Aluminum Solo Cup

The solo cup is made by an American company Solo Cup Company. It is always in red color, so sometimes we also call it “red cup“.The red plastic cups are notably used in American college and university games.

Here we are not talking about the plastic solo cup. What we want to talk about is the aluminum solo cup. The difference between these two cups is the material, one is made of recycled aluminum raw material, and the other one is made of plastic. I can not say plastic is good or not, but there is too much plastic around us and it takes decades of years to decompose in the earth.

Aluminum solo cup is more expensive than plastic solo cup for sure. But it is totally green packaging and food safe. The aluminum solo cup can be reused many times or years. If you don’t need it, just throw it in the recycled garbage can. It can be fully recycled many times, making it environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Solo aluminum cups are durable and lightweight. They can be used to keep cold drinks cold. Solo aluminum cups are perfect for parties, picnics, exhibitions, shows, concerts and so on.

Custom aluminum solo cup

Custom aluminum solo cup is good for your brand promotion and sales. Companies use these unique solo aluminum cups to attract customers, and it is working.

Companies always require us to custom their logo on the solo aluminum cups. We can accept 1-8 colors of logo printing on the front, back, and base of the aluminum cups. Send us the logo file and we will design it for you.

The aluminum solo cup body color can be also customized. We accept custom Pantone colors with a quantity larger than 3000pcs. Our basic color is the gloss aluminum cup, the other colors like black, blue, white, grey, gold is also warmly welcomed.

Besides logo and body color, custom sizes of the solo aluminum cup are also worked. Currently, we have sizes from 8 oz to 20 oz. If you need other sizes, please also feel free to contact us.

Notice: the minimum quantity for the custom solo aluminum cups is 2000pcs.

Disposable aluminum cup vs solo cup

We have another article introducing disposable aluminum cups. Here we would like to introduce the difference between the disposable aluminum cup and the solo aluminum cup.

  • Thickness: Disposable aluminum cup is much thinner, its thickness is only 0.16-0.25mm, almost the same thickness as a Coca-Cola aluminum can. Our solo aluminum cup thickness is about 0.8-.2mm. This means the solo aluminum cup is more durable than the disposable aluminum cup.
  • Weight: Disposable aluminum cup is much lighter, its weight is approx 14-24g. Our solo aluminum cup weighs approx 35-45g.
  • Capacity: Disposable aluminum cup comes with 16 oz and 20 oz capacities. Our solo aluminum cups come with a capacity of 8 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz, 20 oz, and so on.
  • Custom: Disposable aluminum cups can not be custom logo or color. Our aluminum solo cup can be customized in logo and colors in small quantities.
  • Dishwasher safe: Disposable aluminum cups are not dishwasher safe. Our aluminum solo cups can be dishwasher safe after special deal. If you need dishwasher safe aluminum cups, please contact us and tell us.

Aluminum solo cup capacity and price

Our solo aluminum cups come in several capacities/sizes. As above mentioned, we also accept custom capacities or sizes with a new mold. Our aluminum solo cup is not expensive, it can be reused many times or 2-3 years. It can be washed by dishwasher after a special deal or hand-washed.


Capacity(oz) Capacity(ml) Weight(g)Height(cm)Top diameter (cm)Bottom diameter (cm)Supply Ability(Mon)MOQEXW Price
8 oz230 ml15.$0.5-$0.9
10 oz300 ml20.2 8.428.065.321M2000$0.6-$0.9
12 oz355 ml23.39.338.345.481M2000$0.6-$1.0
14 oz 425 ml26.412.58.55.51M2000 $0.6-$1.0
16 oz473 ml29.511.15 8.95.81M2000$0.7-$1.1
18 oz532 ml3312.59.261M2000$0.7-$1.1
20 oz591 ml36.114.29.261M2000$0.8-$1.2
22 oz651 ml39.213.99.766.321M2000$0.8-$1.2

Aluminum solo cup commercial

The commercial aluminum solo cup is widely used at parties, camping, shows, and so on. They are good to be taken as drinking cups, beer cups, wine cups, water cups, and so on. They are durable and cool feeling. The commercial solo aluminum cup is good for celebration.

Where to buy disposable aluminum cups and solo aluminum cups?

You can buy disposable aluminum cups from local shops, Amazon, and Walmart for your family, camping, office drinking.

As a company that runs a business with solo aluminum cup products, wholesalers, or private brands, you can buy aluminum cups and contact suppliers like “FLYTINBOTTLE” which specializes in solo aluminum cup OEM manufacturing for your custom design aluminum cup projects.

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