6 oz tins wholesale

With a volume of 150ml to 180ml or 6 oz, these beautifully crafted tins offer a sustainable solution to all your packaging needs. Either with a screw top or clear window lid, these tins are great to store candies, candles, treats, and other sorts of dry foods such as spices, teas and more. FLY tins offer 6 oz tin containers wholesale and bulk sales.

  • Material: Aluminum or tinplate
  • Capacity: 6 oz or 150-180ml.
  • Lightweight, durable and rustless.
  • High-end and BPA-free aluminum or tinplate make these cans 100% food-safe.
  • MOQ: 2000pcs with lower prices.
  • One stop door to door service by air or by sea.
  • Customized colors and printing are available.


  • We have different sizes of 6 oz tin containers with screw lid tins, window screw lid tins, slip cover, or click lid.
  • High Quality: Premium rust-proof food-grade aluminum or tinplate, so that you could use them to storage many kinds of things.
  • Safety: these tin cans have smooth edges, easy and safety to open and close; All edges are rounded and are seamlessly formed.
  • Durable, lightweight, and small tins do not take many positions, you can take it to travel or put it everywhere in homes and kitchens.
  • Comes with a white EPE liner to keep out air and moisture.
  • Custom design available subject to an MOQ.

6 oz candle tins

6 oz candle tins are good for candle packaging. They are seamless, durable, recyclable, and lightweight. 6 oz candle tins are perfect for soy candles. With a slip lid, it’s easy to turn on and off. Our 6 oz candle tins are reusable, they can keep the fragrance for a long time.

Our 6 oz candle tins have different color options in stock, like gold, rose gold, black, white, silver, and so on. We also accept to label or custom print your logo on the tins. With a smaller MOQ of 420 pcs, we always try our best to work for new customers.

FLYTINBOTTLE provides 6 oz candle tins bulk and wholesale in China. We offer one-stop door to door service in China. We would like to give our best prices and quality candle tins to our customers all over the world.

6 oz candle tins wholesale

ItemCapacity(oz)Size (DxH) mmLidColor optionsMOQ(pcs)EXW factory
unit price
T-6oz-16 oz73x50mmSlip lidSilver, gold, rose gold, black, white512USD $0.38-$0.48
T-6oz-26 oz73x58mmSlip lidSilver, gold, rose gold, black, white,copper,blue, green3000USD $0.38-$0.48
T-6oz-36 oz73x50mmSlip lidSilver, black, gold, rose gold512USD $0.38-$0.48
Exxx5 ozD76xD90xH53mmSlip lidMultiple colors, for more colors please click here.400USD $0.39-$0.50

6 oz tins bulk and wholesale

These beautifully crafted 6 oz tin containers offer a sustainable solution to all your packaging needs. Crafted out of a single sheet of high-end aluminum, these seamless tins are 100% food-safe and BPA free. Just like all our small metal containers, they come with rolled edges for safe handling and an EPE liner. The latter makes sure that air and moisture won’t enter your metal tins, thus making them perfect for keeping foods, lotions, and balms. These tin cans also offer a perfect packaging solution for storing tea, coffee, and spices.

With their rolled edges, these small metal cans guarantee safe handling for anybody out there. Whether you use these tin containers as beautiful gift wrapping for sweets, wax lights, or cosmetics – they are sure to impress. With their convenient lid, these tin cans can be easily opened, closed, and re-used numerous times without losing quality.

All our small tin containers are fully customizable upon request. FLYTINBOTTLE offers an abundance of different printing techniques that let you create your own personalized empty cans. Whether you’re looking for a simple sticker, paper etiquette, or more advanced techniques such as full-color print and laser engraving – everything is possible with these small metal containers.

Simply let us know your requests, and together we will co-create a set of tin cans that will perfectly represent your brand and product.

Item listMaterialCapacity ozCapacity mlSize (DxH) mmLidThicknessMOQ(pcs)Color optionsEXW factory unit price
AL-180-1Aluminum6 oz180ml100x30mmscrew-on lid0.3mm 5000 Black, silver, white, red, gold,rose goldusd$0.4-$0.55
AL-200-1Aluminum6 oz200ml75x60mmSlip lid0.3mm 5000 Black, silver, white, red, gold,rose goldusd$0.4-$0.55
AL-200-1AAluminum6 oz200ml75x60mmscrew-on lid0.3mm5000 Black, silver, white, red, gold,rose goldusd$0.42-$0.60
AL-200-2AAluminum6 oz200ml80x50mmscrew-on lid0.3mm448silverusd$0.45-$0.60
AL-200-3Aluminum6 oz200ml80x50mmSlip lid0.3mm448silverusd$0.45-$0.60
AL-200-4Aluminum6 oz200ml64x78mmscrew-on lid0.3mm5000Black, silver, white, red, gold,rose goldusd$0.45-$0.60
SF0600Metal tinplate6 oz180ml95x29mmSlip lid0.23mm2000Black, silver, white, red, gold,rose gold,green,blueusd$0.46-$0.60
SS0600Metal tinplate6 oz180ml95x29mmScrew-on lid0.23mm2000Black, silver, white, red, gold,rose gold,green,blueusd$0.46-$0.60
SW0600Metal tinplate6 oz180ml95x29mmWindow slip lid0.23mm2000Black, silver, white, red, gold,rose gold,green,blueusd$0.48-$0.65
DF0600Metal tinplate6 oz180ml69x52mmSlip lid0.23mm2000Black, silver, white, red, gold,rose gold,green,blueusd$0.46-$0.60
DS0600Metal tinplate6 oz180ml69x52mmScrew-on lid0.23mm2000Black, silver, white, red, gold,rose gold,green,blueusd$0.46-$0.60
DW0600Metal tinplate6 oz180ml69x52mmWindow slip lid0.23mm2000Black, silver, white, red, gold,rose gold,green,blueusd$0.48-$0.60

6 oz tins with lids

1 oz tin container

Screw on lid

The screw lid has a thread around the top of the tins and lids. It needs to twist on and off to open and close the lid. The screw lid is quite common and easy for the tins.The small screw lid tins are good for tiny things, such as coins, pills, mints and so on.

1 oz tins with pet window screw lid

Window lid

The window lid comes with a plastic transparent cover on top. It can clearly see what products inside and the volume. It’s good to display beautiful products such as candy, candles, tea, herbs,gifts and so on.

slip cover tin opened

Slip lid

Slip lid tin is a simple and smooth lid. It can be open and close easily, but still tightly,just lift the lid up and dow will open the tins.The lid and body match quite well.

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Our 6 oz tin containers are made of aluminum. Some of our customers require raw material of tinplate, we can also make it by tinplate.

No, this tin comes in natural silver color, if you need rose gold, we can also make it.

Yes, for sure.

They are made in CHINA.

Of course.You can use it to hold a candle that has just been heated.

Yes. They are made of metal aluminum, can be recycled.

These Lined are made of PE.You can use them for your essential oils,screw them without leaking.As long as they are not under the conditions of strong acids and bases, they will not be corroded.

Contact us:

Tell us which item do you need?
Please notice we quire MOQ 2000pcs each item
Natural color is silver/aluminum color, if you need other colors and printing, it requires higher minimum quantity.
Tell us more details about what you need, like shapes, printing and so on.