What is a perfume atomizer and how does it work?

atomizers for perfume
atomizers for perfume

A perfume atomizer is a small perfume bottle that mist sprays the perfume, you can also call it a small mist spray perfume bottle. Perfume atomizers normally only spray a small amount of perfume, they only spray perfume in the spot you want, so it can save the perfume and make your perfume a long time to use. They are designed to prevent the waste, spillage, and evaporation of the perfume.

Perfume atomizers are much more durable than normal traditional perfume bottles because they always come with an anodizing aluminum cover which can prevent them from scratching, denting, crashing, and so on. They are also a lightweight so you can put them easily in your pocket, suitcase, handbag, and so on. It is also taken as a portable perfume atomizer.

Perfume atomizers are used more and more in daily life nowadays. Especially the younger ones like them because of their fashion style, and convenient use.

How do perfume atomizers work?

Perfume atomizers consist of 3 parts, the aluminum cover outside, the glass bottle, and the spray pump. Below you can see the photo for reference:

  • Aluminum cover: The outside aluminum case always makes the perfume atomizers good-looking. It also protects the perfume atomizers from scratching, denting, crashing, and so on.
  • Glass bottle: The glass inner bottle is used to store the perfume.
  • Spray pump: the spray pump draws the perfume from the bottom of the bottle. It has a pump valve on the top, which convert the perfume into the mist.

After introducing the structure, I will let you know how perfume atomizers work. There is a plastic tube linking the bottom of the glass bottle and the nozzle, the spray would activate the piston to draw perfume from bottom to top through the plastic tube. The pump forces this perfume down a narrow barrel and out a small hole at the top of the spray pump. The hole, or nozzle, serves to focus the flowing perfume so that it forms a mist spray.

How to use an atomizer for perfume

It is quite easy to use a perfume atomizer. Follow the below steps, even a kid knows how to use it.

  1. Remove the top cover cap.
  2. Put the spray pump toward the article/body/face. Press the spray head 1 or 2 times to mist its contents.
  3. Close the cover cap again and put it back into your pocket or handbag.

How to clean perfume atomizer?

Perfume atomizers can become dirty after many times using them. Perfume atomizers are surprisingly easy to clean.

Cleaning the outside aluminum cover:

  1. Split the aluminum cover, spray pump, and glass bottles.
  2. Using a soft cloth or towel to clean the aluminum cover only. Do this with a clean cloth dipped in denatured alcohol.

Cleaning the glass bottle:

  1. Wash the glass bottles with flowing warm water and wash them a dozen times.
  2. Pour 75° alcohol or white vinegar into the bottle, let the alcohol or white vinegar fully contact the inside of the bottle, and contact for 2-4 minutes to fully sterilize.
  3. After disinfecting with alcohol or white vinegar, rinse the dispensing bottle well with running warm water.
  4. Then use a hair dryer to dry the moisture in the bottle.

Cleaning the spray pump:

  1. Clean off any gunk you can see on the surface of the sprayer. Do this with a clean cloth dipped in denatured alcohol.
  2. Place the pipette end of the sprayer into denatured alcohol.
  3. Press the spray mechanism. Allow the alcohol to move up through the pipette and through the sprayer. Keep spraying until it seems easier to do.

How to fill perfume atomizer?

There are two types of perfume atomizers that allow using different methods to fill perfume atomizers.

Top refillable perfume atomizer

Top refillable perfume atomizer
  1.  Remove the aluminum cover cap and sprayer pump from your perfume atomizer.
  2. Hold the sprayer of the main bottle up to the top of the glass bottle.
  3. Press down on the sprayer repeatedly to fill up your glass bottle. 
  4. Screw the sprayer into place.
Top refillable perfume atomizer
Top refillable perfume atomizer

BOTTOM refillable perfume atomizer

  1. Take off the cap and sprayer of your main perfume bottle. 
  2. Place the bottom of your travel perfume atomizer on top of the spray nozzle.
  3. Lift up and down on the perfume atomizer to pump it full of perfume.
  4. Put the cap and sprayer back to your main perfume bottle.

How to fix perfume atomizer?

Many consumers asked us that their perfume atomizer is still full, but it doesn’t work, it won’t spray.When your perfume atomizer doesn’t work, try below these solutions to fix it.

  • Hold the nozzle under hot running water for a minute and give it a try.
  • Take a needle or pin and prick the tiny hole.
  • remove the atomizer spray cap by gently pulling it off the stem. Clean the atomizer exit hole with alcohol and a cotton swab. 
  • Use a fine toothpick dipped in alcohol to clean the inside underside of the cap.
  • Remove the cap again and soak it in hot soapy water and Dawn dish detergent, overnight if necessary.
  • An easy fix is getting a piece of tape and wrapping it around the nozzle. Push down, then pull up to see if the problem was fixed.
  • Try unclogging the nozzle with cotton swabs creating an S shape with the cotton swabs saturated in alcohol.
  • Try to replace a new spray pump.

Where to buy perfume atomizers?

You can buy perfume atomizers from many places, such as some perfume shops. Or you can buy them from Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and so on. You can also buy it here in FLYTINBOTTLE.

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