manufacturer in China for 10 years, and we know our customers’ requirements and targets. Contact us and you will find suitable candle tins.

Seamless Candle Tins Wholesale

Our candle tins feature a premium seamless design. Crafted from a single piece of aluminum plate, there is no seam, so the candle wax will be entirely contained and nothing will leak. These seamless tins are 100% food-safe and BPA free. Also, tins are the most earth-friendly packaging for candles. The aluminum steel is 100% infinitely recyclable, without loss of quality.

Custom Decorative Candle Tins

As with all our decorative cans, our candle tins can be customized with your artwork or embossed with your logo. Customized candle tins are good to sell as gifts and promote your brand. Candle tins can be customized by means of a single color or beautiful multi-colors print, we have black candle tins, gold candle tins, white candle tins, and rose gold candle tins in our warehouse, these are basically colors candle tins.

For cheaper alternatives, you can add paper stickers to your empty cans to personalize them in a way that suits your company most. Reflective tin adds an element of sparkle that can be made to show through transparent inks and coatings also. Either cheaper or expensive printing method, we can all give you our solution.

2 oz, 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz candle tins bulk, and wholesale

FLYTINBOTTLE candle tins or tin containers come in all types of sizes, and capacities from 0.5 oz to 20 oz. The most common are 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz candle tins. We provide 2 oz, 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz candle tins bulk and wholesale in China. Currently, most of your local agents or wholesalers also buy these candle tins in bulk quantities. However, we would like to offer door-to-door direct sales from the original factory to our customers.

2 oz candle tins wholesale

The 2 oz candle tins come with a small capacity of 60ml. They are commonly used for DIY purposes or to hold scented candles. The 2 oz size is great for free samples or as an inexpensive starter candle to get people hooked on your fragrances! The small 2 oz candle tins can be taken as travel tins when you are on a journey or business travel.

4 oz candle tins wholesale

With a volume of 120ml, our 4 oz tins are quite popular in the candle industry. Our 4 oz tins are all seamless aluminum tins that are quite light to take and put everywhere. They are perfect for soy candles to hide frosting on the side of the candle. The 4 oz candle tins can be taken as travel tins when you are on a journey or business travel also.

6 oz candle tins wholesale

6 oz candle tins are a medium size for candles. They are not too large nor too small. They can be taken as travel candle tins or just put in the home or cars. They are seamless candle tins with a varnish coating inside. We have several color options like silver, black, gold, white, and so on.

8 oz candle tins wholesale

Our 8 oz candle tins have a really nice finish and include snug fitting lids. The 8 oz size is our best-selling tin and is even more popular than a lot of styles of candle glass. We support 8 oz candle tins bulk and wholesale with lower MOQ. Our candle tins are food safe, BPA-FREE, and recyclable. We have several color options like silver, black, gold, white, and so on.

16 oz candle tins wholesale

16 oz tins are a big capacity for candles. They are perfect for soy candles to hide frosting on the side of the candle. Candles can be used long enough in 16 oz candle tins. They are also called 16 oz candle jars or 16 oz candle containers. They are good for indoor use.

Colored candle tins bulk, and wholesale

FLYTINBOTTLE candle tins offer different colors, like Black, Gold, Rose gold, and copper candle tins bulk and wholesale in China. For most of these colors, we have tins in stock, you can check with us before ordering.

We also accept personalized colors of candle tins based on a minimum quantity of 5000-10000pcs. You need to tell us the Pantone color that you need before ordering. We need to mass-produce these custom colored candle tins, this is also the reason why it requires a larger quantity.

Black candle tins wholesale

Black candle tins are a great way to enhance your candle packaging. The black candle tins look cool and fashionable, they are good for colorful candles. Our black candle tin comes in a variety of sizes and is perfect for making travel sized candles or sample tins for your customers to try.

Gold candle tins wholesale

Gold candle tin is a premium candle tin for your life. It’s good to pack some luxury candles. The gold candle tin adds elegance and beauty to your candle line. Our gold candle tins come in a variety of sizes and seamless designs. We also accept personalized printing or sticker.

Copper CANDLE tins wholesale

Copper or rose gold tins are quite good for candles. These classical candle tins make life more antiquated and classical. Our copper candle tins are all crafted from a single aluminum steel plate. The seamless candle tins are quite good to keep the candles scented and fragrant.

White candle tins wholesale

White candle tin comes in white color. It can be used in a special situation. It’s a pure color that is good for soy candles, scented candles, and so on. White candle tins can be used in certain conditions.

ROSE GOLD candle tins wholesale

Rose gold candle tins are in rose gold. They are good for all container candle waxes. It is good to make a great soy candle tin. It’s good to pack some luxury candles. We have 2 oz, 4 oz and 8 oz rose gold candle tins in stock. These small rose gold candle tins are good to put everywhere.

