Disposable aluminum cups

We are always using disposable cups in our daily life at home, office, and so on. These disposable cups are normally made of plastic or paper. They are totally disposable that can be used only once. However, these disposable cups especially plastic cups are not totally recyclable. Actually, they are harmful to the earth’s environment. We all know paper cups are cut from wood.

Aluminum disposable cups or aluminum cups are made of aluminum raw material which comes from the earth. Aluminum disposable cups can be used only once or multiple times. They are totally recyclable. They are good enough to protect our earth’s environment. Below we would like to introduce more information about aluminum disposable cups.

Aluminum disposable cups

The original aluminum disposable cups are used to store food or cupcakes. We also call them aluminum foil disposable cups or foil cups. Because of their lightweight, food-safe, heat-resistant, oven-safe, and recyclable features, they are widely used in the food and baking industry. They are also always used as airline food storage containers.

ball aluminum cups
ball aluminum cups

Ball disposable aluminum cups

Ball disposable aluminum cups are made by Ball Corporation. Ball disposable aluminum cups are very thin(0.2mm), and can be directly squashed for recycling after use. It is designed to replace disposable plastic cups because aluminum cups are recyclable and reusable, but plastic cups or paper cups are not.

Although we call them disposable ball aluminum cups, they are reusable for sure. It’s more durable than plastic cups and can be hand washed. Actually many ball aluminum cups customers keep reusing it.

The ball aluminum cup is good for birthday parties, ball games, holiday gatherings and weddings. Aluminum has a higher heat transfer rate than iron, and plastic. It is good and safe for cold water, juice, beer, wine, beverages, and so on.

The difference between disposable aluminum cups, ball disposable aluminum cups, and solo aluminum cups

There are many differences between disposable aluminum cups, ball disposable aluminum cups, and solo aluminum cups. Depending on different usage, you can find the best choice here. Below we will introduce more about the difference.

Normally disposable aluminum cups are used for baking cakes or food storage. Ball disposable aluminum cups are used for drinking water, beer, and so on. they are good for parties and the cups are always thrown after being used. Solo aluminum cups can be kept for a long time using, they are also good for drinking water, beer, juice, and so on. They are perfect for home use, parties, picnics, exhibitions, shows, concerts, and so on

If you want to know more about the different between aluminum cups and stainless steel cups, you can check our blog here.

aluminum beer cups disposable
aluminum beer cups disposable
ParameterDisposable aluminum cupsBall disposable aluminum cupsSolo aluminum cups
MaterialAluminum foilAluminumAluminum
Food safeYesYesYes
Capacity2 oz/4 oz/6 oz/8 oz/10 oz 14 oz/16 oz/20 oz/22 oz8 oz/ 10 oz/14 oz/16 oz /20 oz /22 oz
CustomizableYes, large quantityYes, large quantityYes, small quantity
Dishwasher safeNo NoYes, after special surface treatment

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