Pill bottles bulk

Pill bottles are used to pack the pills, capsules, or medicines inside, they are also good for packing vitamins inside. So pill bottles are always called medicine bottles, capsule bottles, or vitamin bottles also. Normally these small pill bottles or vitamin bottles are made of plastic or glass. However considering plastic or glass are not easily recycled, here we would like to suggest our aluminum pill bottles. Compared with plastic or glass pill bottles, aluminum pill bottles are lightweight, 100% recyclable, and reusable.

You don’t need to worry about the safety of the pills or medicines inside the aluminum bottle. It has a liner or coating inside the bottle which can protect the pills, medicines, capsules, and vitamins well enough. These small lightweight pill bottles are easy for taking anywhere, you can put them in your pocket, bags, luggage, and so on. They are good to put in your home, office, cars, and so on.

FLYTINBOTTLE provides all types of pill or vitamin bottles bulk and wholesale in China. We can provide one-stop door to door service of aluminum pill bottles bulk and wholesale. If you are looking for competitive, cheap, and nice pill bottle suppliers in China, you can feel free to contact us.

Empty pill bottles bulk and wholesale

The empty pill bottles with a screw top are easy to put the pills in and out, they are also good to refill the pills inside. Our empty aluminum pill bottles are good to store all types of pills, medicines, capsules, and vitamins. They can also be easily custom logos or brands on it. You can put a small label on it with a small quantity, or print some words or a logo on it with a larger quantity.

FLYTINBOTTLE provides types of small and large empty pill bottles, they can be used for pills, medicines, capsules, and vitamins companies or for personal use. You will see our empty pill bottles are convenient to use. They can be easily taken anywhere.

Pill and vitamin bottles bulk and wholesale

FLYTINBOTTLE provides types of pill and vitamin bottles bulk and wholesale in China. We are the original manufacturer in China for more than 10 years, we have types of molds for different capacities of pill bottles. We know customers’ needs and can provide our best quality and price pill bottles to our customers. Please check below the details of our pill and vitamin bottles:

Our LP series has several sizes and capacities. It packs different quantities of pills, medicines, capsules, and vitamins inside. With their screw cap and EPE liners in place, these aluminum bottles can make sure your pills, medicines, capsules, and vitamins stay fresh for a longer period of time.

Our type A pill bottle has a pressure-sensitive sealing film on top of the bottle which can help to seal the bottle. Our type B pill bottle has a plastic seal lid on top of the bottle which can seal the bottle better from the air and moisture.

Details and specifications

Pack pills or
capsules quantity
MOQ(pcs)Unit Price
LP4090AD40xH90mm90 ml3 ozAluminum0.6mm20g38mm100-150pcs2000pcsUS$0.55-$0.65
LP45100AD45xH100mm130 ml4.3 ozAluminum0.6mm25g40mm130-200pcs2000pcsUS$0.63-$0.73
LP50110AD50xH110mm180 ml6 ozAluminum0.6mm34g43mm150-250pcs2000pcsUS$0.65-$0.75
LP50100BD50xH100mm180 ml6 ozAluminum0.6mm34g43mm150-250pcs2000pcsUS$0.75-$0.85
LP55110AD55xH110mm220 ml7.3 ozAluminum0.6mm38g47mm200-300pcs2000pcsUS$0.75-$0.85
LP55176AD55xH176mm380 ml12.7 ozAluminum0.6mm58g47mm300-500pcs2000pcsUS$0.83-$0.93

Our AL series aluminum pill bottles come in sizes and capacities from 1 oz to 20 oz. It has a screw top which is easy to open and close. These convenient screw lids allow you to tightly close your metal tins with a simple twist of your wrist. With an EPE liner in place, our screw-top tins prevent external air and moisture from entering your can. As a result, pills, medicines, capsules, and vitamins stored in your tins will stay fresh and of high quality for a significantly longer period of time.

All our screw-top pill tins have been crafted out of 100% food-grade and BPA-free materials. Thanks to this, you can safely use them to store any type of pills, medicines, capsules, and vitamins.

Details and specifications

MaterialMOQ(pcs)EXW factory
unit Price
AL-35HD35xH53mm35 ml1.2 oz0.23mmAluminum5000pcsUS$0.2-$0.4
AL-45HD41xH44mm45 ml1.5 oz0.23mmAluminum5000pcsUS$0.22-$0.42
AL-50HD41xH51mm50 ml1.7 oz0.3mmAluminum5000pcsUS$0.25-$0.45
AL-60HD45xH55mm60 ml2 oz0.3mmAluminum5000pcsUS$0.28-$0.48
AL-80HD45xH65mm80 ml2.7 oz0.3mmAluminum5000pcsUS$0.3-$0.5
AL-100-1HD41xH95mm100 ml3.4 oz0.3mmAluminum5000pcsUS$0.32-$0.52
AL-100-2HD52xH62mm100 ml3.4 oz0.3mmAluminum5000pcsUS$0.32-$0.52
AL-100-3HD43xH88mm100 ml3.4 oz0.3mmAluminum5000pcsUS$0.32-$0.52
AL-110-1HD45xH78mm110 ml3.7 oz0.3mmAluminum5000pcsUS$0.34-$0.54
AL-110-2HD45xH86mm110 ml3.7 oz0.3mmAluminum5000pcsUS$0.34-$0.54
AL-130HD45xH104mm130 ml4.4 oz0.3mmAluminum5000pcsUS$0.35-$0.55
AL5075D50xH75mm120ml4.0 oz0.6mmAluminum5000pcsUS$0.38-$0.58
AL5090D50xH90mm150 ml5 oz0.6mmAluminum5000pcsUS$0.4-$0.6
AL50100D50XH100mm160 ml5.3 oz0.6mmAluminum5000pcsUS$0.45-$0.65
AL-250HD68xH85mm250 ml8.4 oz0.4mmAluminum5000pcsUS$0.45-$0.65
AL-500HD82xH100mm500 ml16.7 oz0.5mmAluminum5000pcsUS$0.7-$1.0
AL-750HD92xH116mm750 ml25 oz0.5mmAluminum5000pcsUS$0.8-$1.2
AL-1000HD83xH195mm1000 ml33.4 oz0.5mmAluminum5000pcsUS$1.0-$1.3