Candle tin labels

Candle tin labels are custom-designed stickers or wraps that are applied to the surface of candle tins. These labels serve multiple purposes, including branding, product information, and regulatory compliance.

Candle tin labels are the most cheap way to show your brand name, colors, logo patterns, and so on.   With a well-designed label, you can create a visually appealing representation of your brand identity. The custom labels make your band candle tins unique from your competitors. The evidence is that candle tins with custom labels can always increase the sales of the candle.

Generally, candle tin labels require a small quantity compared with embossing or print logos. So they are quite good for new candles or scent business starters.

Candle tins bulk and wholesale

As a candle tin maker in China, we accept candle tins or jars bulk and wholesale all over the world. You can order either normal items or customized items. For more details, please check below.


  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Seamless construction made of high quality aluminum, durable. Perfect for DIY candle making projects. Great for travel size & camping candles.
  • PERFECT GIFTS: Just use these tin cans to diy candles as a gift set, your friends or families would love that elegant touch so much!
  • Seamless design and have no sharp edges, all edges are rounded to prevent scratching your hand.
  • Food safe,BPA free,Lightweightunbreakable,100% recyclable.
  • Personalized colors, logos and designs are available.


ItemCapacity mlCapacity ozSize(DxH)ThicknessLid TypeTin shapeMaterialMOQ(pcs)
AL-55ml0.17 oz27x15mm0.25mmScrew lidRoundAluminum2000
AL-10-110ml0.35 oz35x18mm0.25mmSlip cover lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-10-210ml0.35 oz36x19mm0.25mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-15-115ml0.5 oz40x16mm0.25mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-15-1W15ml0.5 oz40x16mm0.25mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-15-215ml0.5 oz40x16mm0.25mmSlip cover lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-15-2C15ml0.5 oz40x19mm0.25mmClick lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-20-120ml0.7 oz44x33mm0.25mmSlip cover lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-20-220ml0.7 oz38x24mm0.25mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-25-125ml0.88 oz50x17mm0.25mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-25-225ml0.88 oz45x18mm0.25mmSlip cover lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-25-2W25ml0.88 oz45x18mm0.25mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-25-325ml0.88 oz48x17mm0.25mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-30-130ml1 oz50x20mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-30-1W30ml1 oz50x20mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-30-1A30ml1 oz50x20mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-30-1C30ml1 oz50x24mm0.3mmClick lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-30-2W30ml1 oz46x27mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-30-330ml1 oz68x13mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-30-430ml1 oz62x16mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-30-630ml1 oz52X23mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-30-730ml1 oz52X20mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-3535ml1.23 oz47x26mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-4545ml1.58 oz40x51mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-50-150ml1.76 oz50x32mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-50-350ml1.76 oz52x25mm0.3mmSlip window lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-50-450ml1.76 oz45x36mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum 2000
T-6060ml2 oz50x40mm0.23mmSlip lidRoundTinplate500
AL-60-160ml2 oz68x26mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-60-1A60ml2 oz68x26mm0.3mmSmooth screw lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-60-1W60ml2 oz68x26mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-60-260ml2 oz70X25mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-60-360ml2 oz65X30mm0.3mmClick lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-60-460ml2 oz60x30mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-60-560ml2 oz65X24mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-60-660ml2 oz75X19mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-60-760ml2 oz75X20mm0.3mmScrew window lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-60-860ml2 oz45X55mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-60-1060ml2 oz75X20mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
T-60-160ml2 oz 50x50x26mm0.23mmSlip lidSquareTinplate 2000
AL-90-190ml3 oz60x45mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-90-1W90ml3 oz60x45mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-90-1A90ml3 oz60x45mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
T-120120ml4 oz65x45mm0.23mmSlip lidRoundTinplate500
AL-120-2120ml4 oz65x50mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-120-2W120ml4 oz65x50mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-120-4120ml4 oz65x50mm0.4mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-120-5120ml4 oz75x40mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-120-5W120ml4 oz75x40mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
T-120-1120ml4 oz62x62x36mm0.23mmSlip lid window lidSquareTinplate 2000
AL-125-1125ml4.4 oz50x64mm0.3 or 0.5mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-125-3125ml4.4 oz50x64mm0.3 or 0.5mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 2000
AL-150-1150ml5.3 oz82x37mm0.25 or 0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-150-1150ml5.3 oz50x88mm0.6mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
T-180180ml6 oz73x51mm0.3mmSlip lidRoundTinplate 500
AL-200-1200ml8 oz75x60mm0.3mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 2000
AL-200-1W200ml8 oz75x60mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-200-1A200ml8 oz75x60mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-200-3200ml8 oz80x51mm0.3mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 2000
AL-200-3W200ml8 oz80x51mm0.3mmWindow lidRoundAluminum 2000
T-200-3S200ml8 oz80x53mm0.23mmSlip spout lidRoundTinplate 2000
T-200-4W200ml8 oz92x37mm0.23mmWindow lidRoundTinplate 2000
AL-200-6200ml8 oz92x39mm0.3mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-210210ml8 oz74x68mm0.5mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 2000
AL-230230ml8 oz108x38mm0.4mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 2000
T-230230ml8 oz76x76x49MM0.23mmSlip window lidSquareTinplate 2000
T-240240ml8 oz80x52mm0.23mmSlip lidRoundTinplate 500
AL-300-6300ml10 oz108x45mm0.4mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 2000
AL-330-1330ml11 oz108x45mm0.4mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 1000
AL-330-1S330ml11 oz108x45mm0.4mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 1000
T-360-1360ml12 oz88x88x54mm0.23mmSlip window lidSquareTinplate 1000
AL-350-1350ml16 oz82x75mm0.4mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 1000
AL-350-1W350ml16 oz82x75mm0.4mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 1000
AL-350-2350ml16 oz77x80mm0.6mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 1000
AL-350-3350ml16 oz137X38mm0.6mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 1000
AL-420420ml16 oz82x95mm0.5mmSlip coverRoundAluminum 1000
AL-500500ml16 oz82x100mm0.5mmScrew lidRoundAluminum 1000
T-480480ml16 oz101x101x57mm0.23mmSlip lid or Slip window lid SquareTinplate 1000
SWT1600480ml16 oz120x45mm0.23mmSlip lid or Slip window lid Slip lid or Slip window lid Tinplate1000

