Slide Tin

Slide tins are useful for lip balms, zinc cream, purse soap, trinkets, and travel medication.  Slide tins are also called slider tins, and slide top tins. They have a top slide lid, and the lid is easy to push on and off. They are always small tins that you can put in your suitcase, pocket, bag, luggage and so on, they are so convenient to be taken anywhere.

The sturdy construction and all rolled edges give this tin elegance and usefulness, while not taking up a great deal of space.  The lid comes with a stopper indent so it locks in place keeping the contents secure when not in use.

FLYTINBOTTLE offers sizes of slide tins bulk and wholesale in China. We provide one-stop door to door service. We accept you to buy a small quantity. If you are looking for slide top tins in bulk quantity, please feel free to contact us.

Slide cover metal tins

The slide cover metal tins are also slide top tins. They have s slide cover that is easy to slide on and off. The slide cover is specially for the small rectangular tins, it’s not like the hinged cover or slipcover or click cover.

Slide cover metal tins are made of tinplate, they are durable, recyclable, and rustless. They are good for packing small things, such as mint, lip balm, needles, pills, and candy.

Slider tin lip balm

Slider tins are good for lip balm. These small rectangular slid top tins are good for storing small capacities like 0.25 oz, 0.5 oz, and 1 oz lip balm inside. Slide back the lid of this slider tin to find the delicious scent housed inside. You can use our empty lip balm slide tins to fill different lip balms inside the tin.

Lip balm slide tins are totally recyclable, seamless, rustless, and safe. They are lightweight and easy to be taken anywhere. They are easy to slide open and close and are easy to refill lip balm inside.

We offer lip balm slider tins bulk and wholesale in China. If you are looking for slider tin lip balm, please feel free to contact us.

Vintage slider tin lip balm

vintage slider tin lip balm will take you back to the ’70s & ’80s! Made from the same original formula, as ultra-shiny and thick & slick as you remember. These vintage slider tins bring memories of the 1970s. That’s the time of all nature without any chemical compound. All healthy for the human body.  We great lip balm slider tin for fun colors and flavors. 

Slide top tins wholesale

FLY TINS offers types of slide top tins bulk and wholesale. The Small Slide Top Tin can be used for a wide variety of solid products including mints and candies, and also mostly used for lip balm. No matter whether you are looking for small or big sizes slide top tins, you can always find them here at cheaper prices and with nice quality.

You can also find types of small lip balm slider tins wholesale here, for more details, please check below the specification and price range.

ItemSize(mm)Size(inch)MaterialColors availableMinimum quantity(pcs)Unit Price range
(EXW factory)
SLT0150x25x102.0″x1.0″x0.4″TinplateSilver, black, white900US$0.15-$0.25
SLT0260x34x102.4″x1.3″x0.4″TinplateSilver, black, white500US$0.18-$0.28
SLT0370x42x152.8″x1.7″x0.6″TinplateSilver, black, white500US$0.23-$0.31
SLT0480x34x123.2″x1.3″x0.5″TinplateSilver, black, white500US$0.26-$0.36
SLT0580x50x153.2″x2.0″x0.6″TinplateSilver, black, white500US$0.27-$0.36
SLT0695x45x143.7″x1.8″x0.6″TinplateSilver, black, white450US$0.29-$0.39
SLT0795x55x183.7″x2.2″x0.7″TinplateSilver, black, white450US$0.31-$0.41
SLT08110x60x164.3″x2.4″x0.6″TinplateSilver, black, white250US$0.35-$0.45
SLT09167x103x206.6″x4.1″x0.8″TinplateSilver, black, white240US$0.45-$0.55
SLT1085x30x153.3″x1.2″x0.6″TinplateSilver, black500US$0.32-$0.42
ALS-0292x64x223.6″x2.5″x0.9“AluminumSilver, black3000US$0.4-$0.55
ALS-02-01101x58x224.0″x2.3″x0.9″AluminumSilver, black3000US$0.4-$0.55

Slide mint tins

Slide tins or slide top tin are good for mint. The small mint inside the slide tins looks good and smart. These small slide mint tins are good for travel, they are easy to be taken anywhere.

The mints in the slide tins are cool packaging. There are not too many pieces in the slide tins, but they can be refilled. The cool metal slide tins make the mints taste cool. With a branded logo slide mint tins, these small slider tin boxes are good for your brand mint sales.

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