Aluminum alloy pill bottles

These types of small metal pill bottles are made of aluminum alloy. They are harmless and lightweight but sturdy. They are BPA-FREE and totally food safe for your pills, medicines, capsules, and vitamins.

These small pill bottles are so convenient to use and taken anywhere. They are good for outdoor using and business traveling. In particular, you can carry it for 1 or all 7 days according to the length of your journey, and freely put this pill case in your purse, handbag, suitcase, backpack, or even coat pocket.

These small aluminum alloy pill bottles can be assembled in several pieces. One piece means one day, so our seven pieces pill bottles can be used for one week. It can also have custom colors and logos in the pill bottles which can make the pill bottles brand and good looking.

Details and specifications

Itemsize(mm)WeightRoom/CavityMOQ(pcs)ColorsEXW factory
Unit Price
ALP25-1D25xH44mm15.5g1500pcsSilver(in stock)
or custom colors
ALP25-2D25xH68mm25.5g2500pcsSilver(in stock)
or custom colors
ALP25-3D25xH92mm36.5g3500pcsSilver(in stock)
or custom colors
ALP25-4D25xH116mm45.5g4500pcsSilver(in stock)
or custom colors
ALP25-5D25xH135mm55.5g5500pcsSilver(in stock)
or custom colors
ALP25-6D25xH166mm63.66500pcsSilver(in stock)
or custom colors
ALP25-7D25xH185mm73g7500pcsSilver,black, colorful(in stock)
or custom colors
ALP1785D17xH85mm20g2500pcsSilver(in stock)
or custom colors
ALP25105D25xH105mm32g3500pcsSilver(in stock)
or custom colors
ALP25122D25xH122mm39g4500pcsSilver(in stock)
or custom colors
ALP1789D17xH89mm22g3500pcsSilver or black(in stock)
or custom colors

ALP25 series

ALP25 series has rooms from 1 to 7, which can be used for different usage and purpose. If you have large quantities, colors and logos can be customized.

ALP25105 and ALP25122

It has a round head, and currently has 2 and 3 rooms. If need more rooms, we can also do it.

ALP17 series

ALP17 series comes in a smaller diameter. It also has rooms from 1 to 7, normally we have silver and black 3 rooms in stock. If you need rooms from 1 to 7, we can also do it.

pill tubes

The pill tubes or the medicine tubes with the screw-on cap on the bottom of the tube, it is easy to screw on and off. Thanks to their twist screw caps, these pill tubes can be tightly sealed off. The lid makes them easy to reuse multiple times as these pill tubes can be opened and closed as many times as you wish. This type of single pill tube comes in all sorts and volumes. 

These small empty single pill tubes are good to take when you are on travel. It is so convenient that you can put the small pill tubes anywhere.

If you want to check more details, you can check our page on aluminum cigar tubes.


ItemDiameterLengthMaterialMOQ(pcs)EXW factory
unit Price(USD)
CT-1818mmadjustable from 80mm to 200mmAluminum10000$0.35-$0.5
CT-2020mmadjustable from 80mm to 200mm Aluminum10000$0.35-$0.5
CT-2222mmadjustable from 80mm to 200mm Aluminum10000 $0.4-$0.55
CT-2323mmadjustable from 80mm to 200mm Aluminum10000 $0.4-$0.55
CT-2424mmadjustable from 80mm to 200mm Aluminum10000 $0.4-$0.55
CT-2525mm adjustable from 80mm to 200mm Aluminum10000 $0.4-$0.6
CT-2626mm adjustable from 80mm to 200mm Aluminum10000 $0.4-$0.6
CT-2727mm adjustable from 80mm to 200mm Aluminum10000 $0.4-$0.6

Custom empty pill bottles

FLYTINBOTTLE accepts custom empty pill bottles. Basically, we can customize the color and print logo on the aluminum bottles for pills, medicines, capsules, and vitamins. Custom pill bottles offer a unique, affordable, and innovative way to differentiate your product from competitors. It can also mark more information on the pill bottles to introduce the pills and help patients to understand them.

We can also customize the shapes and sizes of the aluminum pill bottles. You can send us the drawings of what you need, and then we will check and help to achieve what you need finally.

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