Please notice: the above lists are only parts of our candle tins, for more detailed specifications, please check our catalog or contact us.

Please notice: because shipping costs by sea or by air increased quite a lot since the epidemic, so we require MOQ: 1000pcs or 2000pcs and suggest shipping by sea door to door from China to destination.


FLYTINBOTTLE candle tins come in different shapes, such as round, square, and heat shapes. Below photos for reference only.

Round candle tins

The most common tin shape for candles is round tins. With a round shape and seamless design, it’s pretty good for candles. They are also good to store and save space for your homes.

Square candle tins

The small square tins are pretty good for candles.The lids for the square candle tins are always slip window lid. It’s good to put together with the round tins.

Heart candle tins

Heart candle tins are romantic tins for lovers to show love. With special heart shape and lovely printing, the girls like them for sure.

Candle tin with pour spout

Candle tin with pouring spout is good for massage. It is easy to pour in and out. Normally candle tins with pour spout are made of aluminum or tinplate. These seamless tins are good to keep candle fragrance.

wholesale candle tins suppliers

FLYTINBOTTLE is a wholesale candle tins supplier in China for more than 10 years. We provide different types of candle tins bulk and wholesale in China. We offer different colors and capacities of candle tins. As a wholesale candle tins supplier in China, we can offer our customers our best prices and quality candle tins, we provide one-stop door-to-door service to our customers.

All the candle tins are formed from a single piece of the metal plate. there is no seam, so the candle wax will be entirely contained and nothing will leak. All our candle tins are totally recyclable and reusable.

Candle tins with lids

Candle tins are excellent containers for making and storing candles as they are robust, lightweight, and can be sealed off with a lid to preserve the candle’s fragrance.

Using a lidded container for your candle can also provide additional safety features. The lids for candle tins are normally slip lids that are easy to put on and off. When you’re finished using the candle, instead of blowing out the flame, you can simply place the lid on the tin to suffocate the flame, reducing the risk of hot wax splattering. The lid also prevents dust or other debris from settling on the candle when it’s not in use, ensuring the wax and wick stay clean.

Candle tins with lids are often used for travel candles, as they’re more robust and less likely to break than glass containers. They’re also great for making candles at home as a hobby or for a small business. You can easily purchase these tins in bulk, and they’re often quite affordable. Plus, they’re easy to customize with labels or other decorative elements to create a personalized or branded look.

Why candle tins, not glass jars?

Candle tins are favorites of our customers and staff. They are perfect for candles. Candle tins are not expensive, and they always come with a lid. Candle tins are easy to customize, especially personalized in labels or printed with your own logo for sales. Lots of candle makers use them as travel tins since they are so rugged. Compare with traditional glass jars, there are many advantages of the candle tins:

  • They are totally recyclable. Most of our candle tins are made of aluminum or tinplate. Both aluminum and tinplate are recyclable. It is environmentally friendly and cost-effective for companies to use.
  • Durable. It is much more durable compared with glass jars. Candle tins are not easy to be broken.
  • Lightweight. Both aluminum tins and tinplate tins are lightweight compared with glass jars. So they are always taken as travel tins.
  • Unlike glass jars, you can’t see the wax through the container, so glass adhesion doesn’t matter at all.
  • They are always come with lids or window lids.

For more details, please check our blog here.

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